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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sionist

S6 Jungle - Let's talk about that [5.22]

Sionist Last updated on November 16, 2015
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Guide Top

Who am I?

None of your business. /s off

Hey fellow summoners,

here is Sionist, another Plat dude from EUW, mainly playing as Jungler and Support, trying to make a guide for you, who are ready to learn and get a good start into season 6, which I am really excited about.

Be sure to check out my Twitch Channel. I will be talking about these changes there, talk about builds, do stuff like "Road to Diamond", etc, etc.
There will be also friends of mine playing other cool games like Hearthstone, CS:GO, Rocket League, etc. Give it a chance!

Next scheduled stream: 17.11.2015 20:00 (UTC +01)

First of all: I am not a crazy guy with crazy mechanix, but I am pretty well informed about the game. And this is why I am writing down this guide about some theory of the incoming S6 Jungle.

And since my native language is not English, I am doomed to make a few lot of mistakes. I would be grateful, if you would show me my mistakes, so I can fix them ^^

Note: The new items and masteries aren't implemented yet to MobaFire, so we will be talking about them later. So let's try to avoid downvoting instantly, ok, Laggermeister ^^.

I will work on this guide the whole preseason, since there will be a lot of changes probably. This way, not only you can see, what is working great right now, but also I could hear new stuff from you through the comments section.

If it helped you, please leave a like and comment. If you spotted some mistakes like false information, also leave a comment. I'm always happy to read some constructive critisism.

Greetings, Sionist.

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What are we going to talk about?

Well, actually it's pretty easy:

  • Which champions should we take with us to the Summoners Rift, if we are planning to jungle?
  • How should we build?
  • How should we play?
  • What should we avoid?
  • Etc.

Jeez, maybe it is not going to be as easy as we first thought, right?

It's probably a good idea to check out the patch notes yourselves to start with. I will try to explain, what changes have been made, but I will most likely keep it short, since the influences in the game are far more important.

So, let's get started!

Guide Top

What has been changed?

God, the Preseason is here, right? So expect a lot of changes. We are here to talk about the jungle, so let us ignore the "nerfes of doom" to mages.

Let's start with the jungle itself!

Guide Top

The Jungle Changes

The Jungle, oh my sweet home. I was there in Season 1-5 and it was always like a new place in each Preseason. Remember how in Preseason 5 we had not too many viable champs to do the jungling! Dayum, those were sad times. But this preseason, the jungle won't be that harsh to their new visitors. Oh yes, new champions will be able to taste the blood of those jungle creeps legitimately. But we will talk about that later.

If you take a look into the Patch 5.22 notes, you will notice, that the Creeps creeping around the camps got a lot easier to handle. For you lazy summoners, take a look on a few examples:

Blue Sentinel

Armor 20 ⇒ 10
Critical Strike Chance Blue Sentinel's attacks can no longer critically strike
Exp Reward 100 ⇒ 90
Gold Reward 51 ⇒ 58
Sentinel's Blessing [new] Crest of Insight now grants its wearer 2 ability power per level

Red Brambleback

Armor 20 ⇒ 10
Attack Damage Per Level 1 ⇒ 0
Exp Reward 100 ⇒ 90
Gold Reward 51 ⇒ 58
Brumbleback's Rage [new] Crest of Cinders' true damage now applies to turrets

As you can see, some monsters lose their resistances, while others loose health, overall the jungle will be more forgiving, especially to AD junglers. The Sentries and Cinderlings (the smaller dudes lurking at the Blue and Red Buff) do get some Magic Resist, but that shouldn't bother the AP Jungler too much.

The keen eye should also notice, that the EXP gain goes down and the Gold reward goes up. Which leads us to the main Problem for the junglers: Gold.

Gold? Why, it goes up right? Well, no. The new Jungle Items will provide you with a new passive: Nail and Tooth. Each of these give an extra 15 experience upon large monster kill. But this isn't the problem. The problem is, that us junglers won't get the extra gold from these items. So there are 2 options:

  • Get the missing Gold from lanes via successful ganks
  • Get the missing Gold from the enemy Jungle

Agressive Jungler

It's like the S3/ S4 Jungle. It's favoring early ganks to get your team a good lead. And since you get enough EXP with the new items, you can focus on ganking. Having the wards removed makes this even easier for you. If you go this path of jungling, your aim is to make use of the new Minion changes. Killing an enemy laner gives your own laner free EXP, while it also denies the opponent laner EXP, giving your mate a LVL advantage. If you do this once in every lane, your team will have an overall LVL advantage over the enemy team giving your team the Minion buffs, which makes pushing towers easier. Pushing towers buff your minions even more, etc, etc.

There is one more thing, which needs to be noticed at this point: Every Item got more expensive. Every lane will get more money through minions. Only the Jungle got less money after the changes. So building damage is rather the Junglers thing than your toplaners. The tanks/ juggernauts should be back in Toplane, since you need to make stuff happen. Sure, there are a few tank junglers, too, who can gank extremely well, but in a lane like botlane, you should not always expect high dmg output to kill the enemy.

Well, it sounds good, and it is, but there is a small problem, which you should consider: Your Minions will push. This is what you want to achieve, but maybe not what your teamcomp is good for. Having lanes pushed makes ganking for your enemy jungler easier. Try to keep track of him and countergank, if necessary. Encourage your team to ward their lanes and get those Pink wards. That's all we have now! Or if you have a rather late game heavy team, consider not taking a Kha'Zix to the Rift. Maybe having the Nunu is a better Idea?


We've got a few of counterjungle oriented champs. And I can see them getting their good place in Rift. The idea behind this playstyle is to deny your opponent jungler the precious EXP and Gold they really need, especially the Gold, since the loss of the extra Gold will hit em hard. This is a really good way to shutdown your enemy jungler, without even having to fight him/ her. This type of jungler would fit into a rather late game oriented team. Weakening your enemy jungler means weakening their ganks. So even without ganking, you are doing good stuff, right?

Yeah, you do, but you should not just AFK jungle. Gank those lanes, especially when your team has a weak early game. Especially in lower ELOs, the enemies will push a lane, when they are winning, exposing them to free ganks. This applies even in the Preseason 6.

These picks will be still strong to slow junglers *cough* Rammus *cough*, but keep in mind, that even an Amumu will stay healthy with the new items. Don't overextend, don't go into the enemy jungle, when you don't know, where the enemy team is and you should be fine. After stealing dem Amumu's 4th Red Buff, he will probably plan something sneaky and wait for you in the brush with his mid and bot laner.

Rift Herald

Oh, and guess what, I nearly forgot about the Rift Herald, a Rift Scuttler, which wandered the river up and down, until it find a way into the void and got a teenage mutant ninja scuttler. Cool, huh? I wonder, if I could enter the void and mutate by walking the river up and down. Have to try this out very soon!

Simply put: This is a Mini-Baron, which will grant its slayer a Mini-Baron Buff. Every Minion around will get a Atk Spd Boost and towers will be going down in a breeze.

The slayer also has the enhanced Baron Recall, a 10% extra damage buff and last but not least: 40% movement speed bonus. Pretty nice, huh? Well on top of it: Everyone on the map gets 50 gold. Doesn't sound like much, but 250 gold, which you could get 3 times for your team is nearly as good as half a tower.

The Rift Herald is a hard to kill target, who needs someone to stay really close to him, so he does not reset. Furthermore he will not only deal tons of damage, he has a really high resistance, too. So yeah, a nightmare to kill. Except for its one and only weakness: His eye. Whenever its eye is open, attacks from behind will deal 15% of the Heralds max. HP as true damage. Make sure to abuse this, or you will be fighting him for a looong time.

So we talked about most of the changes, which hit the jungler. Let's talk about, which jungler we should take with us now, right?

Guide Top

The Jungler of your Choice

Agressive Jungler

First of all: The Pro's and Con's are meant to show the strength in this upcoming preseason. E.g. Lee Sin: Having the second Sightstone will be more important than ever before! Having the high burst damage to get the kill on lane is more important with the minion changes, than it was in S5. Being able to combo his Ultimate with Yasuo is rather unimportant for this guide. Also: You won't get a full build and guide for these champs here. It's too early to do that (Hello, Laggermeister!).

The Rift Herald will be hard to beat for these, without having a tanky Top Laner to tank the damage, since it hits really hard. But it is doable and you should try to get it, whenever you can. Especially with the "push the enemy team to death"-mentality we are having here, the Buff you get from it is a big threat to your enemies!

Enough talking! We had a few champions named already, so let's start with them!

Lee Sin - The Blind Monk

We loved him, we hated him. We all had the moment, when we listened to our body and not to our mind, which killed us. And now, we will be able to do that all again.

I see this guy back in Top-Tier. He has a good sustain, is agressive and there is no better early ganks than his. And to top it off: He also can counterjungle! All what Preseason 6 asks for is in his kit.

Pro's Con's
WARDS Hard to play
High Mobility Skillshot reliant
Crazy Early Ganks No successful ganks -> Will fall behind
Great Burst Useless when behind
My Mind is telling me no But my body is telling me yes!

Let's be honest: If you can handle this guy, he will carry you to the top divisions in league. Or he will get another nerf. I doubt the later. Being able to kill of those laners early on and help your laner to snowball is such an advantage now and this guy can make it happen. But the Sightstone he carries with him. Dayum son, that's so good!

Win Nhao - The Seneschal of Demacia

Oh man, Xin Zhao is going to be crazy. You gank a guy, he flashes, you "E", knock him up and you kill him with your laner. Rinse and repeat.

While you do tons of damage early on, you will be transisting into a tankier late-game and be still a threat to everyone (well, let's be realistic: a threat to the squishies). While he does not bring a Sightstone with him (which may even happen?) the damage output and gank strengthes he brings with him makes him a good choice.

Pro's Con's
High Burst Get's behind too fast
OK CC Falls of Mid-Game
A dash to follow flashed targets Item dependent
Fast clear gets even faster Shut down by CC

Picking him into a CC heavy team may be a bad idea, but otherwise he will go on a rampage, that's for sure. I can see already how an enemy Xin Zhao rips my teammates apart. I should start playing this guy. Freelo, man.

Kha'Zix - The Voidreaver

To be honest, I don't like Bugs. But this specific one was always fun to play. Damn you S5, you ruined Kha'Zix' carreer. Having those hard to beat monsters in the jungle made this guy not a viable pick anymore. Well, after all those nerfs, you know - #Rito. But since the jungle is going to be lot easier, this guy may have a good chance to come back.

He has a good kit to kill any laner early. Even top is doable. And once you started snowballing, rest in pepperonies. Your team should be CC heavy, doe, you don't want to get crushed in the few seconds, where you are visible...

Pro's Con's
One-Shotting is real Getting one-shotted, too, doe
Reset city is going to be usefull in botlane Needs someone to engage
OK sustain in jungle CC can shut him down

I will not put my hand in fire for the bug, but I really want to see him back in the jungle.

Vi - The Piltover Enforcer

Well, Vi is still Vi, but better. She is my best bet right next to Lee Sin. Why? She is one of the best Counterjungler and has the best ganks. You can't ask for more! The CC, the armor shred for the juggernaut meta, a really fast clear. I don't even know of any Con's. You should rarely not pick her. She can even tank the Herald with relative ease, when built rather tanky!

Pro's Con's
Really good ganks CC can stop your Q and maybe even the gank
Extremly fast clear I still don't know of any Con's
Won't fall off Nope, I can't think of anything else

Well, being unable to think of Con's, I won't even bother with Pro's. There are just too many of them. Being versatile with her build, killing of the enemy squishies in a breeze, etc, etc. Fathands, I will have a lot of fun with you. Sounds odd, ahem.

There are a lot more champions, who will profit from these changes like Nocturne, but the champs above will be my first champs I am going to try!


Champions like Nunu saw play in the Preseason 5. But for another reason: The jungle was really hard and people didn't know how to handle it. But this season, I think the following junglers will stay in play for quite a while. Why? With the Gold reward nerf, Rito most likely tried to achieve this. Agressive jungler and counterjungler to punish them.

Let's get started!

Nunu - The Yeti Rider

This small guy riding a yeti is a real problem. Especially when your enemy is rather a slow jungler or about to gank/ ganking. When your laners aren't dying 24/7, you will make your opponent starve. EXP- and Gold-wise. The game will be practically a 4 vs 5, if you did everything right. Building Sightstone is viable on him, too, since you will be spending a lot of time in the enemy jungle. Warding it up will warn your lanes early enough to react and the enemy jungler will be totally useless.

I would pick him when you have a hypercarry like Vayne or even a Kog'Maw, who recieved a big Buff. The Attack Speed and Movement Speed bonus on his "E - Boil" are just huge! This makes kiting for your carry a **** ton easier, which is extremely usefull in the juggernaut meta! And the free Smite is extremely usefull for the Mini-Baron - Rift Herald. While the agressive junglers depend on having a tanky top laner to tank that hulky Mister Krabs, Nunu will have no problem with taking a few hits, while doing true damage to it.

And did I mention, that we are still in the juggernaut meta? No? What pick is strong against juggernauts? Hello, Tristana, Vayne and Kog'maw! No more OP Attack Speed, %HP Damage dealing and kiting! Ice Blast is your best friend!

Pro's Con's
Good Sustain Team dependent
Double Smite No real threat to enemy
Tanks Herald with ease Ganking could be hard

I would give him a shot. He sounds promising.

Shyvana - The Half-Dragon and
Udyr - The Spirit Walker

Yeah, I put these 2 together. They are very similar, when it comes to counterjungling. I would consider buying the new Jungleitem: Tracker's Knife. Since the wards on the map will get limited even more, you need to get some wards somehow. These champs rely on their 6 items heavily, so buying a sightstone is not really a good choice. But getting 2 Wards for free through the Jungle Item could pay off. Especially since you plan to invest time in the enemy jungle.

PS: We are talking about Phoenix Udyr here!

Pro's Con's
Fast Cleartimes Easy to kite
Good Duelist Useless when behind
High Movementspeed Can't be picked into good kiters!

I personally like Shyvana and Udyr. Both are champions, that causes your enemies to tremble, since they got a really good DPS and mixed Damage thanks to Burnout and Phoenix Stance, which makes it hard to build against. These two originally build devourer and make use of monster killing, which makes counterjungling a multipurpose goal, but you have to decide: Warding enemy jungle to prevent ganks and sating devourer or to go after those duels with your skirmisher? One thing is surely going to happen: Starving out your enemy jungler and controlling objectives. The splitpush capability of these two are also worth mentioning, since we are in a push to win gameplay style in S6.

I will think and try out a few more champs and make the list grow bigger with time. But before we do that, let's talk about some of the items!

Guide Top

The new Jungle Items

Well, there are not too many of em this time. Lucky me, my fingers started to hurt after all these typing ^^

Let's start with the first change made to your first buy:

You start with 500 Gold! That's nice, right? Yeah, it is. Don't worry, no immediate drawbacks. The health potion costs a little bit more, but hey, the jungle items price got reduced. Overall, there is nothing to worry about. Actually, you should be happy! The jungle is easier, the jungle item is scaling better, etc. So how about starting?

Hunter's Machete

We talked already about the Hunter's Machete. Well, it changed a little bit.

Total Cost 400 gold ⇒ 350 gold
Extra Gold No longer grants 15 bonus gold on large monster kill
Jungler No longer burns monsters or gives regeneration when hit by monsters.
Lifesteal [new] 8% vs monsters
Unique Passive [new] Nail: Basic attacks deal 20 bonus damage on-hit vs monsters. Killing large monsters grants 15 bonus experience.

We don't get a Life Regen Buff, when we get hit by a jungle monster, but a better scaling Lifesteal item. I like that. And the burn is gone, instead we get a flat 20 bonus damage. That's better, too! And the best thing: It is even cheaper. Well, at least right now.

Obviously, we start with this item, when we got a Lee Sin or something similar, who has a High amount of AD. For champions like Amumu, we have something better!

Hunter's Talisman

In this Season, we got some diversity for starting items in the jungle. I hype that. Was bored of the same buy each and every game. This is what we get!

Total Cost 350 gold
Mana Regen 150% while in the jungle
Unique Passive [new] Tooth: Damaging a monster steals 20 health over 5 seconds. Killing large monsters grants 15 bonus experience.

It's basically the item for the jungler, who gets too low in the jungle. While it does not boost up the jungling speed, it helps you out with the sustain far better than the Machete, when you are not dealing too much AD Damage.

Did you choose the wrong starting item? Well don't worry, since you will be needing both of these to get your upgraded starting jungle items anyways.

Which leads us to the new jungle item. But before we start with that one, I will shortly describe, how these changes affected the 2 other jungle items, which survived the Preseason Patch: Skirmisher's Sabre and Stalker's Blade. Both of these are pretty much the same. Only the extra gold and the burn got removed and they now have the Nail and Tooth Passives. Do you remember when I told you, there are no immediate drawbacks? Here it is: Upgrading this to a one of the jungle items costs 200 more Gold. And do you also remember, that we get less Gold now? Better start fighting for your Gold!

Tracker's Knife

Total Cost 850 gold ⇒ 1050 gold
Build Path Hunter's Machete + Hunter's Talisman + 350 gold
Lifesteal 10% vs monsters
Mana Regen 150% while in jungle
Unique Passive Tooth / Nail: Basic attacks deal 20 bonus damage vs. monsters. Damaging a monster steals 30 health over 5 seconds. Killing a large monster grants +30 bonus experience.
Unique Passive Warding (Minor): Consumes a charge to place a Stealth Ward that reveals the surrounding area for 150 seconds. Holds up to 2 charges which refill upon visiting the shop.
Sidegrade Cost 255 gold ⇒ 200 gold

This item encourages any counterjungling done. It's not like the Poacher's Knife, it won't give your more Gold, but it will let you ward the enemies jungle by sacrificing some damage. Is it worth it? In my opinion: Totally. Loosing ~100 True Damage or some sustained Damage for vision, which is harder to optain now, is a good decision most of the time.

All the Enchantment upgrades also cost more now. The Warriors blade got, well remade a little bit, since the Brutalizer got removed and the Devourer lost some Attack Speed and gained more On-Hit Damage, but overall no hard nerfes did happen. Except the Runeglaive. It's an AP item and hey, Rito doesn't like mages.

And here again the reminder: The costs did rise, your income did not, well, it got even lower. Rito really wants you to move your smexy butt out from your jungle and do something productive!

Refillable Potion

Last but not least: The Refillable potions. Amumu started crying when he saw these in the new shop! Let's talk about that!

Total Cost 150 gold
Free Refills Consume a charge to restore 100 health over 10 seconds. Holds up to 2 charges and refills upon visiting the shop
Put a lid on it Limited to one type of Healing Potion

It's like its 345 Gold prized old brother, which sadly (?) did not make it. With a few diffrences: It can be upgraded, it is cheaper and (oh I see the toplaners partying hard now) you can't grab this and health potions at the same time.

Agressive junglers with the machete may go for health potions, since they get a lot of lifesteal from Nail, which should be more than enough, but junglers with sustain problems are going to buy this. And since we start with 500 Gold and the starting jungle items cost 350, you can even buy this and your jungle item! What a luxury! This is also the reason why I said, that I see unconventional junglers to seek monstrous blood. The sustain you get from this is going to be incredible, especially when you get the Hunter's Potion upgrade!

Hunter's Potion

Total Cost 400 gold
Build Path Refillable Potion + 250 gold
Free Refills Consume a charge to restore 60 health and 35 mana over 8 seconds. Holds up to 5 charges and refills upon visiting the shop.
Delicious Jungle Tears Killing a large monster grants one charge
Don't Spill it Limited to one type of Healing Potion

This is the older brother of our Refillable Potion. The best thing about it: Free Refills in the jungle. As you kill bigger creatures, you will get a charge, which means extra 60 health and 35 mana per big jungle monster killed!

While you loose some of the health regenaration per charge, you get some mana regen. Can't be bad on some junglers. Also having 5 charges + the jungle refill feature makes up for it. A good choice for mana hungry and low to no sustain champions. This is also the reason, why you could jungle with every champion of desire.

There is also the Corrupted Potion, but I don't see it being played in the jungle. It is rather a laning item.

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Changes to Gold

This is a rather complicated chapter with a lots of math in it. So, if you are not looking for exact numbers, scroll down and check out the TL;DR.

Let's start with the laners:

They get a lot more more money, since all the minions start with a higher initial Goldreward. Here are the rewards of each type of minion:


Initial Reward 18,5 ⇒ 20
Gold Growth 0,17 ⇒ 0,125


Initial Reward 13,8 ⇒ 17
Gold Growth 0,17 ⇒ 0,125


Initial Reward 36,8 ⇒ 45
Gold Growth 0,425 ⇒ 0,35

Let's start with the mathematics: Click me!.

The red line is the Gold Growth per Melee Minion now and the blue line is the Gold Growth Pre-Patch 5.22. As you can see, laners will now gain much more money per minion even though this will change at minute 31, where you will gain less money compared with the Gold Growth stats from 5.21 and older.

The ranged minions however are a complete diffrent story. Even after 60 minutes of playing, the new Goldreward of the caster minions are higher. Cannon minions show no diffrence.

What about supports? Well, not much changed for the early parts of the game, except everyone has a higher GP5. But after 12 minutes in the game, the 2 players with the least gold profit from 2 more GP5. And since the support should be one of the 2, they will end up getting a nice amount of Gold that way.

And now to the jungle: Let us just check out how much money you will miss after a full clear (I will be adding up the missing money here):

8 (Blue Buff) + 8 (Red Buff) + 11 (Raptor) + 9 (Krugs) - 1 (Gromp) = 34 Gold

Not overall a big nerf you would say. But it is one. Especially since every usefull item for you, the jungler, got more expensive (Read the Item section now, if you didn't already ^^). While every item for everyone (except somce support items) got more expensive, they also gain more money, while the jungler is not getting more money. And no, the GP5 does not count, sine everybody profits from it. And yes, the extra 2 GP5 help to stay ingame, but you won't earn enough to get yourself a lead.

And this is the reason, why you are forced to get the gold from somewhere else. Carrying as jungler requires you to do something now. AFK jungling to sate the devourer may work a few times, but you will lose some of your winrate.

TL;DR: The Gold nerfes to the junglers aren't big. But since the items got more expensive it does hurt a lot, especially since laners do get a lot more money to compensate the risen prices.

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The End?

Well, this is as far as we are going for now!

In the upcoming days, I will be writing a little bit more about some champions and the experience I made with them, the masteries and maybe some item builds, which seems to work well for me.

Stay tuned and leave a like and a comment, if you made it through this!

Greetings, Sionist.

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12.11.2015 - A few typos got fixed (Thanks to BasicallyMadlife)

12.11.2015 - Working on a Chapter about the changes on Gold production and their impacts. Will be out soon.

17.11.2015 - Release: Changes to Gold

17.11.2015 - Changes to "Who am I?" - Gonna stream now more often and try to answer any questions there live. The Twitch channel is new since me and a few friends will use it together. Expect Teamrankeds, Hearthstone, Ark, and a lot of other games!

17.11.2015 - Starting to write a guide for Vi for the Pre-Season. And hell yeah, I was right about her!


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