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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Resmo Daimac

Scourge of the Sea

Resmo Daimac Last updated on August 24, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Scourge of the Sea


This build isn't wholly unlike many other Gangplank builds, but focuses on outleveling and outgearing your opponents through your own growth rather than the denial of your opponents growth. The reasoning behind this is because when you attempt to deny an enemy of experience and gold through the spamming of Raise Morale, the gap gained between yourself and your enemy is minimal. Also note that you will only be creating that gap between yourself and the opponent you're laning against, opponents in other lanes will not be affected.

A quick note on the items and runes, you'll achieve a combined total of +283.45% Critical Strike Damage (Referred to as CSD in the math below), a stat that isn't visibly shown in the game. Infinity Edge +250% CSD, Marks of the Furor +20.07% CSD, Quintessences of the Furor +13.38% CSD. Math: 250% + 20.07% + 13.38% = 283.45% Critical Strike Damage

Summoner Abilities

Ghost - With the item and masteries chosen in this build, Ghost will rarely be needed in late game scenarios. However, from early to mid game, it shines at keeping you alive and makes a great offensive tool as well. In combination with flash, I'll often charge a group of 3 or 4 opponents, in order to Parley a low health champion to finish them and flash/ghost away. I rarely ever pay a price for kills made in this manner, just make certain you have Remove Scurvy up in case they attempt to stun you and take you down. I've gotten countless kills this way. If you're going to swap out any summoner abilities from this build, this would be the one. You'll lose some survivability, but the loss at end game is barely noticeable.

Flash - Flash is useful throughout the game for escaping and chasing. Again, I use it in combination with ghost and later with the superior movement speed offered from the items/masteries. You'll be able to make low health enemies lingering on the battlefield pay for their foolishness. I suggest this as a staple summoner ability, not to be substituted.

Clairvoyance - This is a useful ability in general. If you pick it up, I suggest you swap a point from "Haste" to "Good Hands" and from "Greed" to "Mystical Vision". Often times fleeing champions will dive into bushes on their retreat in hopes to dodge the bullet (Parley). Lighting up the bush with Clairvoyance can make the difference in whether or not they make it to the safety of their base/towers or not. Clairvoyance is also a great tool for scouting for ambushes or checking to see if the enemy is attempting Baron.

Teleport - Have a Shaco infestation? This is a great tool for nabbing those pesky backdoor characters. Often times they'll stick around long enough to try to finish off a tower, thinking they'll be able to speed away after they take it down, not realizing the speedy Gangplank is going to outrun them. Teleport is great for constantly keeping pressure on the opponent and retracting quickly for base defense as well.

Exhaust - Mostly handy for Gangplank when up against a Warwick, Kat, or similar champion. Gangplank can struggle against these champions in 1v1 fights where you cannot get away far enough to harass with Parley and take them down in life a bit before engaging. During late game, when Gangplank has the majority of his items, these champions aren't as much of a problem without Parley harassment.

Item Purchases

Meki Pendant - This item should allow you to stay in your lane and spam Parley until you're ready to visit the store again to invest in a Chalice of Harmony and your first Avarice Blade.

Health Potion x 2 - Keeping you in the lane.

Chalice of Harmony - You can now spam your abilities at your leisure. The added magic resistance is just icing on the cake.

Avarice Blade x 4 - 20 Gold per 10 seconds and 48% chance to critically strike. The amount of critical strike this offers allows you to pull your weight in team fights and lay waste to minions much faster. I've seen many people opt for 3 Avarice Blades for Gangplank builds, but you should be able to obtain a fourth Avarice Blade by approximately the 18 minute mark even without any enemy champion kills. It takes an estimated 12 minutes for an Avarice Blade to pay for itself if you intend to sell it, meaning that if you begin selling any of them by the 30 minute mark, then it's a waste. I usually have enough gold for the Infinity Edge around the 30 minute mark, which would make me break even on my Avarice Blade investment, but usually cannot make it back to base until around 34 minutes in due to mid game pushes or the clearing out of a surging minion wave before base recall. By this time, the Avarice Blade has more than paid for itself and the critical strike bonus it gave kept you a threat.

Infinity Edge - Sell an Avarice Blade and invest in the Infinity Edge, your bread and butter. You'll notice immediately after purchasing this, you have the capability of one shotting minions. You'll also notice that your Parley and melee attacks can light up the squishier enemy champions in no time, even the non-squishier champions will be wary of you.

Phantom Dancer - Sell another Avarice Blade and toss this gem in its place. At this point, you should be able to chase down most fleeing opponents and outrun most people chasing you. The added dodge means you'll start having a chance of going toe to toe with the Warwicks of the game, though some Parley foreplay is still encouraged.

Trinity Force - Swap out your next Avarice Blade for a Trinity Force. In my opinion, the Trinity Force benefits outweigh those of the Frozen Mallet. The added damage, critical strike, movement speed, and 130% bonus on base attack put the extra health and guaranteed slowing effect of the Frozen Mallet to shame for Gangplank's purposes. You should be attacking so fast that you can keep a slowing effect on the enemy when you're within melee range. Hopefully, you'll be maintaining a lizard buff on you and will have the promised slowing effect on all of your Parley shots.

Guardian Angel - Typically, by this stage in the game the enemy will have recognized your damage output as being lucrative and dangerous. Unfortunately for you, they've probably also recognized that you're somewhat squishy and a smart team will start targeting you at the start of team fights. I suggest you begin harassing with Parley a bit more and the enemies on the edge of the battle if you notice you're getting focused first. This'll give the enemies a chance to engage you, but give you the space to Remove Scurvy and escape just outside of battle before returning to it. Usually they'll give up on focusing you first in team fights after a couple of battles go down this way, because they take too much punishment hoping to catch you. Guardian Angel will act as a deterrent to even bother attacking you to start with, when they know you'll just pop right back up and they'll have to wait a couple of (hopefully painful, teammates permitting) seconds for that transistion before they can focus you again. The kind of damage you put out at this point in the game can truly make or break team fights, so it's imperative that you stay alive. The added armor and magic resistance this offers is nothing to scoff at either.

The Bloodthirster - You'll finally sell your Chalice of Harmony to make space for this. Not only will this add one of the best damage bonuses on an item (+100 damage), but you'll be a healing machine off the 25% life steal and your insanely high crits. I've had whole teams afraid of me by this point in the game, 3 to 5 people running from a single champion because they know I could take one to two of them down (typically the squishier targets if I get 2) and likely escape afterwards, unless they have a plethora of well timed stuns and CC.

Skill Sequence

The idea is to max out Parley first. Some Gangplank builds encourage you to spam Raise Morale and Parley during the laning phase in order to deny your enemy experience and gold. As I explained before, I think that what is gained from this is minimal, especially when laning against two opponents. However, you can maximize profits by spamming only Parley on last hits and the occasional harassment shot on the opponent champion, allowing you to outgear your enemies throughout the game. I do suggest getting a point into Raise Morale before level 6, solely for the purpose of speeding up nearby allies when attempting to gank or escape. Not much else to explain in terms of skill sequence, aside from the suggestion of not being afraid of using your ultimate because the cooldown is so short.

Rune Build

Mark of the Furor - Opting for this to maximize your critical strike damage. 9 Marks x 2.23% Critical Strike Damage = Increase of 20.07% Critical Strike Damage

Seal of Defense - It simply doesn't pay to stack damage runes in a place where defense runes are intended. You get the most bang for your buck here with Seal of Defense runes, IMO. 9 Seals x 2.7 Armor = Increase of 24.3 Armor at Level 18

Glyph of Shielding - The logic here is similar to that of the Seal of Defense. It doesn't pay to stack physical damage runes across the board and you're not in the business of stacking magical damage or mana regen runes, so this offers the most bang for the buck as well. 9 Glyphs x 2.7 Magical Resistance = Increase of 24.3 Magical Resistance at Level 18

Quintessence of the Furor - 3 Quintessences x 4.46% Critical Damage = Increase of 13.38% Critical Strike Damage