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Sejuani Build Guide by reganakers

Jungle diamond

SEASON 10.16 UPDATED Sejuani 1 Shot Tank Guide with videos

By reganakers | Updated on August 5, 2020
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Polartech (1) | June 29, 2020 12:54pm
I'm agree with you about a lot of things, but i'm not sure about Alacrity... Triumph is to recover life after an huge fight, but attack speed isn't so important for Sejuani... I know some attack speed for the (E) is nice, but if you take with both strikes of your (W) isn't needed.
ShroomShin (5) | June 28, 2020 5:26pm
I don't main Sejuani or anything, but I plan on getting her because I tried her out in draft, and she seemed really strong from the start. I know that you taught us the 1 shot 1 kill combo, but is there a simpler ganking combo that allows a 100% chance for the laner to get the kill instead of me? I find this kind of hard to do, because after using permafrost to freeze them they do a ton of damage, and then I kind of "have" to kill them because the permafrost gives extra magic damage. This was really annoying because then sometimes I leave the opposing laner with more than 50% hp, and they get away. This really gets annoying, so I just want to know a combo that will ensure a kill and won't let them get away with letting the laner get the kill because they usually scale better late game.
Great Guide! *\(^-^)/*
reganakers (7) | June 29, 2020 8:28am
Hey, thank you for reading my guide :). I respect your effort to try to give your kills to your laners, however most of the time it isn't that easy to do so, unless the kill is really free. There isn't really a specific combo to help you do it to be honest, my only advice would be to get your permafrost off as early as possible, that way it will be less likely to be the killing blow. If you want to give up kills to your laners I would recommend you judge the situation. Does the enemy have flash? Do they have a dash coming off cooldown that will save them from the gank? Is my laner in a position to actually get the kill? Use the answers of these questions to decide.

In conclusiom, I would recommend you always be safe and secure the kill, because +300 for anybody on your team is better than +300 for nobody. Besides, killing your teammates laner will also massively benefit them even if they don't get the kill, especially if you can push your wave under their tower, they will miss out on lots of gold and XP, and you can get some turret plates too. Im sorry I couldn't properly answer your question but I hope this helps a little. :)
Exs Xena (5) | August 4, 2019 9:03am
Hey bro!
I just read a few parts of your guide and it really looks nice! I'd give the advice to try and use banners, you can always check in Jovy's signature Shop to pick up some if you can't make them yourself (I can't do it myself either way :D). And you can always make it a little bit more fancy and cool, with some nice precoded things, check out Jhoijhoi for that one! I don't know if you're new on MOBA or not but anyway this is my advice!

Apart from that, you have a really nice guide, the content looks really solid and you have 1 more like from now on ;-). Keep up the good work, and we'll see each other on the rift someday! If you have too much time, but really only then, you can always check out my Sejuani guide too, it's that way that I got here!

One more point, how do you feel like building Seju atm? I built him during patch .13 and .14 with Spirit/Randuins/Dead mans first to get some hp, because rushing warmongs seemed a bit stupid bcs you'd only have around 2.7k max hp, but now with the Overgrowth, it becomes +1 2.9 again? How do you feel about this and what's your idea about it? Thanks!

reganakers (7) | August 4, 2019 11:31am
Hey, thanks for reading my guide and for the feedback. I am quite new to making guides and all the coding and design stuff is very new to me so I am trying to learn how to do some of it. I checked out your Sejuani guide and I can see what a big difference the banners do make to the guide. You seem quite experienced at making guides and I think I could learn alot off of reading your guides.

Sejuani's build keeps varying for me, I think in 9.14 she got a nerf that meant she will hit 3k hp at level 13 if she builds warmogs 2nd item, so I am currently testing some new build paths for her. I think that the best way to build her now may be cinderhulk into one of the items you have listed depending on the enemy comp then into warmogs.

Thank you for reading my guide and taking the time to comment I appreciate your compliments and the feedback.

Exs Xena (5) | August 4, 2019 11:44am
Hey! I'll provide you with couple of usefull links for how to create nice and smooth guides! I'll list them down below; Apart from that I'm not that experienced yet, I joined moba 5yrs ago but didn't do much on it. Recently, like 2 months ago I've started to be quite active on the forum, and I like it here, it's quite chill. For general structured you might wanna find something in the Jhoijhoi guide ; For banners, signatures and other stuff related to photoshop, check out Jovy's shop, a really nice place! ; Apart from that there is a general intro page to coding with BBCode ; you can check them out and I'll check your guides in the future :-)

For the itemisation in Sejuani I follow you in saying you should first build some other item, however picking the Overgrowth might help in reducing the strength of this nerf! alright my game is about to start, see you lad!

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reganakers (7) | August 1, 2019 2:47pm
Ask any questions here :)
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SEASON 10.16 UPDATED Sejuani 1 Shot Tank Guide with videos
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