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Ivern Build Guide by jamicanbanana

Jungle Season 13 Challenger Ivern Guide (4 Million+ Mastery)

Jungle Season 13 Challenger Ivern Guide (4 Million+ Mastery)

Updated on August 19, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author jamicanbanana Build Guide By jamicanbanana 248 7 177,632 Views 8 Comments
248 7 177,632 Views 8 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author jamicanbanana Ivern Build Guide By jamicanbanana Updated on August 19, 2023
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Runes: Standard

Summon Aery
Nimbus Cloak

Future's Market
Cosmic Insight

+8 ability haste
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+15-140 HP (lvls 1-18)


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Gustwalker Smite

Gustwalker Smite

Champion Build Guide

Season 13 Challenger Ivern Guide (4 Million+ Mastery)

By jamicanbanana
Hi my name is Jamican Banana! I have been playing Ivern since 2016 and been one of the highest ranked Ivern mains in the world consistently every year. My motivation for learning Ivern has given me the peak rank of over 1000 LP in the past couple seasons! As of right now (December 30th 2022) my main account has 3.5 Million Mastery and all my accounts combined I have over 4 Million Mastery on Ivern. This in depth guide will show you the mind of a Challenger Ivern Main and all the knowledge to succeed in playing Ivern.

If you have any questions join me in my stream on twitch where I answer all questions live!
•Easy to clear the Jungle

•Tons of crowd control

•Great utility for team

•Can solo carry with AP builds

•Deceptively tanky with shield spam

•Unique Champion people will be caught off guard from all your abilities especially Daisy
•Requires good spacing to maximize your damage output

•Weak to Invades

•Can’t fully vertical

•Daisy has a learning curve

•Slow to take dragons solo early, Requires team or items

•Serpent's Fang

➤➤➤ ➤➤➤

Q ⮕ E ⮕ W ⮕ E ⮕ E ⮕ R ⮕ E ⮕ Q ⮕ E ⮕ Q ⮕ R ⮕ Q ⮕ Q ⮕ W

PASSIVE Ivern’s Passive is Friend of the Forest and instead of fighting Jungle Camps Ivern can channel 2.5s to place a grove on a camp costing a portion of health and mana. The grove matures over 40-1 seconds and when the grove is fully matured Ivern can click to pick up the camp instantly gaining the gold and xp from the camp. Ivern can use Smite only on marked Jungle camps and upon using Smite it will instantly clear the camp regardless of the jungle camp's health. So having available smites is an important factor for Ivern which is why you always go for Ionian Boots + Cosmic insight as both those give you Summoner Spell Haste to have a shorter Smite. Having those extra Smites lets you invade and steal camps from the enemy Jungler. It can also help you instantly clear some of your camps so you can go immediately to help your laners or contest an objective. At Level 5 after you take Blue or Red buff it leaves behind a copy of that buff for an ally to take or if an ally took that buff Ivern can go claim that copy of the buff for himself!
Q Ivern throws a vine that deals magic damage and roots the first enemy hit!

Ivern may recast Q to travel melee range of that target hit. Allies can also right click the rooted target to jump into auto attack range of the rooted target.
This ability can decide games so being very patient with this spell and making sure you are landing it is very important! This ability is amazing to peel for you or allies from assassin or bruisers diving or this ability can get you a free kill on ganking or finding a pick mid/late game.

Landing a sneaky Rootcaller onto an enemy late game can be an instant pick if your team is near to take your Rootcaller and can be the game winning play! So always keep in mind enemy positioning and look for a Rootcaller.
W Ivern while inside brushes gets bonus on hit damage and the active of this ability is that Ivern can create brushes! He can store up to 3 brushes and can connect these brushes or isolate them for individual brushes. Brushmaker is an ability that seems lackluster until you learn to fully utilize it. Early game the bonus on hit damage from Brushmaker with Aery can give you a ton of dueling power (especially if you have red buff too) So make sure anytime you fight anybody early mid game you are autoing with those empowered autos as each auto will stack up to decent dps! Ivern can also use Brushmaker to zone off objectives and obscure vision for enemies trying to contest objective fights! Forcing the enemy team to walk into you which lets you and your team to set up an engage or you to land a Rootcaller to get a free pick!

E Triggerseed is Ivern’s bread and butter ability.
Ivern places a shield onto himself, Ally Champions or Daisy for 2 seconds. After those 2 seconds regardless if the shield was broken or not it will explode dealing damage to everyone nearby and slowing all enemies!

Triggerseed is an amazing ability as it's an offensive and defensive spell. You can cast it on allies who are getting focused to shield and protect them and you can also cast it on allies diving enemies to shield them from damage but also deal damage to everyone they are diving and slowing them. Early mid game Triggerseed can help make you or an ally harder to kill especially in extended fights while also damaging enemies caught by Triggerseed. Once you get Daisy you can send her in with Triggerseed’s to beat down anybody you are trying to kill or tower dive! This spell also triggers off the individual champions items and runes, Which means it will deal the damage based off Ivern’s AP but if I shield my Viktor who has Liandrys and the shield explodes from Viktor the enemy will take Liandrys burn and same goes with runes like Summoner Aery, Electrocute or Dark Harvest!
R Ivern summons his sentinel friend Daisy! Daisy can be controlled and used to target and fight enemies. She has 125 auto attack range and gets bonus health, attack damage, armor and magic resist based on ivern’s ability power.

Daisy has a base of 419 movement speed but gains an extra 25% on the first 5 seconds of spawn, you can also spawn daisy over walls for a flank or to set up for a tower dive.

Daisy also takes reduced area of effect damage by champions and epic monsters which means if you are doing baron put daisy behind baron nashor since baron does area of effect behind daisy will take less damage. Daisy will also take and follow up from your Rootcaller which can help her stick onto targets especially if you slam Triggerseed on her for slows and more damage! After daisy auto attacks the same target on the 3rd auto daisy will gain an extra 50 auto attack range and stun then knock up the target and anybody else hit in the line for 1 second!

For Jungle pets always go Gustwalker Hatchling as the movement speed helps you kite and position in fights. You also get the bonus movement speed while inside brushes you make from Brushmaker which gives it amazing synergy in Ivern’s kit!

Ivern has two main different build paths. Ability Power solo carry and Support build, I always recommend if you are playing from Iron up until Master Tier go the Ability Power build as this build still offers huge shields due to solid ap ratios and having the damage to solo carry games. Ability Power build is a bit harder to play but builds good ivern habits of mastering your Triggerseed and Daisy usage. Once you are in Masters I normally go to the Support build from Master tier-Challenger as in higher elo you play a bit more selfless where as below master tier you are the one to solo carry even if you are duo Ability Power is still stronger.

Standard AP

Anti Tank AP Build

Survivability AP Build

Support Build

You will finish this clear around 3:09 with a Smite charge available so you can look for a gank and then smite crab when it spawns in at 3:30

This is Ivern’s most efficient first clear, you technically can have a faster clear but its not efficient since you want your camps to respawn similar time as ivern so you can always tap both at the same time and this is a rule for ivern when clearing the jungle for most of the game that I follow. I will rarely smite gromp and wolves and will just tap and pick them up so they will always spawn in at the same time so I can always tap them at the same time!

Tap Wolves
Tap Blue
Tap Gromp
Tap Red
Tap Raptors
Pick up Wolves/Blue at the same time with blast cone trick
Pick up Gromp
Pick up Raptors
Pick up Red
Tap/Smite Krugs to hit Level 4
Ivern's early game is the most important part of his gameplay in the Jungle and with not being forced to duel Jungle camps Ivern can rush Ionian Boots of Lucidity to tap camps and run to lanes with water walking to gank early and get him and his laners ahead. Ivern also is amazing at counter ganking and with the help of his crowd control from Rootcaller and utility plus damage from Triggerseed he can turn early game skirmishes in his favor!

In terms of setting up ganks you want to go behind the laners. Ivern’s way to secure kills is landing Rootcaller so you want to hold this ability until you can guarantee to land it or force enemy movement abilities or summoner spells.

Once behind the enemy to gank, get in range of them and Triggerseed either yourself or your laner and let the shield slow and start using brush autos with aery to damage them.

You can toss Rootcaller after Triggerseed to root since they will be slowed.

You can also lane gank as Ivern which means you gank through the lane sitting in a brush and for that gank you can ask your team to bait and turn with a Triggerseed onto your ally to slow and run them down or you can throw a Rootcaller from the brush as the enemy will not expect you to be hiding in lane.

Once you hit level 6 and have Daisy! you can force tower dives, I normally do this if I know the enemy Jungler is on the other side of the map and they can't respond to my dive or can use Daisy! to force fight and win a counter gank or clean up from your laners dying. Daisy's high base movement speed and bonus 25% movement speed from spawn for 5 seconds lets you run down pretty much any champ in the game combined with Triggerseed to slow and Rootcaller to Root!
Tips & Tricks

Ivern can solo baron at 20 min with AP build, I highly recommend trying to sneak baron with a pink ward at 20 min to close out games!

If the enemy is going to walk out of Daisy knock up cancel her 3rd auto, Throw a Triggerseed to slow the target and then release her knock up

Save Rootcaller for when the enemy flashes away or is knocked up by Daisy to guarantee to it to hit

You can do Rift Herald over the wall on Red Side of the map. Spawn Daisy over the wall and let Rift Herald aggro daisy while you auto Rift over the wall. Rootcaller onto Rift when its low to smite and pick up the Eye

You can use Rootcaller as an escape tool instead of rooting an enemy chasing you, For example if you are being chased you can throw Rootcaller onto a minion or Jungle camp for a sneaky escape

At lv 6 try to be very aggro and make plays everytime Daisy is up as it's a very strong ultimate early game

Try not to disrupt your Gromp Wolf respawn timer, Tap and pick them up at the same time so they always spawn together

Dueling early make sure to utilize the power of Brushmaker passive on hit damage with aery to secure kills

Blastcone Trick
Hit blastcone into Wolf camp and then when you hit it , immediately Rootcaller the Blue buff and then pick up Wolf and then take ur Rootcaller onto Blue and grab Blue
Ivern has a lot of nice champions that synergize with his kit, So I will list 2 champs in each role that work well with Ivern.

I will not be including Rengar as that's the obvious and to be honest it's my least favorite synergy as it's very boring!

Top Lane Synergies

Most top laners are amazing with Ivern as they are melees with high damage and survivability but lack engage. Ivern makes up for those flaws with his Rootcaller and Triggerseed to keep them stuck onto the enemies. But my favorite and strongest Top Lane Synergies are Darius and Camille. Darius with a across screen engage with 70% slows around him and ghost lets him run down the enemy team and gets ult resets into pentas. Camille with ivern also is similar vibes with Darius but instead of ulting everyone, Camille just uses her true damage Q to one shot everyone while not dying

Mid Lane Synergies
Most mids are range which feels pretty bad with Ivern as you will have double AP and not much value from Ivern’s Triggerseed which is why the best mids to combo with Ivern are Yasuo Yone. They both are melees to make max value out of your Triggerseed with good mobility and high damage. This combo can win any 2v2 and eventually take over the game and 2v5!

Marksman Lane Synergies
My Favorite Marksman to play with are Samira and Caitlyn.

is a very aggro heavy marksman who wants to jump in, combo and reset in team fights. Ivern lets Samira do that without the fear of dying. She can dash in with Ivern Triggershields and be dealing more damage without her HP dropping. She can also take Ivern Rootcaller or use her passive to get in range with Daisy knockup!

is an amazing Marksman with Ivern to protect the carry. Caitlyn traps with Ivern CC adds a lot of pressure and zoning in teamfights and fighting near objectives like dragon baron. Caitlyn also doubles her headshot stacks per auto in a brush which works with Ivern Brushmaker so if you cover your Caitlyn in brushes she will be pumping out a lot more headshots

Support Lane Synergies
By far the best Supports to play with Ivern are Nautilus and Leona. They both have great engage, heavy cc, good base damage and are really tanky. Both of them with Ivern tossing Triggerseed after Triggerseed you will be killing anyone early mid game while they are perma cc’d.
Winning (easy)

: Tank matchup very easy for ivern early mid late! Use Daisy to block Bandage Toss

: Rootcaller him after Alpha Strike. Out tempo him early and close out the game. Only hard if he gets to scale. AP build stomps him

: Matchup very easy, Triggerseed to block his single target damage, Zhonyas if he is fed. Don’t use brushes. Can invade him early esp at lv 6 with Daisy. Should beat him in all stages of the game.

: Tank matchup very easy for ivern early mid late!

: Tank matchup very easy for ivern early mid late! Annoying since he can eat Daisy but you can also Rootcaller him out of snowball and also Daisy can block his snowball from you or allies

: Tank matchup very easy for ivern early mid late! Daisy can block his Powerball

: She can power farm which you can't stop but you can play aggro early and spam gank, you outscale late game anyway. Keep wards on dragons so she doesn't sneak them early

: Tank matchup very easy for ivern early mid late!

: Tank matchup very easy for ivern early mid late!

: Play to kite Vi and when she goes in dump all your cc on her. Once you get zhonya’s she can never ult you and you can shield whoever she ults

: Don’t fight him 1v1 pre 6 and you win the game after with Daisy. You also win every 2v2 3v3 against Warwick at all stages of the game if you kite him. At lv 6 if he 1v1’s you, You can cancel his ult with daisy knock up while you are suppressed!


: Early game is very hard as she can run you down if you are caught with no flash so be sure to use Brushmaker when scouting areas without vision so you don't get caught out. Matchup is even as you outscale her mid to late game with your cc and shields to protect allies from dying and giving her resets! Be sure to also deny her from getting any rift herald's so she can't snowball

: Elise you just have to match her pressure and not bleed too much early. You outscale her mid and late game so if you can survive her early game aggression you will be fine later on. Watch where she starts level 1 and try to play for counter ganks all game. Pink wards in her jungle can help you keep track of her.

: Evelynn is hard to punish early so play aggro early and get you and your team ahead. Can sometimes invade her on her 5th camp and maybe kill her or zone her off her 5th 6th camps. Can keep yellow trinket against Evelynn to ward her camps to see where she is and pink warding river is good against her. Team fights place pinks and Rootcaller stops her from diving in. If she has banshee's veil, throw Rootcaller and smite her before it hits so she gets rooted. If you are killing her and she uses ult to escape, throw Rootcaller where she lands after her ult to guarantee it to hit and finish her off.

: Early game is rough since Rootcaller doesn't stop his E Q combo so save Rootcaller for after his combo to run away. You outscale him mid/late so just play cautious early

: Outscale him mid late game. Can hold Daisy knock up to cancel Lee sin Q or W! Rootcaller him when he dives in

: Play aggro early and get you and the team ahead. Track his pathing and pink ward his Jungle so you can hover the lane he will ult so you can win the 2v2 or 3v3! Can smite and then Rootcaller to ignore his spellshield.

: Play to counter gank and keep up with him early. You outscale him mid late game so don't let him get ahead early.

: She has a lot of burst so make sure you are Triggerseeding whoever is getting Taliyah combo. Try to look for Rootcaller when she walks up to shove someone. Also deep wards is great to see where she is gonna ult from

: Viego can catch you out early with his stun and Harrowed Path to chase you down. You can beat him in counter ganks and outscale him in teamfights with shields to stop his resets.

: Xin Zhao is only hard if he is strong in the meta, if not he is a pretty even matchup. Can kite him and Rootcaller him after he jumps you.


: Diana has a lot of AOE dmg so it's hard to protect the entire team. Early game use Triggerseed to block her Crescent Strike and when she dashes on and hits you again your Triggerseed will be back up soon to block more damage. Team fights shield your carry so they can survive burst. If Diana looks for flanks, use Daisy to scout and try to Rootcaller her to make space for carries or giving your team an opportunity to burst her.

: Ekko outscales you and Ivern can’t punish his early game so playing aggro early is important to get the lead for you and your team. Late game try to save Rootcaller to burst him or chain crowd control to kill him before he can Chronobreak.

: Can’t stop his weak early game, Get you and your laners ahead. Team fights use Brushmaker and Daisy for vision to for his ult so you can deny fear or run from his Crowstorm. Rootcaller won't stop his ult so be careful! Shield carries from his burst in fights.

: Matchup kind of changes based on how strong Hecarim is, Hecarim though with Phase Rush can just run you down at all stages of the game so being careful and not getting caught out is important. The matchup becomes easier mid/late game where you can group and lock him down with Daisy knock up and Rootcaller! If Hecarim over commits to a gank you can clean him up with daisy early game!

: Can go serpents and can also build bruiser while still one shotting you. Can use Daisy to stop his isolation until he just smites daisy and kills you. You do outscale him late game so try to survive until then.

: Lilla is really fast and can kill you in all stages of the game. Try to get ahead early and to kill her let her get slowed by Triggerseed into Daisy knock up into guaranteed Rootcaller

: Early game good nidalee's will not let you play. Try to survive and take whatever camps you can obtain. You hard outscale mid/late game play to survive and counter gank.

: Rek’sai can still tunnel while rooted and with prowlers can always jump and one shot you, She also can build a serpent's fang. Survive early you outscale late game

: Early game is brutal with him wall hopping to gank early, Laners will normally get caught off guard and die so he will snowball early with serpents. Try to match him early on his ganks and stop him from snowballing and cc’ing him in teamfights as you outscale him mid late game

: Udyr is a tank with high damage and survivability that can run you down and go cc immune. Play to counter gank and outscale.

: Wukong can clap you in skirmishes and even teamfights with his ult and gap closer.Try to scout his flanks so he can't land a big ult. Can’t fight him early but can play to counter gank him. Late game he still can beat you if he gets a big combo so be cautious.

: Zac is a tank matchup that is actually really hard for ivern. He has very high base damage and tons of crowd control. Zac’s Elastic Slingshot is an ability Ivern can't stop while it's in the air so if he gets a good engage you will most likely just die and you can't punish his weak early game. Mid/Late use Brushmaker and Daisy to scout for him to avoid him landing a big engage

: Zed can go serpents and has very high damage and mobility. Zhonyas rush is really good into this matchup to fight skirmishes and survive his ult


: Out clears you the entire game you will be down a ton of gold and xp. Spam gank and play aggro early to get winning lanes and pray that's enough to win the game

: Impossible matchup, Graves beats you all stages of the game and can perma invade you. Early game skirmishes you can use minions to block his autos and you can also do that with daisy. So if you do catch him slacking you can use daisy to fight 1v1 or 2v2 but very rare and with his sustain and armor its usually impossible

: Impossible matchup especially if it's blue kayn he will go serpents and tear you apart. If it’s red kayn can go anti heal and kite him and possibly win.

: Kindred destroys you all stages of the game. Ban this champion if you wanna play. Only tip against Kindred is to let Daisy auto her twice in Kindred Ult and when Kindred Ult expires let Daisy knock up to guarantee a kill.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author jamicanbanana
jamicanbanana Ivern Guide
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Season 13 Challenger Ivern Guide (4 Million+ Mastery)

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