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Corki Build Guide by FireRelatedPun

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author FireRelatedPun

Season 4 Hybrid ADC Corki Guide Diamond 2!!

FireRelatedPun Last updated on March 4, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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SO A lot of you may be thinking Why would you be a Hybrid ADC. well first off this is only for early game as the bonus AP gives you monsterous damage and the ability to out trade anyone. with very little sacrifice. and as a diamond 2 corki main i feel that this really is the best way to play him.

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for runes take standard ADC runes EXEPT for the ability power Blues that boost your hybrid scaling abilities massively and will give you a big power boost.

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as with the runes take the ability power for that huge early game boost. also take 3 points in the mana regen masteries to spam out more spells.

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for items you want to start with a dorans blade and on your first back go for either the sheen if you can afford it. if not you want to buy the parts for the phage. the long sword and the ruby crystal as the parts of this is what gives you its early power as opposed to the sheen that gives you power on completion.

always build tri force first as the ad scaling on your lvl 1 rockets is only 20 percent so getting early ad is not worth it. the ap and other masive benefits of the tri force is just way better.

by lvl 11 or so you should have build or almost built your bt. this will boost your rockets as the ad scaling grows with level and will now be 30 percent. this also boosts your phos bomb damage slightly aswell as giving sustain to win trades.

next you want to either build a infite edge or a last whisper depending on the situation. thanks to corki's hybrid damage sources from his rockets his phos bomb and his true damage passive he is one of the least reliant marksmen when it comes to getting a last whisper so unless the enemy is stacking armour grab a infinite edge instead. plus the IF will stack with the attack speed and crit you already have thanks to your tri force.

from here throw in a defensive item of your choice. either a banshees veil for ap heavy teams. a Randuins omen for ad heavy teams or a GA for mixed teams.

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Skill Sequence

take phos bomb first as your primary harras tool, valkerie lvl 2 and then after phos bomb is maxed then max your gattling gun for all in fights and armour reduction.

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Pros / Cons

the pros of corki is his massive burst and high mobility. also he is fantastic in laning and scales quite well into the lategame thanks to the recent changes.

the cons are quite minimal as he is decent against almost any lineup. however 1 main problem is that he has a quite high skill cap and takes time to master.