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League of Legends Build Guide Author redash21

[Season 6] Dr. Mundo, (Having Fun) Playing with Fire!

redash21 Last updated on December 21, 2015
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Introducing a fun way to play Dr. Mundo that can surprise and annoy opponent (on top of his already annoying weapon throw "SPLAT!"). There are many good Dr. Mundo guides out there and this guide is to introduce an alternative fun manner to play Dr. Mundo while maintaining some competitive edge. This guide explores into the Ferocity Mastery instead of the Bread & Butter Resolve Mastery to play Dr. Mundo in mid/top lane and annoy the opponent to no end. For jungling, check out Double_E's Dr. Mundo Jungle Guide. I had my fill of fun and some gold and platinum players had positive feedback testing this build out; hence this little guide for having fun with Dr. Mundo's mundo style "SPLAT!".

Dr. Mundo was a powerhouse with Pre-Season 6 new mastery trees; from face rolling opponents and feasting on forest animals with his cleaver to laying waste to towers with his pure muscle from a larger health pool. Post Patch 5.24 nerf, Dr. Mundo lost his early game edge, and this guide was written to play Dr. Mundo in consideration of the post patch 5.24 nerf. Dr. Mundo now has to be played more patiently, with more careful trading of blows with opponent.

This guide is assumed for advanced players with the basic of Dr. Mundo way of kiting, decent skill-shot skill with Skill Q, farming minions using Auto-attacks with Skill W & E, and familiar with Dr. Mundo's Hit-and-Run lane tactics etc. Other guide authors had done a great job.

A little bit of myself, my mains are Dr. Mundo, Trundle, Soraka and Brand. This is my first guide and I like to give my thanks to jhoijhoi, the forum coders and guide authors for my primary source of references, the coding to write a guide has some learning curve ^_^

A little reference of my own game play experience with Dr. Mundo, Playing with Fire:

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Summoner Spells


More Damage over Time (DoTs), Less Healing, More Pain with even more DoTs, More Irritation. And it can be fatal...


Gap closing for Dr. Mundo Masochism burst damage or flashed "SPLAT!" (Skill Q) or flash "TWUEN!" (Skill R)...

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Dr. Mundo has high natural lane sustain with Adrenaline Rush and Sadism. Recovery to help with early game Skill Spams, Tough Skin for that "Oops" moment and Runic Armor provides the exponentiation factors to Dr. Mundo's strong lane sustain equation - Stuff that makes Dr. Mundo so mundo (^_^)

Sorcery, Natural Talent and Piercing Thoughts for more damage from Dr. Mundo's damaging skills kit, Oppressor aligns well with Infected Cleaver.

Here comes the fun part:
Deathfire Touch's formula considers Bonus Attack Damage, and Dr. Mundo Masochism provides a large amount of Bonus Attack Damage, and it scales with maximum health and missing health... FREE bonus damage? Now the "SPLAT!" comes with decent Damage Over Time (DoTs)... be prepared for cursing and swearing from opponent(s) especially during mid stage games when they realised what 1 cleaver can do to them. In short, activating Masochism prior to "SPLAT!" your opponent with Infected Cleaver is significant craft with this play. Talk about infectious Infected Cleaver!


Thoughts on Mastery:

Double-Edge Sword:
Dr. Mundo has had been ideal with Hit-and-Run harassment instead of trading blows with a healthy opponent. With Dr. Mundo patch 5.24 nerf, the extra 3% damage adds up with other masteries. Do note this will impact Dr. Mundo'r role as a primary tank; which is otherwise better served with other masteries in other Dr. Mundo's guides.

Why not Perservance? Because it achieve the same objective as Feast. Lane Sustain - something Dr. Mundo can do well on his own when done properly. To play Dr. Mundo with a little more fun, you need to play with a little bit more of fire (^_^) More Ignite and Flash means more tricks up Dr. Mundo's sleeves - for more annoyance and grieving from your beloved opponents... oh the satisfaction...

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Greater Mark of Hybrid Penetration
Greater Mark of Hybrid Penetration

Dr. Mundo Skill Q deals magic damage, while Skill E deals good physical damage. Dr. Mundo a hybrid... sounds mundo enough?

Greater Seal of Scaling Health

More health for Dr. Mundo? Yes Please! More Health makes Dr. Mundo more mundo!

Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction

Dr. Mundo Skill Q maxed at level 9, a level where the Scaling Glyph evens off with flat Cooldown Reduction Glyph.

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed

Dr. Mundo is a great kiter, and more movement speed helps with kiting to "SPLAT!" your opponent with; remember to play MC Hammer's song: U Can't Touch This.

Thoughts on Scaling Runes:
LoL games are ending sooner, champions on average ended games around level 15 to 16, so why should we get Scaling Runes anymore? Dr. Mundo post patch 5.24 made him to shine at a later level, scaling runes aligns with that. So long Dr. Mundo gets past Level 9, preferable ahead of others, consider the Scaling Runes paid itself off and more. Taking Scaling Cooldown for instance, it allows more "SPLAT!" (Skill Q) and "TWUEN!" (Skill R) even at later games; when Dr. Mundo has a larger health to do so at a higher frequency... gotta love the annoyance!

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The cornerstone of any League of Legend games for any champions. Itemisation is an art. And for Dr. Mundo to have fun playing with fire, the below 4 core items are suggested:


Ruby Crystal
More health for Dr. Mundo's Adrenaline Rush and Masochism. Do avoid trading blows with opponent; as with Post Patch 5.24 nerf, Dr. Mundo loses quite an edge to perform trading with Skill E early on. Wither the opponent with Skill Q instead. What is lovely with Ruby Crystal is that it is a key component for Haunting Guise, Kindlegem, Bami's Cinder and Jaurim's Fist.


Haunting Guise
The beginning of the fun part! Haunting Guise is the key item for Dr. Mundo to play with fire. The spell penetration is fantastic for Deathfire Touch, Infected Cleaver and Burning Agony. It builds into Liandry's Torment and that is when all hell break loose for your opponents... (^_^)
Moving up a notch from Ruby Crystal, Kindlegem is easy and cheap to upgrade to. The cooldown reduction is always great for Dr. Mundo to do his "SPLAT!" and "TWUEN!" thingy. A key component for Spirit Visage, which is an almost staple item for Dr. Mundo.
Bami's Cinder
For those who are against melee/physical lane opponent and has no issue trading blows in close quarters, Bami's Cinder is a good next item to go for. In the earlier stage, it helps when Dr. Mundo Skill W is still too painful for Dr. Mundo. Upgrades into Sunfire Cape.
Jaurim's Fist
If you are getting ahead in your game, Jaurim's Fist is a good item to consider. It is not difficult to get the item's full stacks with Dr. Mundo Burning Agony. It is mainly built into Titanic Hydra for late games.


Spirit Visage
Almost a staple in any of Dr. Mundo games, Spirit Visage boosts Dr. Mundo Sadism regeneration rate per second, together with the Resistance, translates to more mundo tankiness in a pitched team fight where focus burst damage is prominent. Not forgetting it allows Dr. Mundo to issue more "SPLAT!".
Sunfire Cape
Dr. Mundo is happy with any items that comes with health. Sunfire Cape provides good Armor against Champions auto-attacks, while further boosting Dr. Mundo Burning Agony minion wave clearing capability.


Titanic Hydra
Dr. Mundo Season 6 weapon of choice. Titanic Hydra scales off maximum health, and Dr. Mundo rarely goes below 3000 maximum health. It makes Dr. Mundo hard for enemy champions to ignore Dr. Mundo's damage during late games. A key item for Dr. Mundo "Combo Burst" with Masochism.
Liandry's Torment
The one item that makes your opponent go insane before they have decent Magic Resistance. Liandry's Torment coupled with Sorcerer's Shoes deals a painful agonizing amount of damage. Remember to press Skill E every-time before you throw that Infected Cleaver and watch your target burns!

The other 2 item slots for your own liking as your situation permits, and most importantly, have fun with Dr. Mundo! To be continued... the shockwave plugin keep stopped working... I saved and publish to save my work.

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More to be updated. This guide was written as I noticed the Bread & Butter Primary Tank Dr. Mundo had great lane sustain, shines in mid game as of Patch 5.24 but falls off late game - especially against skilled players - the AD Carries can totally ignore Dr. Mundo's low damage output and used Dr. Mundo high Health pool to life-steal their health back! (>_<) As of Patch 5.24, Dr. Mundo is still fun to play and is a pain in the neck for your opponents. The new mastery trees and items are keeping Dr. Mundo viable at higher elo. Watching your opponent running away from Dr. Mundo is pure joy! And too many times, it will take at least 2 enemy champions to go after Dr. Mundo to take him out for good; do watch out for very late end game Yi, Vayve and Gangplank, they can take out Dr. Mundo quite easily - everything could be over in under 3 seconds regardless of Dr. Mundo's tankiness... so do not get too carried away playing with fire you cannot control. Have your fun torturing your opponents and end the game before they can build up the countermeasures.

*Very Late End Game AD/AP Carries deal on average 1200 damage per second/burst.

A little Dr. Mundo mathematics:
At maximum skill level, for every 1000 Maximum Health, excluding items, runes, masteries, Adrenaline Rush regenerates 30 Health per second, Sadism regenerates 50 Health per second, Masochism will add additional 50 Attack Damage.

*Dr. Mundo on average should have no less than 3000 Maximum Health per game.

Any feedback most welcome. I only learnt the mechanics of guide writing today so any advice most appreciated. I hope I have kept this little guide format simple to read and easy to digest.

Meanwhile, have fun with Dr. Mundo!


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