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Sejuani Build Guide by Fargo79

Sejuani Super Support Tank

Sejuani Super Support Tank

Updated on February 5, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Fargo79 Build Guide By Fargo79 28,564 Views 1 Comments
28,564 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Fargo79 Sejuani Build Guide By Fargo79 Updated on February 5, 2012
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hey everyone Fargo here and this is my 1st attpemtin building a guild here on this site... I will be honest.. I usually play AP ranged type champs but when Sej came out i fell in love with her... she is simple to play and the other team will hate u.... pls leave commments below... id appreciate all the constuctive adivce...
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Easy to play
can slow any champ unless they use their ulti
Ulti is the best team fight starter
She rides a Worthog...


Slow movement
easily Kited if u miss the slow
no real damage output
can have high mana consumption..
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Runes are pretty straight forward i guess.. except for the attack speed marks... i know u dont think she needs it... however i find when yer in a fight u can auto attack as many people or minions and then pop Permafrost more damage and slow to all.... the health % quints help for u to hold off aggro from enemy champs at lower lvls until u build yer warmogs adn farm it up.. with these runes and masteries u can hit 2200 health by lvl 7-8...
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So with my chioce of masteries i went 0/21/9.. this is still in the works of being tweaked... but i find Sej moves slows and can eat through her mana VERY fast so i tried to give her some mana regen and movement speed... Like i Said above she should be able to take the hits early game for the carry to close in for a kill...
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With Sej U want to go Health right off the bat... so i grab a Health ruby.. and move right into a Heart of gold.. once u get yer Heart of gold and Giants belt yer about 2200 HP... i can usually get these items around lvl 6-7.. and thats huge for such low lvl fights.. get boots of speed.. to give u some movement speed cause sej is very slow.. rush warmogs and from there look to see who os giving u the most trouble.. if its an AD carry like vayne or cait then start building Thronmail.. if its an AP champ then make a run and build Force of Nature... while building either of these 2 items complete either Ninja tabi or Merc treads.. agains depending on the other teams champs... if they have alot of CC's then go for MERC treads.. if they dont then u can go for Ninja Tabi for the reduced damage..

keep yer heart of gold going the whole time... start building into items like Sunfire Cape or Banshee's Vail.. this order depends on the other teams champs.. like above so build them accordingly..

so once u have your Warmogs, Thornmail, Force of Nature, Ninja tabi/Merc. Treads, Sunfire cape, Banshee Vail.. u should be sitting at very beefy stats and will be tough to bring down in fights...

if for what ever they dont have any serious AP damage u can alway take out Banshee's vail and put another Warmogs in for added health...
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Skill Sequence

I always start with my Q skill... from there i take my E and max it out by lvl 9.. my E skill i max out last... nothing really more to say here.. yes they coud do more damage if i build in AP in somewhee above but she doesnt need to do damage... Her job is to slow them enough for yer teammates to take them down..
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Summoner Spells

This area here is completely up to the player... Sej can eat thru Mana very fast when u start to farm it up for yer warmogs so u may want Clarity for those times and when yer lane partner may need it... Ghost is good for those times an enemy flashes away and is out of your reach... but then again flash works as well to catch them... flash can work for gap closing or escapes so enough said.. exhaust and ignite are good when yer in close and need extra edge to shut down or limit their life steal/damage output... personally i want them close to me so i can slow them move for those ganks.... so i usually use Exhaust... i know its not choosen in my masteries tree.. if u have ideas on how to rearrange the tree pls leave a comment below...
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Creeping / Jungling

I am by no means a jungler so I wont go into it.. but Creep farming can be good if your Lane partner is willing to share.. Sej can farm down minion waves fast... lead in with Q and then pop E then W.. this will clear them all.. and should ensure u last hit all.. but be careful that it doesnt leave u with no skills to fight off a surprise gank or no mana..
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Team Work

Make sure your Teammates are rdy for you to ulti and charge in...nothing worse then popping your ulti and no ones is rdy to go with you and you either waste and Ulti, die or both... Laning with a good poker like Lux, Cait, and Cass can really help you surpress and zone out Enemy champs in lanes... Bacisally anyone who can poke from beyond can help huge...
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So to recap what was said above... u build her with this build you can outlast most tanks in team fights and your team should be able to burst down the other team for the win...

however pls leave constructive critisim only... i know this may not be everyones build but with works great for me so far... i wil be tweaking as i play her more... ill also add in the item links in the section for u dont have to read so much... 1st time remember?..

thx for your time... i hope u enjoyed it..
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Fargo79
Fargo79 Sejuani Guide
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Sejuani Super Support Tank

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