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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author scwala

Semi Tank

scwala Last updated on January 15, 2011
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Chapter 1

Basically this is to add some surviviblity to gangplank while still able to perform some serious damage. The crit is not very high with this build without runes, without runes this build gives about 70% more or less critical rate. A little bit lower than others but with some runes will still do the trick. Start out with brawler gloves then follow the build.


You shoot with your gun at the target can stack effects and crit. Basicly its your kill tool, kills stuff gets stuff done and if you the kill the target with this skill you get some gold as well. The cooldown is also quite low making this your primary skill.

Remove Scurvy: A heal which can heal you for a small amount of hp, can help in team fights or solo fights. Can be used to save you but the long cooldown can kill you at the same time so dont really rely on this to save your butt when you need it.

Raise Morale: kills a friendly creep to incrase damage and movement speed. Quite useful at times but at the same time it could be useless. For instance if you were in the jungle there are no friendly creeps to kill so do not really depend on this move to save you either.

Cannon Barrage: Your ship shoots cannon balls at a large area and damages enemies. A very great skill, can be used to take out the enemy if they are grouping or used to take out runners. At the same time do not really count on this skill for kills because your cannonballs can miss and they will so be sure to remember that.


Avarice Blades: Gives steady income, crit. You will be rely on this item until you finish getting infinity then you can turn this to something else so before that dont sell this.

Boots of speed: helps get some kills and really good if other team does not really have disables. Gives alot of base speed helps move around the map easier.

Warmong: the main reason this is call a semi tank. this item gives survivibility and helps you stay alive longer in team fights. CAN BE REPLACED WITH FROZEN MALLET IF YOU NEED SLOW AND A BIT MORE ATTACK!!

Atma's impaler: makes use of warmong's extra hp to make your damage stronger, has all that a gangplank needs to kill. damage + crit + def = win.

Infinity edge: gangplanks main damage output, gives a wooping 75 damage and 250% crit damage, purely amazing and since this stacks with parley. this makes the idea item to get for GangPlank.


*The boots depends on the situation so currently this is for when the enemy does not really have much disables.

**After this build is complete you can sell the avarice blades or change them to ghost blades. If you choose to sell you may want to pick up phantom dancer,or something that lifesteals since it helps late game. At the same time remember that crit is very important as well so choose wisely.

***Feel free to pop in those agility elixers, yes the effect has gone down the drain but for a cheap 250 its +8% crit which will give a boost.

****For summoner spells, i chose flash and ignite. This is personal preferance.
Some other good spells to get would be:
Exhast - Can slow and get kills throughout the game.
Heal - Increase survive rate but tends to be less effective late game.
Ghost - Personally i find this skill kinda not that great since it really cannot save you and slows will murder you, but it can help get some kills at times.
Teleport - Useful for backdoor, teamfights, and all around.


If you play well and conserve mana, you do not need it. you should have enough mana to suffice if you do not spam parley recklessly.
Good for running away but it would be a waste of a spell unless against people like vlad, nunu or others than that would be an exception.
Good to find target to use cannon barrage but overall a waste of a spell since you can get something to escape with.
Can be used to get someone money maybe jungle early to mid game, but tends to be less useful in late game.
you dont need this and its as simple as that
Unless team asks for it then just leave it
Gives a good boost for teamfights but cooldown really kills this skill later.

Early game: Try to play smart and play safe. This is the most important, yeah you need kills but staying alive and not dying is more important. Also try to lane with a partner that way it will be alot easier to kill. If nessisary you can stay by the turrets till the time is right to strike.

Mid game: This is when you shine, at this point you should have cannon barrage and should be on your warmong. So at this time try to use your barrage to your teams advantage and get some kills and assists. Also your crit should be pretty decent by now so rack up kills.

Late game: By this point you should have finished the infinity edge or almost finished. Once the infinity is finished nothing really can stop you and your parley crit should deal a good 700+ crit damage.