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Build Guide by impervious.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author impervious.

Seperate DPS & Tank builds.

impervious. Last updated on November 6, 2010
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DPS and Tank

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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello , this is my Garen guide. To start this off, I'll say somethings about this "Demacian". Garen is a Physical DPS character, and mostly excels during early to mid game. Don't get me wrong, he is still a beast at late game, but he is at his best during early/mid game. He can be played as a DPS carry, or he can be played as a "Tank". I honestly enjoy both builds, it depends on what my team needs which is what i go for. During early game, they are both equally good to be honest, you usually end up getting fed really hard early/mid game if you play Garen right. I here have two builds, one is for DPS, and the other is for Tank.



A simple 21-9-0 Build is good with this, gives you that extra damage and a little bit of armor/dodge/resist with the 9 points in defensive.

Summoner Spells
I went with Flash and Ghost because they are both my personal favorite Summoner Spells. I have Flashed to use Demacian Justice to finish off a kill too many times to just give it up. Not to mention to escape ganks or when your in a tricky situation, or if you play very aggressive like me and turret dive and flash away for a safe kill. Ghost to add extra speed to your chases or escapes, also an amazing spell for Garen since he has no charge or ranged abilities really.

I chose armor penetration runes for reds, Critical chance for Yellows and Blues, and Armor penetration for Quints. I went with these runes because the armor penetration boosts your DPS a lot, and the critical chance helps A LOT early game, and you want to get fed as Garen early game as fast as possible usually. Also it makes your "Judgment" hit even higher.

Skill Sequence
Basically, get E at level one, Q at level 2, E at level 3, and W at level 4. After that, R > E > Q > W.

How to Play it
This is how i play my DPS Garen, i usually do very good with it, have yet to actually gone negative k/d ratio with it.
1st) Buy boots and Health Potion x3
2nd) If your doing really good, and killing a lot, get Sword of occult, if not, get brutalizer.
3rd) get which ever you didn't get in "2nd" order
4th) Build brutalizer to GhostBlade
5th) Get Frozen Mallet, starting with Phage first.
6th) Get Infinity Edge
7th) Buy your final item, Phantom Dancer.

Why i chose these items?
I start off with Boots because it builds into one of your MOST important item IMHO, and it helps a lot so you can keep up with your opponent while using "Judgment".
Brutalizer helps a lot with your early game damage, and sword of the occult is pretty self explanatory.. Ghost blade for the Active to catch up or get away, and help even more with your early game DPS. Frozen Mallet to give you extra health to make you survive longer and the slow to keep up with those opponents who always try to get away once they see your damage. Infinity edge will Boost up your damage A LOT. last but not least, Phantom Dancer because the critical chance is very good, the movement speed owns, the attack speed is a bonus, and some dodge to make your survive longer.

Changes according to you
These items are a simple item build, you do not have to or should you follow the exact item build every single game. Depending how good you / their team is doing is what you decide for your item order. Also, if you have troubles keeping your stacks raised on the "Sword of The Occult", you can skip the "Sword of The Occult" and in the end of the build or before the Phantom Dancer, get a BloodThirster instead. If you feel as you are too squishy to your opposing team, sacrifice a DPS item and buy a defensive item, for more AD carries on enemy team, my reccomendation is : Sunfire Cape and Randuins Omen, If more casters: definitely get a Force of Nature or a Banshee's Veil. If they are equally balanced and you are not sure, get a Guardian Angel or Aegis of Legion.

Playing Garen TIPS
Hiding in Bush is a HUGE advantage on Garen due to his fast burst speed when he uses his Desisive Strike. Use your Desisive Strike to get to your opponent and silence him so he cant instantly snare/stun/flash away immediately. As soon as you use desisive strike, use your Judgment and STICK onto you opponent to keep DPSing them as they flee away from your true awsomeness. Use your Ult when they are pretty low health that you are sure it will kill them (remember that this skill OWNS Health stackers such as Cho'gath. While laning, try to be aggressive early game since that is when Garen is at his best, he can own A LOT of other champions at early game, if you don't play aggressive, they will harass you like no tomorrow, and that is when your passive starts to help you.

Team Fighting
As garen, you are a DPS not a tank, don't try to initiate every fight with this build, leave that to your tank. When they fight starts, go in and find the squishiest person and Desisive Struck them and blow the entire enemy team with Judgment. Dont forget to use "Courage" when they start to focus you or if turret is attacking you.

Tank Build

I went with 3-21-6 , grabbing critical chance in offense, the standard defensive masteries, and the rest in utility for Improved ghost, more health regen, and experience gain Boost.

Summoner Spells
I chose these summoner spells because for the same reasons that are in the DPS guide, to chase, to escape, to get in and out of a fight and help to get a kill or not get killed.

For reds, i chose Armor penetration runes, armor runes for yellows, magic resist for blues, and Health for Quints.

Skill Sequence
Start with Judgment at level 1, Decisive Strike at level 2, Judgment at level 3, and Courage at level four. After that, R > E > W > Q.

This is how i play my "Tank Garen"
1st) Buy boots and Health Potion x3
2nd) Make boots into Boots of Swiftness
3rd) Get a Sunfire Cape
4th) If their team is more physical damage, get another Sunfire Cape, if more Magical damage, get a Force of Nature.
5th) Get item that you didn't get in "4th" (sunfire cape or Force of nature)
6th) Now get a Randuin's Omen if their team has alot of physical DPS, if they have low to no physical and alot of magic damage, get a banshee's veil.
7th) If they have alot of physical DPS, get another sunfire cape, if not, get a Gaurdian Angel.

Reasons of why i chose those items
Boots of swiftness: Speed is a must for Garen TBH.
Sunfire Cape: This has to be one of the best tanking items for Garen, its just amazing.
Force of Nature: Health regen, movement speed, and magic resist? BEAST??, definitely a must against a caster team.
Randuin's Omen: AOE Slow for team fights, Good armor/ health overall.
Guardian Angel: A revive, and armor and magic resist for those mixed teams.

Playing as Tank Garen
Playing as "Tank" Garen is basically the same way as DPS Garen, but you will be able to initiate more. If your team has another "Real" tank, such as Amumu or Rammus, i suggest letting them initiate and you go in right after them, but if they aren't near, you are the next best person to initiate a fight. Always pick off those enemy tanks when they are low health with your Demacian Justice, besides that its basically the same thing as any other Garen. The good thing about "Tank" Garen, is he is a real champion that can get into the fight and stay in it for a long time til everyone dies basically. Not to mention you will be AOE'ing their entire team with your Sunfire Capes and your Judgment. try to Silence their most viable Burster/CC'er and keep on owning them, due to your "Courage" you are insanely hard to kill when you activate it.

End Results, Some games with my DPS build and some with my "Tank" Build.
Here is a few end results of my latest games, these were my first games of the day as garen and i did decent on all of them, not to mention one of them we lost due to a leaver, and still had a decent score. On these games i did some of them as my tank build and some of them as my DPS build, as you can see, they both work well with my playstyle, i wasn't going to show you one game that i got lucky and i did insanely good or the other team failed really hard as my example or results photos... i am showing you that with my builds, i consistently do well EVERY GAME with them, and you can too.

Also, here is my first Garen Ranked game result with my DPS build (So irritating they ban him so much i never get to play him lol)

Check out my other two guides also if you want,

This is my first DUO Guide, (tank and DPS) ,I hope you all enjoy it and do well with my builds, PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE GUIDE. NOT ONLY THE ITEM DESCRIPTION. ESPICIALLY FOR THE TANK BUILD.
Your Comments and reason of rated + or - is welcomed (: , please if you have any questions I'd be gladly to answer and if you found any mistakes in the guide or if i forgotten something, please let me know, thank you, goodluck and Have fun!