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Fizz Build Guide by Etchelon

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Etchelon

Shaaaark! Guide on how to fizz on your enemies' faces

Etchelon Last updated on December 19, 2011
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Hi. This is my first guide ever on Mobafire, so it will be quite rough (only text, without icons and links to skills and items). With time I'll refine it, I just need to learn how :) So please bear with me a little and I'll show you a very effective way to play the new best champion in LoL (at least until it gets nerfed, I know it will): Fizz, the Tidal Trickster.

Why another guide? For two reasons:
- I don't like all the other guides here in Mobafire, they are all the same and all similar to any other random mage guide (items, runes and masteries wise), and they all suggest a bad build (this is what bothered me the most: wrong items for Fizz). If I missed a guide similar to mine (I may not have read them all) I'm sorry, didn't mean to copy.
- Because I'm having an incredible success with Fizz and for the first time I feel I need to share my playstyle with others. In fact, many many times I was told "you're the first good Fizz I see, they all usually suck", and indeed 9 times out of 10 I fight against Fizzes that build like stated in other Mobafire guides, and play bad and fail...

So here we are, let's begin!

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This build is focused on the huge burst damage u can get from playing Fizz completely AP oriented.
Therefore the obvious choices are:
- Magic Penetration marks;
- AP per level glyphs;
- Flat AP quints;
This is my favourite rune setup for any offensive mage: Flat Quints grant a good amount of AP in the early levels, whereas AP/level glyphs help out from the mid levels onward (9+) where the AP boost they grant is bigger than the one given by Flat AP glyphs.

For Seals, I use Mana/level seals for a simple reason: Playful/Trickster is the skill with the higher mana cost (apart from the ulti) but with my skill sequence it is maxed last, so until level 13 using P/T will cost a small amount of mana, therefore in the early levels you won't need much mana regen, or better, all the mana you need will be provided by the 2/3 Doran's Rings and the always increasing bonus from these Seals.
Of course you can't lasthit every minion with Q or you'll be oom in no time...

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Once again: this build is focused on bursting down any enemy champion (particularly AD and AP carries; it's pretty much impossible to kill a bruiser built tanky with just 1 combo), so I go for a full offensive mage masteries set. In particular, the 2 masteries that increase AP/level and AP in percent are very useful to reach the ~330 AP when you complete Rabadon and have 2/3 Doran's Rings. 330 AP is a lot at level 12 (more or less that's when you will complete Rabadon's).
You will wonder "why that point in Summoner's Wrath? To reach the 21 points in offense and be able to get Executioner, nothing else.

With regard to the other 9 points, I find the first levels of the utility tree to be quite useless (particularly on Fizz, because of his already high mobility that 2% movement speed isn't really worth), therefore I much rather get 6 points in armor and magic resist, as well as 3 hp/5 sec that will greatly help during the laning phase.

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Ok, so. I bet that the first thing that crossed your mind upon giving the first glance to this guide was "what the hell? 3 Doran's Rings??? This guy is noob".
Well, here's my point: nearly all the other guides in the net suggest to build RoA as 1st item. I say "**** that", for 4 reasons:
- costs a lot of money, whereas for 600 more you can get your Rabadon (and pass the 300 AP easily);
- doesn't grant any kind of mana regen, very much needed during the early levels to be able to farm effectively (like activating W to farm under tower, last hitting with Q that ranged minion that you wouldn't reach in time otherwise);
- going for 1 Doran's plus Catalyst instead of 3 Doran's will grant a bit more hp, more mana (but less mana regen, which is what matters on the long distance) but much less AP;
- RoA's stats will take 10 minutes to max out, thus there's no real immediate benefit upon purchasing it.

So what I do is to buy 2 or 3 Doran's Rings (2 if I manage to get at least 4 kills in the first 10 minutes of the game), upgrade boots to Sorcerer's Boots, then go straight for Rabadon and Lich Bane. This is aimed to have a huge burst before reaching the 30 minutes mark.
Often times, while I was wandering the map with my 3 Doran's and Rabadon (330 AP), the Fizz in the enemy team was still stuck with his RoA and only 150 AP...and I really felt the difference.

After that, which should be enough to give you many many kills in the mid game phase, what you need is to max out your CDR. Why? Because the longer the game goes, the less 1v1 situations you will find. All fights tend to be 5v5s, so in the middle of that chaos, where time seems to slow down and your escape button is always on cooldown, having 39% CDR (that's the value I reach without blue buff) will really make a huge difference.
So I buy Deathfire Grasp, which also will bring my AP to more or less 480 and give me another huge nuke (with 480 AP it nukes for more than 40% of the target's current HP before taking resistances into account).

The last 2 items are situational, but 1 of them must be either Morello's Evil Tome or Frozen Heart, for that additional 20% CDR we desperately need. I used to go for Morello and reach nearly 600 AP before the 6th item, but lately I've settled with Frozen Heart after getting raped by many Tryndameres and other carries that somehow survived my burst.

As for the last one, I suggest either Abyssal Scepter or Banshee's Veil: you really need some MR if you get that far in the game. Abyssal will take your AP to nearly 600, Banshee's will grant a bit more survivability, it's up to you.

So what I really don't recommend purchasing is:
- Rod of Ages;
- Rylai's Crystal Scepter, and I want to discuss why: if you buy it as first or second item, you won't have enough burst to kill people and make even more gold, which is what Fizz basically does: ninja ganks in isolated skirmishes or dominate his lane 1v1 (or even 1v2 if the enemy jungler is a noob). The slow: you can apply it by tagging the enemy with your spells. Which are, apart from your castable-once-every-minute ultimate, melee spells. Which means that you must be constantly in front line when chasing an enemy, which would expose you to attacks, and doesn't really fit in your playstyle: you should ideally dive in, get the kill and E out of the fight. Hit and run, and Rylai's would force you to just "hit", if you run it doesn't work;
- Zhyonia's Hourglass: it holds you in one place without a real reason. You don't have skills that work while you're invulnerable (like Fiddle's, Kennen's and Morgana's ulti), so if you want armor just go for Frozen Heart: same bonus, plus the 20% CDR will speed up the recharge time on E, which will really save you much more effectively that Zhyonia's active.

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Skill Sequence

Not much to say here, it's crystal clear: W is the (normal) skill that deals the most damage of all four, costs less, allows for easier farming and deals a FLAT 8% of the target's missing HP, regardless of your AP.
I max out Q second, because it's vital to your mobility (the lower the cd, the better), and generally I get Lich Bane by the time I finish to max this skill out, for devastating effects on the enemy.
Last I max E, because it would cost too much mana in the early levels. This obviously requires that, when the skill still has high cooldowns, you play with careful positioning and decision making about when you can dive a target or not.

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Summoner Spells

Ignite: because it synergies perfectly with your W and will help you get so many kills early on (even at lvl 2, basically from the moment you can jump onto the enemy and hit him a couple of times with W active). I have killed many fleeing targets with around 400 hp (they would never expect to die) by hitting them once after tagging them with ignite: the more the spell ticks, the stronger W gets.

Flash: because I love to flash over walls, which I couldn't do with Ghost.

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To be continued

An AD Fizz guide is soon to come.
"What? AD?? Are u kidding me?". Not at all, I would dare say that played AD Fizz is even more fun :)