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League of Legends Build Guide Author Khrynn

Shaco 3v3

Khrynn Last updated on June 20, 2010
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Heya, in this guide im going to teach you how to play Shaco, The Demon Jester, on Twisted Tree line, League of Legends 3v3 map. Shaco is great at moving from lane to lane and ganking just because you can jump over walls and be invisble, if you want o play a champion that jumps over wallas every 5 seconds try Kassadin.


Before we start, like all champions you need to practice with them, a general one if you are new to the game, NO button smashing... it leeds only to to a "/all wtf, you are sooo lucky i miss clicked my ultimate" situation. Another note; no champion is more overpowered then any other. Being good at Shaco in 3v3 after reading this guide does not come instantly, you need practice knowing when enemy champions use spells and there cooldowns is an important way to fighting making there burst smaller compared to yours.


Pros *

Great ganker,
good harrass,
good enter/exit,
generaly cheep build,
good early game jungler

Cons *

Mana dependant at low levels,
poor against heavy CC,
no aoe,
dosen't do well in a 1v2,

Summoner spells

For this guide smite is a must, i will explain why later.

i like ghost because i like going fast also it lasts a decent amount of time and you might want flash but ghost last longer and with your decieve you technically have a "flash"

Other suggestions

Good for solo FB ganks can almost always 2-4 shot any champion at level 2(which you should be by now)

instead of ghost you could choose heal because its a nice junk of health but if you really need it you are probally doing something wrong.

i really like this spell but you already have a slow, and you have deceive if they get to far away not really needed because a teamate probally has it.

Meh, ignite isn't really that much help to you because early game is the only time you should need it because your burst isn't as good.

Badies and no-no's

9 min cooldown, and do you plan on dying?

you brang mana pots for a reason, only needed 1-6, you ran out of mana your doing bad!

leave it to a tank

really on 3v3? you have jack in the boxes so you don't get flanked and you can always Decieve and check a bush.

again you brought potions no need for you to go back and forth so much, map is to small anyways.

The game plan!

Early game(1-8):

great thing about Shaco is he dosen't need his ultimate to be a succesful ganker.

When i start the items i buy are a Elixer of Fortitude and 4 potions, generally 2 health and 2 mana but sometimes go 3 of one and 1 of another depending on the team you are versing, I.E. if you are versing a heavy harras team go health pots, if versing a laid back late game team go mana so they can't out level you because you ran out of mana.

Now that you have your items run down to the lizard spawn (the middle area of the middle junlge) and place your jack in the box next to it, if your team is going for first blood run out there and hit some one then run away. Place your 2nd and third boxes in the same area as the first. Lizard spawns at 02:30 now you should have atleast 3 boxes up and 1 around you for a bit of protection. once the lizard spawns drink your elixure of fortitude and beat it up once all your jack in the boxes are dead use smite and the thing will be dead or 2 whacks with your dagger sword things will kill it. You should now be level 2 and have deceive so run to your lane and jump behind some one and stab them. make sure you do it from behind because you already get a auto crit and inproved crit damage from runes and deceive so being behind some one will add even more insane damage. Plus a slow. almos instant kill.

after a while of laning you should have a decent amount of gold so go and buy a sheen this guy will solve your mana troubles and increase your damage even more!
but even though you almost have enough money to buy some sweet kicks spend it all on potions. you will have better lane controll and pushing power. and make sure you grab that lizard buff as it spawns. Many of waricks have flamed at me on my team and theres because i gets it first. Lizard buff is win so always have it. Remember see some one attacking lizard before you? run up and smite and take it, its your buff not theres and let them rage about how you 1 shotted it and deceived away and lol'd your way back to your lane.


Now you should have madreds and our boots of speed, and should be almost done with your beserker greaves. Right now you should have atleast 1 tower down. and starting team fights. but theres those blasted tower huggers.. and this is why Shaco is a master-baiter (pun intended) you see that greedy little Olaf who likes to chase anything that moves around the world? so hide in a bush closish to the tower it work sometimes in mid bushes but not as much set up an few jack in the boxes and use your ult run in with your pet. (click on him or hold down the alt key to control him take a tower hit and run away, since it takes more damage then normal that greedy man will run strait into your bushes an after your minion explodes into a ring of blades dealing loads of damage and jack in the boxes fear you should be deceiving plus shivs for almost auto kill.

Now you should be around level 13 after a few team fights and a tower kill and almost ready to finish those bloodrazors, Which are really helpfull because its passive counts to your minion as well. Instead of 4% of max helth to magic damage its 8% so go kill that dragon because you get MOAR DAMAGE. It's an easy buff your whole team can share. Make sure you are still getting that lizard buff because maintaining both of the 2 major buffs is almost an automatic win. You should be at the point of the game where one of the teams start protecting the nexus and inhibators. and have everything done and have a BF sword by now.


By this point in the game every one should be blinged out by know and its easy to tell if your team is winng or your loosing. A lot of 3v3 games do not last this long because of the usual rage quits and surrenders but if it is you should be racking up your deceive crits around 1000! and exploding any one thats not in there fountain. Bye now items are easy just get more damage if its lasting SOOPER long upgrade your Sheen into a Trinity Force it has too many stats to pass up. From here no need for explaination protect or atack and get an ace for a GG.


In Twisted Treeline you can jump over most walls in the map go into a practice game and experiment this. Your mobility, ganking and chance to escape and survive are much greater this way.

Do not just follow this build change it up add attack speed or life steal if your getting beat down to bad. Even try sunfire capes... it stacks with your ultimate, and on hit is great with your ult so try things out this isn't the best build but it works and i am on a 11 game win streak right now with a 34-1 K/D with this build. But servers down so why not make a build to help other players succeed ingame aswell.

Feel free to Thumbs up or down if you do post a comment saying why you chose so and any suggestions or change you would like to add to this build.