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Shaco Build Guide by tipsy112

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League of Legends Build Guide Author tipsy112

Shaco 3v3 Domination

tipsy112 Last updated on February 4, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello and welcome to my guide on Shaco, now i use this build mainly in premade 3v3 because i don't play 5v5 often due to lack of friends on at the same time(by that i mean friends from around where i live who often have better things to do then play LoL all day tehe ;P)

now this build can be used to solo top or duo bot either way is fine or though top would probably bestter for you.

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I begin with jack in the box simply because if u plant it behind some1 it gives you free hits on them (lolz) and can also secure your escape.

Maxing Deceive is pretty standard for ad Shaco i dont really think i need to explain but i will for the sake of the newer players, basically the more you level it the more damage you do once you come out of it :)

Maxing Jibs second i don't really know why i do it i just find them more beneficial.

The only thing i use Two shiv for is killing low health targets from a distance bit normally they don't get too far away from me before they die :)

Boring section but really this skill sequence is common among most Shaco's :)

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My runes are basically for early game sustain and nice damage output having that little extra armor and magic resist really helps when u get up close and personal.

The Masteries are simple for maximum damage output and easy jungle farming(but we will get to that later on)

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This build is used for taking out Squishies and impotent targets in an instant basically

Now the reason i get Dourans shield is because early on u aren't the most sustainable champion in the game :) also its common for the enemy ad carry/assassin to solo top so it gives you a little more armor.

After you get your boots of mobility its a good idea to start ganking due to your high movement speed, you can be down near red before the other top laner has enough time to call mia

Once you get your madreds razors you can start taking buffs, I often push my lane just past half way then go take red check my lane see how far its pushed and depending ill re push it or ill go up to the top buffs and take them

Once you get Wriggles its super easy to take dragon which is like SR's baron it provides global gold and a buff for yourself and your team. This is beneficial for you in so many ways for 1 it Denys your enemy team 280 gold for each champ and gives your team 14% extra damage, which can really help them to push and kill.

Once you complete your bloodthirster you must be even more cautious for ganks or going into team fights because you will be a priority target and could possibly lose your stacks. With that being said this can also benefit you greatly due to the insane AD it gives you.

After you get your infinity edge its near impossible for you to lose a 1v1 your crits will be about 1kish from behind unless the enemy has stacked armor. This is when most of your kills roll in, deceiving behind enemy carries or mages will guarantee you a crit with 250% +120% +20% extra damage which in short will devastate there health bar forcing them to run or just stand there and die.

After your second Bloodthirster you are practically invincible (as long as you don't be stupid and dive into stupid situations e,g tower diving 3 people on full hp under there turret this will not work in your favor xD) You can roam around killing who you want when you want(not recommending focusing the tanks.)

After you get your first phantom dancer you are ridiculously over powered and the enemy might as well surrender ..... At this point you can take towers from full hp (with the help of your ulti of course).

Now at this point you should sell your wriggles. Then you have 2 choices you can be a total **** and get a GA or u can get more crit and purchase another phantom dancer, It's completely up too you either way the games over. I rarely get too this point but the very few times i have i 1 vsed 3 and came out with a triple kill. Its ridiculous the damage you are pulling at this point.

Then i just get the elixirs and go troll the other team because no one can take me down and its amusing :)(note: by troll i don't mean call them noobs i mean mess with them by deceiving up into there base and /d =D)

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Summoner Spells&Team Work

The reason i choose exhaust and ignite is because Shaco has a built in escape method and these 2 spells pretty much secure a kill(unless they have a jump/dash or flash) then its a ***** =/

Its preferable that your team has an initiator or a tank to engage for you while they focus them its your job to look at the enemy team figure out who could effectively rape your teammates and deceive at them and take them out as soon as possible, for example your tank initiates a Tryndamere an Amumu and an Annie, focusing Tryndamere right away isn't advised because of his ult and Amumu is tank so the obvious choiceis to go after Annie take her out before she has a chance to let off her full nuke. This then turns it into a 3v2 id go after Tryndamere but before i do i would need to use my ulti because he has the potential to do some good damage onto me and most likely knock me out of the team fight or possibly kill me, using my ulti may prevent some of the damage potential he has, after Tryndamere is dead or gone its Amumu's turn in a 3v1 he is doomed.

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Pros and Cons

1 Insane damage output
2 Can blow up squishies in an instant
3 Easy jungle farming
4 Really fun to play
5 makes people like Gangplank seem under powered
6 Almost impossible to lose a 1v1
1 A main target in teamfights
2 If you die u lose a chunk of damage
3 Squishy

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This is an overall op and fun build its pretty expensive and has the possibility to fail if your dying too much but even so it is fun to see peoples reaction when you 2 shot them :).

This build is not recommended for first time or new shaco players for it requires a lot of farm

Tips on playing shaco
1 Try not to deceive from brushes for it shows orange smoke try to be tricky and deceive over walls from the fog of war for maximum surprise
2 After you initiate place a Jack in the box down immediately this will cause the enemy to be feared mid way through the fight and give u 2-3 free hits on them this can give you the upper hand in a fight
when laning against someone squishy (e.g cassiopea ezreal ashe) don't be afraid to play aggressive especially if both your summoners are up
3 when laning against someone with ranged poke ranged (e.g Gangplank) don't let them poke you down too low before u initiate
4 Sending your clone behind something will proc shaco's passive
5 Send your clone in with your team while u wait in the wing to fool the enemy into thinking your actually there then deceive behind them and instakill them :)

I hope my guide has helped you out a lot please leave a comment telling me what you think and how it works for you