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League of Legends Build Guide Author Pirydb

Shaco 3vs3 - Jungle And Buff / Map Control!

Pirydb Last updated on March 9, 2011
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REMEBER THIS IS NOT MY BUILD!!! I got it from this video -
And since there was no good builds for jungling Shaco on TT I thought it would be great to post it here, and make some coments myself.


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Well, I'm not and english speaker so I'll be brief on the explanations!

Quintessences : Atack Speed

Mark : Atack Speed

Why? - Well to MAKE YOUR ITENS WORK you do need atack speed, the life steal and the damage from your itens will do an insane DPS, specially when you have your clone on. Plus help you kill minions faster.

Glyphs : CD per level.

Why? - Your mid / late game will be insane with low CD. deceive is great to either kill or escape, and with a low CD you will be the king of the field.

Seals : Mana regen / 5

Why? - The only thing that limits your early / mid game is your mana pool, so the runes and masteries mana regen should make you some good. And remeber, a high mana regen serves for only one porpouse. BE AGRESSIVE!!!!! Don't be afraid of your enimies, keep planting JiTB everywhere for map control, and trhowing shivs at your oponent, deceive trhough walls all the time!

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Well thats an Utility Shaco, to repair his flaws and keep the jungling going you NEED those masteries. An ofensive Shaco can't stay jungling for much time, therefore you won't have minions kills cause you're week to lane, so, you will be behind!

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Well I fist start off with the Elixirs and pots to get a FB and stay in the field AS LOONG AS I CAN!
Try to stay until you have 1350 gold, thats the amount to buy your madreds and basic boots.
As soon as you have your madreds and both, your clone and smite, are on, go for the dragon. Should be pretty easy to solo it!
Well Your core itens will be the Berserker Boots, Madreds BRazor, and BloodT. After you complete those you can adapt as you feel.
For exemple, your oponets have a HUGE dps and you're having trouble cause they are foucosing you. I'll USUALY go for GA.
READ YOUR OPONENT ITENS! Know the build they are doing so you can counter ir properly.

IMPORTANT!!! Every time you go back to base SPEEND YOUR MONEY! Don't keep saving for the next important item, buy elixirs and pots! Belive me it worth it. Most of the time with an elixir on you can get more minions and kills, on the same time you would wait for the rest of the gold you need to buy your next item

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Skill Sequence

JiTB first. It's a basic! Either to get the lizz buf, of to set a trap for someone.
Second get deceive to improve mobility, and it's really helpfull to get a FB if you have the lizz buff on.
Then Master your Shiv! It's a must for good jungling and getting kills!

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Summoner Spells

Smite it's quite obvious, really helps you on early / mid game! It MAKES the difference. And you'll be far ahead from your oponets and teamates
Exaust it's great to get kills or escaping.


Well you do have a HUGE mobility because of your deceive, plus you have the speed buff. So i think the exaust fits better, especially cause oft he miss chance

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Pros / Cons

- Shaco it's just great on TT. No more.

- Well everybody says he is squishy, but i strongly disagree. Yes he dies fast, but only if you let him. You can be everywhere everytime, so just be smart and you'll be alive.

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Creeping / Jungling

Lizzard buff EVERY 4 MINUTES. Mark it on your in-game clock. You NEED that buff.
Dragon after level 6/7 with madreads, and smite and clone on! EVERY 5 MINUTES! The gold helps you and your team a lot, and the buff is just great. If you DO have the buff BE AGRESSIVE! USE IT!
The other buff EVERY 3 MINUTES, they are really help on team fights. So get them!
Don't be afraid of using your clone to farm up faster, it has a short CD.

Don't stay still, keep moving, killing minions, don't stay on lane waiting for a good time to kill your oponent. YOU'RE SHACO you can GET THERE if you need to. Be aware, if your oponent has low health, it's a free kill.

Get a lot of last hits. Don't just keep on hiting minion in lane. On early game wait for your minions to do the job, all you need is your last hit. You don't want to push really far from your tower. Acctually works the other way, you WANT your oponent near your tower, easy to kill, especially with lizz buff.

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Team Work

Don't lead big fights. You'll die!
Wait for the right moment to jump in, and do your job. And jump out if needed. ALWAYS have an escaping route

When on low health stay outside the fight, use your shiv.

If your partner needs help on running from an enemy, and you can't kill it, or it's more then one, USE JiTB. It's great for escaping. Just keep on planting them on the escape route. Or make them focous you then decive out! Can't count how many friends I helped this way.

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Unique Skills


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Thats basicly it guys.
Rember MAP AND BUFF CONTROL are extremely important! You HAVE to control the buffs if you want to get non stopping kills and get far and far ahead! Shaco is squishy so be aware of your oponents location. You can't escape from a gank that easily.
Keep placing JiTB everywhere you can it's a great ability to kill minions, escaping and getting kills. so USE IT. I try to have all the time that I can on CD.
USE your deceive to move faster, don't just walk out of your base, deceive!!! I like to have it always ready to use it to get a kill or escaping.
Shiv is HUGE. Don't use it on minions a lot, the miss chance really helps on the early game. The passive is great, even more when you combine with the lizz buff

Have fun is Shaco.