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Shaco Build Guide by imba.deadz

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author imba.deadz

Shaco AD Cleave Type (Early Gamer)

imba.deadz Last updated on April 13, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Welcome to the Shaco Cleave Type Guide. It's composed of 4 massive AD dmg items , 1 mvspd item and 1 Defense.

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In my Account, the statistics of my runes are +6.4 ad dmg ; +25 armpen
but here, it will appear that +25 armpen ; +7.02% crit dmg ; +2.52 ad dmg

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I built it up as 30-0-0
It's because I usually play shaco as early gamer, so I need much more offense.

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My items for this build is for early gaming. You can change 1 tiamat into Life Steal or Atk Spd Item.

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Skill Sequence

Why the Jack in the Box is the first? It's because I usually get buffs from the jungle and gank near lanes so my teammates can easily dominate their lane.

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Summoner Spells

I usually play Shaco as Early Game and Ganky type. So I used Exhaust and Ignite.

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Playing Shaco as ANTI JUNGLER:

*Place Jack in the Box at the site of their red buff. Be careful whenever you saw enemy champs. Ask your teammates to help you, just to make sure that it'll be successful. After that place a Jack in the Box at their Jungle so you can see their Jungler whenever he is jungling. If you think you can kill their jungler, be careful because you might fail to do that so.

Playing Shaco as EARLY GAMER / GANKER :

*Place Jack in the Box in your Jungle Site. Place it at 0:55. Then, start ganking near lanes. If you get a RED BUFF, you can easily gank MID lane or BOTTOM lane. But if you get a BLUE BUFF, you can gank MID lane and TOP lane. Be careful in ganking, just ask your allies to BAIT their enemies so your ganking operation will be successful.

NOTE: If their are clashes, don't enter because you might get pawned first . Just let your teammates to initiate and make clashes. Your role is to kill enemy champs at the back or weaker champs. You can also kill mages at the back so they'll don't have massive magic damage in the clash. All in all, you will succeed and make VICTORY.

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Ranked Play

In Ranked. Do similarly as discussed in the previous chapters. But, you must be careful and wise in picking decisions like WHO will i GANK and WHERE will i gank. Just make sure u will have the champion kill at the first 3 mins. So in that case, you will have the guts to gank and carry your team into a 20 minute game VICTORY.

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Skill Usage

Backstab is most effective after using Deceive. A guaranteed critical strike with 20% damage (not a true critical, from patch 00.94 it is considered to deal only bonus damage), then quickly followed by a 120% damage Two-Shiv Poison will deal a reasonable amount of damage to any champion's health.
Using Deceive over terrain can help you make a clean escape.
Unlike Twitch's Ambush and Evelynn's Shadow Walk, Deceive allows Shaco to enter stealth right away but it has a shorter duration.
Be aware that both Jack in the Boxes and Deceive generate a puff of orange smoke when used, which is visible to the enemy even if used in a bush or in the fog of war.
Having at least 1 rank of Jack In The Box is important for team fights as it can be used to disable many enemies.
Stacking multiple Jack in the Boxes in one spot can rack up significant damage with an AP build.
Warding the Jungle and surrounding area with Jack In The Box can allow Shaco to see a gank coming and escape before the other team initiates. Placing them in the brush will prevent enemies from hiding there.
Multiple Jack in the Boxes strategically placed can slow or trap an enemy.
The Hallucinate clone can be, like most secondary units, controlled by pressing Alt + doing the order with right-click. It does not use any abilities or activated items, however. Use it to push turrets or farm minion waves after its effectiveness has waned.
A well-timed Hallucinate can save Shaco from getting hit by projectiles. This works, for example, against turret shots and certain spells such as Enchanted Crystal Arrow or even Requiem.
Using Hallucinate will immediately break and cancel any "leashed" abilities such as Ace in the Hole, Soul Shackles, or Unspeakable Horror.
Casting Hallucinate will not break stealth.
Deceive can be used to go through walls in a similar way to the summoner spell Flash.
Sometimes Shaco is best played tactically. Start off with a point in Jack In The Box. If you can, sneak into your lane without being seen by enemies and get to your bush. When in your bush have your lane partner keep the enemies away from the bush. Once you've placed a lot of Jack In The Box walk out of the bush and bait your enemies into a bush. Between levels 1-4 this should be an easy kill.
Keep in mind that experienced players will be wary of Jack In The Box in bushes, so this will probably not work. A better tactic may be to plant them in an enemy's jungle or just strictly as wards, or to place them near your turret to make defending easier.
Shaco has a number of differences from his clone that reduce its effectiveness. He can be distinguished from his clone in the following ways: his clone never shows a neutral buff graphic, and pinging Shaco before he uses Hallucinate will cause the ping to follow the real Shaco.
Hallucinate and Deceive can remove slows.
Deceive does not deal increased damage based on Trinity Force, Lich Bane or Sheen.
Oracle's Elixir isn't too effective at countering Shaco's stealth if he is trying to escape. The stealth only lasts a few seconds and gives him the ability to flash over walls. It still, however, counters a Shaco stealthing for offense. it also helps you snipe or stay away from Jack In The Box.
When laning, having a teammate with Teleport can be very useful. Placing a Jack In The Box in a bush and having a teammate teleport to it can provide a fantastic surprise attack that the other team wouldn't be able to call MIA quickly enough. Having a mid-laner do this can be even more advantageous due to the level difference.
Shaco is often a prime target in team fights. You should be using this to your advantage. Coming in behind the enemies and posing yourself as a threat will cause them to attack you. When they start to turn to you, use your Jack In The Box to fear or provide another target. You can Deceive once they start to pursue you, and while you deceive send in your clone for additional distraction. All this will allow your team to attack with less counter attack since enemies will be focusing on you.
A Banshee's Veil will help you do this by resisting a stun or silence and allow you to Deceive out safely.
If your team is defending a turret from attack, Shaco can be attacking a turret in another lane (split-pushing). Shaco's team should be able 4-man defend a turret because of the offensive capability of the turret filling in for Shaco, and an AD Shaco can take turrets down very quickly with his Hallucinate. If the enemy team sends a few champions to defend the turret and chase you down, your team would have an advantage in attacking the others. If the entire team decides to target you, that leaves their other turrets open for attack by your team.
Jack In The Box can be used as an anti-initiation tool against champions like Evelynn. If you fear that they may initiate on you, stand on top of a Jack In The Box and wait for them to. The moment they do, they will be feared, allowing you to avoid most initial damage and possibly turn the fight around.


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Some Guides for Shaco

"a deceive into a team cluster followed by a Jack in the Box will cause a scatter and disrupt your enemies in general."
it's been like a month since they changed it so jitb or shiv break stealth, so doing that nowadays will only get you focused down and squashed.
also, sheen gives you away every time you hallucinate - the other team will know which one's you since your hands will be red ..

"I like the blade for the bonus damage and gold. " - what gold?

Shaco is a pretty bad laner so jungling is viable. "people seem to forget about their team and the flow of the game when they do it" - what? what kind of fail junglers do you play with ... junglers ward the jungle thus providing map awareness and gank other lanes, keep the other team on constant alert by being mia, not to mention give another solo exp lane: shaco is an excellent jungler and good at counter jungling thanks to deceive and jitb, so jungling shaco is fine
You could be the jungler while still pushing and ganking at the right times.