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Shaco Build Guide by Greatkyo

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Greatkyo

Shaco AD dominion build

Greatkyo Last updated on January 7, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen,
in first place i wanted to apologize all the mistakes i will do in this guide, it is my first one so i m not really accustomed with that and my english is not the best.
I make this guide because i was looking for one guide to play ad shaco in dominion better than i played, but i don't see anyone i like so i decide to try help people with what i know. In 90% of game this build had worked very well for me. So, thanks for read it and if you have better idee's or opinion i like to talk about.

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I will justificated my runes choice,
Greater marks of desolated, best rune to increase the amount of damages you will done.
Greater seal of replenishment, shaco is one hero who eat a lot of mana, with this runes i don't need to buy any item who make mana regen.
Greater glyph of focus, using skills fast will help you to kill fast and desappear fast too.
Greater quintessence of desolated, best rune to increase the amount of damages you will done

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The best way to play ad shaco is really appear kill and desappear quickly. The offenssive three masterie is the best way to do it. All point you can use who will give you attack power is great, the 4 points to cooldown reduction will help you to be quick to desappear after fight or in fight if someone else come. Magic penetration is great because you have a lot of spells, hallucination death, jib and two-shiv poison will had a little boost. I had one point who don't is needed in offensive three, i put in magic resist for fun :P.

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Boots of mobility is importante to go tower and fights quickly.
Prospector blade in first will give you damages, life and life steal.
Infinity edge is the most powerfull item to boost your damages, (one attack from behind and in deceive will do half of one magical or dps hero)
Trinity force, give you life, slow enemy, boost attack after skills (your first attack will be so boost) and increase movement and attack speed and critical strike.
Kitae's, increase damages and attack speed (the passive increase a lot your damages and it s great vs enemy with a lot of armor)
Sanguine blade, the life steal and damages will be boost by all the attack speed you have now.
I rarelly do sanguine blade because game finish before that, but if in one game i have time to make another item it will be sunfire cap.

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Skill Sequence

My skills sequence choice is hallucinate, deceive, two-shiv poison and jib
Hallucinate is the best skill, duplicate damages (two shaco attacking) and make the oponente attack you or your clone.
Deceive is the first skill i boost because the cd reduction and the critical damages boost.
Two shiv-poison in ad shaco will be great for movement reduction and range attack to finish one hero.
Jax in the box is great for the fear, one point is enouth to help.
Give one point in each skill to begin will help you a lot.

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Summoner Spells

Ignite is one good summoner spell, reduce the heal received by enemy's and do a amouth of damages who will help you to kill quickly.
Exhaust will give you time to kill or run, with summoner wrath your enemy will lose 10 points of magic resist and armor. His attacks will be less effective and he will be slow for a few sec. It's enouth time to kill him. You can use it to run from one battle too.

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Pros / Cons


    Good to def towers
    Easy to make one gank.
    A great amouth of dps.
    A great first attack damage.
    Can run easly with deceive.
    Can make traps with the jib.
    Hallucinate create one image who do damages and make a enemy attack one of you.
    Have a good /joke :P

    Have a little life
    Die quickly if stunned
    Item who make see invisible give you less oportunity of make surprises.
    Vs tanky team this build will be a lot of less effective

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I will apologize again for the english probleme.
This is one of the few build you can make, shaco is one more variable hero in game.
You have always to see who is your enemy before make one build. A tanky team will make you pick kitae's first for example.
Thanks to see this guide and hope you will try it, and see by yourself how powerfull can be one shaco ad.