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Shaco Build Guide by DreamTheater66

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DreamTheater66

Shaco-Addicted to Destruction-AD

DreamTheater66 Last updated on June 18, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Welcome to my first LoL tutorial! I will show you the way I use shaco, it is your choise if you want to play like this too, or you want to change items/runes/etc.
Now, let us begin...

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So... Runes:
Why Greater mark of strenght? Well, as a AD champion, is normal to have at least 9 damage runes, not to say that marks give best dmg.
Greater Glyph of Focus:Well, here is a bit more to say.. I saw other tutorials in witch they've choosen Greater Glyph of Alacriticy.I won't use this in my tutorial for two reasons:
1. It won't give so much attack speed as the mark.
2. For shaco, even if we don't need AP, we need CD because it takes time for Decieve and
Two-Shiv poison to finish their cooldowns, and we need them for vanishing when you feel the situation you're in is dangerous and for preventing your enemy to escape.

Greater Seal of evasion because Shaco needs this when fighting 1v1 against an enemy. I wondered witch should be best? Evasion orGreater Seal of Fortitude...But i've choosen evasion because Shaco masters the fast-killing fights. However, it's your choise.

Greater Quintessence of Evasion:Oh, yeah! More evasion, more IMBA you get. However you can also chooseGreater Quintessence of Strenght.They are both good for a AD champion.

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Why 24/0/6? Well, thinking about those 24 points in offense.. I mean SO MUCH Damage, life steal(going with Bloodthirstier), armor penetration, My Shaco AD dream.

0 points in defense, because you don't really need it when you can fastly use decieve to escape a fight. Also, my items don't include armor or magic res.

6 Utility points.. If you aren't doing well in early-game(Shaco is difficult to master), you could need a 10% reduced time spent dead. Also,think: if you get owned in late-game, you really ned a reduced time spent dead.
Also, some speed and a faster recall would prove usefull.

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Here is the most important part: Items.
First i choose Dorans Blade for the little life steal and dmg.

Then i head for Longsword for damage, witch i really need while i build up attack speed. Also, buy as many HP and Mana pots you can.

Why Tiamat?? For damage, HP and Mana reg(mana i really need because of the very high-mana cost of the spells. Also, its passive will bring me many gold from creeping in a relative fast time(my clone can use it too).

To equalize things, i buy Phantom Dancer for it's great attack speed. At this time, you should be dominating.

Bloodthirstier Is a MUST HAVE while you are Shaco. It's dmg will prove very usefull in fights.

Even though you have soo many spells to prevent your enemy from fleeing,
with Frozen Mallet you will become the ultimate killer in your team.

Time to finish things,and Infinity Edge is the best item to take care of this.

Now, we use a bit of money, selling Tiamat for the ultimate item:Madred's Bloodrazor.
Why do we sell Tiamat? For Bloodrazor's attack speed and high damage.

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How should you play with Shaco, using it's skills properly?
Starting with Q for it's stealth and attack damage. One of the best ways of using this is in early-game, when you hide in the bushes and wait for the enemy to come. When he's almost neadr you, deceive right on his back and attack! Use your partner too. If you must, use Exhaust to stop him fleeing, and FIRST BLOOD! Hide from enemy's partner using deceive. Never forget: turrets CAN see you evenif you use deceive.

Going with E for slow and damage. Really good skill.
I use 1 point in JiTB at lvl 4, and then i won't upg. it until when all spells are already learned. Why? Because I only need him for map controlling and Little fear, to help me in fights. It's damage is not so important to me.

Many don't like Shaco's Ultimate. I like it, because when i get at an insane DMG he wil deal a good quantity of DMG, and helps me farming/killing enemyes.

So, skill sequence is: Q>E>Q>W>Q>R>Q>E>Q>E>R>E>E>W>W>R>W>W.

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Awesome DMG, good CD.
Easy to escape.
No chance for your enemies to flee.

Hard to play with him on mid 5v5.

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Summoner Spells

I choose Exhust to slow my enemy down while i kill him.
Flash could be a usefull mastery when you don't have good CD.

You should try:
Ignite: More damage, much easyer to kill.
Clarity: On early game, you really need mana! This could be usefull.
Ghost: Good at hunting down enemyes.

Not so good:
Revive: You don't really need this... I mean, a big CD and you have a -10% time spent dead..
Heal: Why should you choose this when you can fastly get away from a dangerous situation?

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In finishing...

Thank you for reading this guide! I hope you will find it usefull!
I will continue updating this trailer,and, maybe, starting new ones!
Please, don't vote usefull or unusefull without triyng it at least once!
Good luck with Shaco!!!