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Shaco Build Guide by J0hnL33Swag3r

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author J0hnL33Swag3r

Shaco-AP-AD Jungler

J0hnL33Swag3r Last updated on September 20, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Item Purchase For AD Shaco

Once you get to your Bloodthirster your gonna want to sell your Wriggle's lantern for that bloodthirster because you get more attack damage and you get more life steal. Wriggles's is just there for the armor,life steal, and attack damage. Which is mainly for farming up early game and the extra 500 magic damage when your in the jungle.

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Way To Jungle with Shaco

1. First things first get your starting items and get to blue buff as fast as you can. Once you get there put your jack in boxes where blue buff would appear when it spwns. When it does spwn you wanna ignite it and use smite on it. That is my way of insta-killing blue buff.
2. Now your heading to the wolves, put a jack in box in front of the big Wolfe then use two shiv on the big one while your jack in the box tanks the damage. Then finish off the small ones with yours spells.
3.Next is wraiths your gonna want to put two jack in the boxes down. Once this is done two-shiv any of the red wraiths when that is done smite the blue one. Then you should be done with them but make sure once you engage be behind your jack in the boxes so you don't take any damage.
4.Now your fighting the Golems your gonna need two jack in the boxes again, then two shiv the one on the left to start it. But before you start attacking the Golems put down a jack in the box in front of red buff this will help you when you come back to red buff.
5.Now you get red buff your gonna want 4 jack in the boxes for this one, since you already have one down from before put two down on top of that one. Then go behind on of the minons by red buff two shiv the one your behind then smite the other one. Now your fighting red buff itself now run behind your 3 other jack in the boxes once you do that put your 4 one behind red buff. now your should be able to get him with just your spells. After this you go home get your items if there is time to get or a chance to do so if not go straight to wolves.
6. Do the same thing you did the first time you fought the wolves, and pretty much everything else but the buffs because now there a lot easier to kill specially the normal monsters. Now its time to gank no more being in the jungle. Now ill teach you how to do that
7. First thing you want to do is make sure you have red buff once you do go a heard for gank, now you want to Decieve behind your enemy keep auto-attacking them and when the have a low enough health for two-shiv to secure it as your kill go along and use two shiv. Well there you go that is how i jungle with shaco. Good Luck this isn't something your gonna master right away trust me :).

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AP Shaco

Your best bet with AP Shaco is to play him on 3v3 not very powerful in 5v5 he could but you need to get fed very early. Now for 3v3 you wanna stack your boxes for the start otherwise i really don't cause its not fun that way but your two shiv hurts so i like to two shiv the hell out of people, but if I'm losing i guess ill start stacking but that is it really i don't stack boxes that much i find that to be noobish haha :P .

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Items If needed...

Hexdrinker- is a good item to get if the other team has alot of ap becuase once u reach 30% health only if its done by magic dmg you get a shield for 300 that blocks magic dmg.
Merc.Terds- is another good item for late game because u get 35 tencity which makes all slows,snares,stuns,blinds,sliences,knock ups, all shorter by 35%.
Madreds- is great when you are fighting a tanky team becuase it deals 4% of there max health in magic dmg so you can desotry them with this Item.

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Items not to get...

i really don't care what items you get because there is probably better items then what i gave you but unlike other builds they tell u not to get an item just because your dont use mana like banshee's so what you don't have mana this still gives you health 50 magic resist and you block one spell every 45 seconds.So get whatever you like :D .