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Shaco Build Guide by Fedge

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Fedge

Shaco AP Dominion

Fedge Last updated on April 28, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello everyone, here is my first guide and it s about the awesomeness of Shaco AP in dominion !
I m doing this because i didnt see any decent build specifically designed for Shaco and felt that he deserves one, as he is one of the best attacker and defender i played in Dominion.

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Greater Mark of Insight x 9 : Magic pen. of course, dont see any other decent choice for the red ones.

Greater Quintessence of Fortitude x3 : This can be switched for flat AP ones, i just dont have enough IP to buy them ;D. Plus some life happens to be really usefull in some situations ! :)

Greater Glyph of Force x 9 : ap per level, as i make a "no ap" begin, this fits totally in the build.

Greater Seal of Force x9 : same as the glyph, very usefull if you do an AP curve that starts low and bump after some levels.

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EDIT: New skill tree explanation under construction !
EDIT: i tested the "increased neutral buff duration" . Not very convincing . the stormshield buff is 1min duration without the mastery, and 1min15 with it. In other words it smells useless. ^^

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is a must have in Dominion when you are the kind of character that moves a lot ( the point capturer type ).
EDIT : Ashas been removed from the game (i didnt feel it was doing that wrong but heh...) you can jump directly to the next item in the list.

Small tip here i NEVER recall to base because first there is heals all over the map, secondly because a shaco low HP is tempting for enemies players to chase, and third because when you are at base, you are useless.

Next thing i buy isbecause you know, no one like to be snare forever, especially Shaco. ;)

Most of the time i buy, but i jump it sometimes when i have enough money for aand go straight to the.

If the game is not over,.

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Skill sequence

Jack in the Box ! THE spell you will love ;D. I put 2 points in it from the start mainly because of the fear. Very usefull to interrupt 4ppl clicking a point.
The last "free" point i put it indeceive. Great way to defend a turret. You stay under it and when they dive (coz they will) just deceive and stay under turret, it will fire for you. ;)
The next two points i put them in thetwo shiv poison for it to be able to do some damage.

Getas soon as possible, after that its up to you whether you prefer JitB or Two shiv, depends on the situation and chars you have against you.

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Summoner spells

: I take this one to take care of the damn guys who heal themselves ( for example fiddle ). In add you can use it to cancel a capturing attempt. This + your two shiv + JitB makes you a pain in the *** for the other team to get the point you defend.
: You need to defend a point fast ? attack fast ? flee ? chase ? You name it. :P

The maybe:
: Thats a matter of tastes.
EDIT: after some testing, i think this is more appropriate to shaco ap than ignite, because of the improved exhaust. i reflected it in the skilltree.

: Can be effective to defend a tower, not so usefull in attack as shaco is more of the backdoor guy than the frontal rush to the defended tower.
EDIT: After some thourough testings, i withdraw my maybe for this summoner spell and put it in the no box. The few times i was able to use it to its full potential, it wasnt really helpfull.

The NOes:

All the others ^^

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Pros :

- Very high survivability. Dont give up, never. That s when you will do the best things shaco can achieve. ;)
- As good in defense as in offense. You can kill three people on a point you defend, and you can lure two people trying to recapture into your traps and kill them, then you can finish the capping.
- VERY VERY VERY fun to play. :D

Cons :

- You are like a melee caster, meaning you dont have a lot of healthpool, use it wisely.

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Your role in Dominion

You have to be where the other team cant reach you. Meaning if they rush with four people to a point, that means they left some other point defenseless, instead of running into a sure death by defending against four, move to the closest point that is defensless and begin capture.

If noone comes, you won, if someone comes, you may still won if you prepared your escape. By this i mean you have to have a JitB setup before you begin the catpure.

A lot of times you can guess the path of the enemy and prepare the box to slow them down, or keep the JitB hidden in your escape path to dissuade or even kill those who would chase you.

If the dude doesnt bait, come back to him while he s capturinjg back and after atwo shiv and your hallucinate, he will be very angry and will most of times follow you to KILL YOU MWAHAHAHA. But he didnt realize thats what you wanted. The following is up to your skill with shaco.

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Jack in the box positions

Here is the dominion map with in yellow, the main JitB spots.
Dont forget to change regullary their positions to conserve the surprise advantage ;)