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Shaco Build Guide by Sleepydrone

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sleepydrone

Shaco Ap is op

Sleepydrone Last updated on November 7, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello!, I am here to bring to you a guide for shaco! Please remember that this is just guidelines, any items, runes, or masteries can be edited depending on your preference.

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Pros / Cons

Pros- Sustainable 2vs1 laning
- enables for many kills early and late game
-Fun to play
- Good running when being ganked
-Good ganking

Many People will call shaco Op
No mana early on
Not a Good CC(Crowd Control) Character

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Summoner Spells

Here is some indepth look into shaco's skills, mostly relied on AP.

Deceive- Target a location, bringing shaco to that location, during that time, shaco will briefly be put into stealth(Great for ganking and running)

Jack in the Box- (This skill is great. if you solo top or in bot, hide this boxes in the grass.) Jack in the box stays in the stealth for up to 90 seconds. When the box is reveled it deals box deals X damage + your Ap.(which is why you build ap shaco). The box also fears the target for X amount of seconds.

Two-Shiv Poison- (passive) Every few basic attacks, this skill will slow the target champion for X amount of seconds. (Active) Throws a damaging dagger, triggering it's passsive and does X amount of damage.

Hallucinate-(ULTI) Creates a clone of shaco, dealing X damage. This clone takes additional damage then the original. When the clone dies. It triggers a sword animation dealing X amount of damage to foes around it

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Summoner Spells

I will now be doing the summoner spells, and explain why i use which.


Flash- All around good spell, it is a free jail break savior spell, always good <3.

Exhaust- A very powerful spell for shaco. This gives him a chasing advantage, it can also save
you if your flash is on cool down.

Ignite- This spell is good because shaco is a really bad tower diver. This can catch opponents who are running off guard, but you have decive. This is an okay spell to have.

Clarity- Okay spell, used if you really run out of mana, i wouldnt use it though.

Smite- Good for jungle, period.

Ghost- Same as exhaust, except you move faster, your choice, i like exhaust better though.


All others are bad for shaco, but if you really want it, take teleport, if one of your team members doesn't have it.

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Now, there is many ways you can build shaco, of course. As a huge Ap based Shaco player, I advise you go support. But u can build Ap shaco offense too. The main reason why i go support is for the cool down reduction as well as the mana regen. This also boosts shaco's Lane time as well as being able to use your boxes more, i will explain in detail why the boxes is so important.

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Skill Sequence

Of course, Shaco is a great laner and pusher. He can also gank very well. As Ap shaco, i put my first point into jack in the box. If you are laning (this is a laning build), put your jack in the box at the farthest point in the grass. This makes it so the jack in the boxes don't reveal themselves and attack the minions. You can grab a quick first blood if the other team walks in the grass. I try to max Jack in the box first. Next point goes into either Two-Shiv, or deceive.
I decide by if i got first blood or not. If i did not, then put a point into Two-Shiv, dealing the extra damage and slow you need. If i did get first blood, i put my next point into Deceive so i can lane longer and escape if i have low health. I max Two-Shiv second there after. At level four, i put my next point into the skill i didn't learn at level 2. At level 6,11, and 16 i learn my ult, hallucinate. This skill is every good in a team fight, or Surprising an enemy by going into your clone and engaging so they don't realize who is who. I max decive last, since it is already a great skill even at level one because of it's cloak.

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Runes/ Items

Runes- I used these runes because shaco as an Ap, needs the cool down reduction and mana. Even just 5% cool down reduction can give shaco one more box, maybe meaning one more kill. Shaco needs the mana early on so that's why i have mana. I have Ap because, well, i play shaco as Ap.

Items- During early game, shaco is very powerful but very squishy, i buy a health potion to lane longer and a tomb for the extra damage and maybe the first blood. Go back when you have around 1550 gold, buy a sheen and normal boots. Start ganking and trying to get more kills. go back when you have about 1500, this begins the mid game. Buy your blasting wand as well as your +5 boots. Start participating in mid fights, place your boxes around them, and snipe one at a time. Remember that your boxes are not your only source of damage for Ap, shaco. Which is why you buy a sheen. Now finish up your build with a lich bane. Any other items just give you extra damage, and depending on how well you do, can be modified, but please keep the original build till lich bane if you have too.

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Team Work

Maybe one of shaco's good things, team work. Ask your teammates where they need the jack in the boxes. Also, if one of your mates is dying in a 2v1, come in with your 2 shiv, exhaust, then fight. If you have to decive or flash out, otherwise, run with your teammate.

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Jack in the box placements!

Yes, i have devoted a whole 10 minutes just to write about some boxes that fear people <3. First, in your lane, don't only put your boxes in one area. Place them around the lakes and inside the other grass by the river. this will give your mates vision and support if something major happens. I would advise, if you are in a ranked match, to place the boxes about 30 seconds before dragon spawns, so your team knows if the enemies are at dragon. Place your boxes when running or when ganking, this will allow you to fear the target, getting the advantage. Jack in the boxes have a 15 seconds cool down, try getting blue as much as you can.

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So there goes my build for shaco, the demon jester! be sure when your playing to have fun, and to pwn noobs!