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Shaco Build Guide by omgamer

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author omgamer

Shaco: believe it or not

omgamer Last updated on September 19, 2011
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Ap sided hybrid


AD sided hybrid

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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well ive played shaco since day 1 when he was free and over time i have learned that he can no longer jungle... well he can but not well. as well he suffers in 5v5, and of course ad and ap suffer so ive decided to post this build on Mobafire to share my solution.

Welcome to Shaco: believe it or not

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Change log

Added AD hybrid
-new build
-fixed spell sequence mistake sorry guys
-added how to play AP Shaco
-added how to play AD Shaco
- added shaco and tanks
- added images music and updated item guide
Future plans

- wall of fame ( complete)
-fan art
-being number 1 shaco build

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Great shaco music

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Pros / Cons


fun to play
makes noobs rage (love it)
has great capability's for ganks
Jacks will eat enemy's alive
monster damage when the nuclear clone goes off
Best juker in game

CONS (id like to say there arn't any)
easily focused
every1 says get in the jungle when he cant do it anymore
gets raged at for ksing
Difficult to master

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Ap sided hybrid

OK i know i'm getting allot of odd looks because of the item build but trust me it works like a charm.

I start off withbecause getting to the bottom bush first is almost always key to first blood

i move ontoright away because its a very cheap hybrid item and useful for killing securing boots right after

I getearly because the best part of throwing your shiv is to have a powerful follow up stab

I getbecause it is the best hybrid item in the game IMO so obviously getting it early while your a op little murderer is best
is a sexy beast when stacked with rage blade is a true murder combo when you follow up your shiv

finish off withmaking you a very deadly

for situational i normally getorfor the added survivability although ap shaco is much more hit and run style gameplay
AD heavy hybrid

Again i start off withbecause its such a boost on both sides and its fairly low priced.

this time i go for aso that whn i come out of decieve i hurt even more and comboed with shiv makes for easy kills.

i getfirst because of the survivability it grants you and follow up with zeal and sheen

after securingyou should be a murder weapon whether the enemy team likes it or not

I finish withthis when i need more AD But if i ever need more ap i go with

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Skill Sequence

I use this sequence because with your ability power from that early blasting wand your harrass will be really good and Jack's are definitely deadly but unreliable in the lane i then go on to deceive because of course you want your trade mark ability that lets you juke better than a kassadin brandishing flash (yeah i said it) your ult is by far the most sinister thing about ap shaco with its trade mark pick 1 and see what happens outcome where the evil clown your murdering explodes in your face killing you with a 800 damage nuke or he disapears before your very eyes.

i normally combo shiv auto attack decieve to chase/escape and place jacks if the fight isnt going perfectly ( your close to losing)

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Summoner Spells

I use ghost because with deceive and mobility boots you can cover the entire map in less than 20 seconds which is obviously useful because you can be anywhere at anytime which causes that fear factor enemy's are prone to have when playing a game with a fed twisted fate or twitch.
ignite is a good executioner ability as well as since most summoner spells go off in the bottom bush gank ( more like a team fight) your mastery gives you ten bonus AP to make that shiv of yours pack a bigger punch.
You can use flash but to me that's overkill because your deceive is the best juke in the game because you don't even have to run you can simply deceive where you were originally standing and watch them scour the bushes for you while you sneak off

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Creeping / Jungling

i put this here because every1 expects it but In my opinion shacos jack's as i said before are just to unreliable now for him to successfully jungle you need perfect placing or they might aggro right away or they aggro a minor creep instead of the intimidating blue buff you need.

this is not a jungle build

i will add a jungling section if i ever find a successful way to jungle or if the buff shaco so he can do jungling again

- working on it not much luck :(

- i give up

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Team Work

shaco is a amazing assassin and the assassins key role is not to do the team fights but to sit on the outskirts let every1 blow off there murderous ults or stuns/cc and then come in as the savior targeting the most threatening squishy s or not so squishy s because this build really destroys tanks and take the win from there if your team can handle the team fights without you you and your devious clone can go take 1 to 2 towers before they even realize that your pushing
as this build is made for fast pushing.

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How To Play AP

As I have noticed most players don't realize how Ap Shaco works. Ap Shaco is a very hit and run dependent play style which makes him excel at early game because his shiv is a early game nuke with a low cool down making him a very successful harasser and even a killer if he deceives over and picks up the wounded opponent.

Ap Shaco doesn't handle well in prolonged fights because he doesnt have the damage AD gives but this build helps him hold his own in 1v1 fights but its not recommended you take on jax or ww 1v1 no matter how fed you are it wont work

Early game: simply stay in bushes or by tower andenemys whenever you can but keep an eye on your mana you should always have enough to decieve

Mid Game: most enemy's will hate your guts because you harassed them or made them feel inadequate which is good because they will be easily baited and easily gankable your shiv and deceive crits still pack a huge punch so don't hesitate to jump at that half hp viegar in mid as long as you don't get stunned hes dead.

Late Game: Ok Ap shacos late game is what frustrates me he goes from a killing machine to a reasonable nuker which is good but it doesnt do well with games that go for to long but i put all that AD and AS into this build to buff it enough to handle late game just as well as mid or early

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How to play AD shaco

AD shaco is still la good harasser Early game because he still has that ap from The Ap Build but in mid game around the time you finish infinity edge you don"t have to hit and run anymore just simply deceive shiv and slaughter them if they Are not fazed and attack back keep hitting them if your starting to lose pop clone if he continues to hit you deceive behind him and wait a second for him to decide whether to attack the clone and kill himself or to flee if he kills clone so be it he should be dead or executable. if he tries to run crit him in the back and shiv if hes still standing it should take 1 to 2 hits to kill him.

Early game: harass them with shivs staying close to bushes or tower and pick up kills when you can shaco responds better to kills than last hits IMO

Mid game: at this point you have IE or almost have it and everything around you is pretty much easy to kill pick off squishy s by deceive for that monster crit and shiv to nuke/ slow then take em out

Late game: regular AD shaco thrives at Late game where he can take on most enemy carry's with ease but with AD shaco you don't get the feed or the gear to excel late game because you have a poor start but with this hybrid i yet again mix the great early of ap with the sexy late of AD by this point simply do your job scout kill squishy s and carry carry carry.

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Shaco and tanks

every once in a while you run into teams with multiple tanks when this happens you must try to lane against the squishy s not the tanks request lane changes or w/e make sure you dont get stuck fighting that Sion Garen combo.

If you do get forced into a double tank lane no matter what (AP or AD hybrid) forget harassing just forget it these guys are built tough from the start and if they catch you they HURT Honestly when you dual tank lane focus on creeps because that Sion and Garen or Amummu and Sion or w/e it is will F*** you up if you get into there territory get those last hits get your gear and focus on the squishy s for kills because those big guys are way to tough for shaco in the early game wait for the end game when you come out of no where and punch them in there ugly mugs

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Proof of success

Me owning as per usual.

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OK so last notes. i say OK allot. well this was Shaco: believe it or not.

i will keep the build updated if they ever patch shaco or i find a successful way to jungle without runes seeing as most people who use mobafire builds don't have full runes D:

if any1 knows how to insert pics please comment i read every comment and I am open to positive criticism build two is still a work in progress