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League of Legends Build Guide Author Khelz

Shaco - Can't spell Slaughter without Laughter

Khelz Last updated on November 19, 2010
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Shaco - Can't spell Slaughter without Laughter

Build is current as of 11/6/2010
This is my standard build for a Jungling Shaco, so far I've had good results with it and hopefully you will too. Please note that the item build order here is always situational so I have listed in the build order my generic build which I use against most teams. I will elaborate on the discrepancies below:

Item Discrepancies:

You will always start with Cloth Armor and Health Potion x5.
*If at any time you feel you've got some extra gold and an Elixir would be a good thing to have for the next gank, go for it.*

The first change that you might make is going for Madred's Bloodrazor instead of Wriggle's Lantern. I'd only suggest this if you're facing a team with many hp-stacking champions.

Secondly, you can go for Boots of Mobility or Boots of Swiftness if ganks are becoming readily available and you need to move from one lane to the next as fast as possible.

Your fourth item after Infinity Edge is very dependent of how the game is going. Getting a Banshee's Veil to avoid things like Blitzcrank's grab or Amumu's ult can allow you the time you need to deceive to the back of their group and destroy the enemy team's carry.

The next items are also team dependent but I've found that Frozen Mallet for the hp/constant slow (if shiv has been used and your slow is down) is a very good choice for Shaco. Next I will buy an Elixir of Agility and an Elixir of Fortitude too.

My final item is generally Guardian Angel for the good armor and the revive which is sometimes more beneficial just to make the enemy reluctant to focus you rather than the revive itself.

Remember to always ward up! Good wards can change the tide of a game completely!


Backstab (Passive)- Grants attacks from behind extra damage. Always attack from behind when possible to do the maximum damage possible.

Deceive - Grants temporary stealth and a ''flash'' distance jump. Also guarantees the attack that brings you out of stealth will grant you bonus Damage. Open from behind making use of the Backstab effect for maximum damage. Also use to make quick escapes or nifty terrain maneuvers. This is your main Ganking ability and max it as fast as possible if ganks are easily available.

Jack In The Box - Your vital tool to jungling. Also grants a short fear after attacking. Use this ability to grant sight in bushes or place in the enemy escape path after opening to slow their retreat. However you'll want to max this last as the damage it deals is not always predictable and thus unreliable.

Two-Shiv Poison - The passive effect causes all your melee strikes to apply a slow and reduce the enemy chance to hit. Can also be used as a ranged attack but while on cooldown the passive slow will no longer proc. This will be your main damage dealer in the jungle and should be maxed if ganks are proving difficult to get.

Hallucinate - Your ultimate, which creates a clone of yourself that deals damage, acts as a pet and explodes on death dealing damage to everyone around it. Use this to create confusion in a team fight, use as a decoy to escape, lure the enemy or tank a turret while you attack it.

Summoner Spells:

Smite - Taken to Jungle as fast as possible and allows you to Smitesteal the enemy team.

Ghost - Combined with Deceive this spell allows you to chase and escape with great success.

Smite is really non-negotiable with this build but I could maybe see exhaust being taken over ghost depending on how many melee carries the enemy team has.


The early and mid game are largely the same-old style of Jungling and ganking/covering lanes where necessary (Jungling Route below). The end game teamfights give you the purpose of deceiving behind the enemy team's strongest carry, opening on them, using your clone and proceeding to unleash the fury and then either clean up or back out as necessary. Also know that Shaco can be an amazing backdoor pusher but make sure you can track the enemy positions, and your team can hold the 4vs5 as you push.

Jungling Route:

This Jungling route is the fastest I've found so far and does not start with Blue Golem. Because you skip Blue Golem you are safe from the occasional level 1 gank/smitesteal which is a big advantage to this route imo.

You start by placing two Jack In The Boxes (hereafter JitBs) slightly out of engage range of the the Small Golems. You will then place 2 out of engage range of Red Buff.(Make sure you stack the JitBs directly on top of each other)
By this point creeps will begin to spawn, run to wraiths and Smite the large one before running down to Small Golems. Kill small Golems by dragging them into the JitBs and placing another one behind them, thus turning them around and increasing your damage via your passive (Use a health potion here). Kill Red Buff the same way and use another Pot if necessary. Kill wraiths then wolves and Smite will be back up in time to kill Blue Golem.

Afterward, you can look for a possible gank, move to creeps that have respawned or be brave and move to their Jungle. Whatever you do try not to base before reaching the 700g required to upgrade to Madred's Razor. Dragon can be done as early as level 6 but I prefer to wait until around level 8. Don't forget to engage him close to the wall of the Jungle so that if found you can deceive up the cliff to safety.

Recent Results:

All just from normal games gathered from one day.