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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author RLnoob

Shaco - Carry King

RLnoob Last updated on October 25, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Well this is my build for Shaco. I have played him for about a very long time, and over time I kept finding the best builds through the nerfs. I personally believe that few nerfs were because I versed a moderator while I was playing Shaco. Please comment on the build and give your input. I tested out many different builds, and this one keeps me overpowered starting at level 1.

Some of you may be wondering why Sheen is not used in the build. Well that's because Sheen used to be kind of underpowered before and would usually only activate 1-2 times in fights. Now Sheen waits 3 seconds to activate, so now the burst damage characters like Shaco barely find use of it. Even when this wasn't an issue, simply getting pure damage would give Shaco better DPS and burst damage.

The item sequence I suggested is a setup I am using in most of my games. Read further in my guide to learn how to customize your build to the game you're playing. A thing to remember when playing Shaco, is that he relies heavily on pure attack damage.


I chose armor penetration because I feel that it is more useful than critical damage. Plus, having 12% critical damage take up 18 rune slots is not worth it. So I chose mana regeneration for Seal and Glyphs. A heads up before getting these runes would be that, you don't specifically need all of these mana regen runes. You merely need 9 seals in it. The reason I got both Glyphs and Seals in mana regeneration is that mana can cause any character to seem overpowered through spamming abilities(in this case, two-shiv).

Greater Mark of Desolation
- Incredibly useful for doing extra damage on armor heavy enemies

Greater Seal of Scaling Mana Regeneration
- Mana regen helps you harass people with your shivs

Greater Glyph of Scaling Mana Regeneration
Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction
- Mana regen helps you harass people with your shivs
- CDR lets you use your abilities faster, but that makes you use your mana faster

Greater Quintessence of Desolation
- Will help you output a lot more damage


1. Long Sword
- 10 damage may seem like a little, but it gives you almost 20% more damage

2. Boots of Speed
- the small bit of speed helps a lot to keep the prey from escaping

3. Pickaxe
- a huge damage increase at around lv 6-7
- 35 added damage to about 65; more than 50% increase

Sword of the Occult (Optional)
- Only for the experienced players
- Suggested to get after Pickaxe to keep your damage high
- Only get when you have a kill by now
- Don't be pressured into buying it, even I only buy it occasionally

4. Bilgewater Cutlass
- Good damage, and lifesteal
- An active that slows more than exhaust for a combined 6 second slow
- Even ghost won't help the enemy escape

5. Berserker's Greaves
- A huge attack speed increase which is well needed when you are mostly buying damage

6. The Brutalizer
- Great armor pen
- Good damage

7. Infinity Edge
- Great damage boost on deceive
- You now have enough damage to take out any enemy

(in order of importance)

Guardian Angel (suggested)
- If you're being targeted in team battles
- Makes you revive when killed once every 5 minutes
- Good armor and magic resistance given

Banshee's Veil (suggested)
- If you're being targeted in team battles
- Makes you and your clone have the ability to block a single ability
- A lot of health and magic resistance for a magic heavy team

Phantom Dancer
- Higher critical chance
- Increased dodge chance
- Increased attack speed

Summoner Spells

This spell works amazingly with Shaco. It slows them much more than your two-shiv poison and it can also lower magic resist and armor.

Teleport is great for staying in lanes and team killing. Shaco is a champion that needs to be well leveled to keep up his damage. He can teleport on a minion on its way to the lane to be unnoticed by enemies. Then right after you can deceive for the kill.

Ignite is a good spell to boost up your DPS. It can be used as you are nuking them, or as they are escaping to ensure your kill.

One of the only ways to kill Shaco is through crowd control abilities. Cleanse can cancel out the dreadful stun or silence so that you can deceive out of danger.

Flash can be a good addition to your deceive ability. If someone is running away with low health you can flash twice up to them and finish them off. This spell is also great for tower diving.

Not Suggested

I find that Shaco has the greatest survivability in League of Legends. Though health will help you live longer, there are other summoner spells that are more useful.

Mana can be one of Shaco's biggest weaknesses at low levels. Though I think that clarity is not worth it compared to the other spells you can choose. Especially when you have runes for mana regen.

Ability Order
(in order of importance)

Hallucinate (R)
Shaco creates an illusion of himself near him, which can attack nearby enemies. Upon death, it explodes, dealing damage to nearby enemies.
Great for killing faster, hoaxing, intimidating, reducing damage, etc.

Two-Shiv Poison (E)
Shaco's Shivs passively poison targets on hit, giving them a miss chance and slowing them. He can throw his Shivs to deal damage and poison the target
Two-Shiv is an amazing harassing skill which at level 5 hits for 200 + 50% of your attack damage.
(40-200=160 damage difference from level 1 to 5)

Deceive (Q)
Shaco stealths himself instantly and teleports to target location, his next attack auto crits for bonus damage.
Does 40/60/80/100/120% added critical damage with 100% critical hit.
(120-40=80% damage difference from level 1 to 5) 200x0.8=160.
You would need more than 200 attack damage for deceive to be more useful than Two-Shiv with a level 1/5 build.

Jack In The Box (W)
Shaco creates an animated Jack-in-the-Box at target location, which will wait, stealthed, to Fear nearby units and attack them when some come nearby. Casting Jack In The Box does break stealth.
Great for slowing down enemies chasing down you or your teammates. Can also be used to initiate fights from where ever you have one set up.

Laning Partners

- Soraka
- Taric
- Janna
Laning with these champions on your team will allow you to be more aggressive and they will help lower Shaco's weaknesses(MP, Survival).

Crowd Control
- Ashe
- Annie
- Blitzcrank
- Dr. Mundo
- Nunu
- Sion
- Warwick
Laning with crowd control champions make it so that when you decide to engage in battle, the enemies have a low chance to survive.

- Akali
- Blitzcrank
- Ryze
- Veigar
Laning with champions that spam their abilities like Shaco does can bring someone down from full to no health in one burst.

- Akali
- Master Yi
- Jax
Laning with champions that can teleport to their enemies like Shaco can will help initiate attacks. It's very effective to start a battle with both partners in the perfect positions.

Playing Shaco

As we found out through a bit of simple math; Two-Shiv does more damage than deceive at low levels. This allows us to harass the enemies till they are half health and then nuke them. Even if the enemy is a tank, we can usually kill them when they are at half health.

At level 6 we should have enough to buy our Pickaxe. Recall when you have low health and buy it if you have a teammate holding the lane. If you have teleport, teleport on a minion or tower if it's out of range of the enemies view. After that use deceive to sneak up on them invisible and then nuke them. Use hallucinate, physical hit, two-shiv, and then use exhaust if they try to run. This can get them from half health to none without the hallucinate, but if they have full health, you want to keep that free kill.

When playing as Shaco, you should always play passive. Harass with two-shivs/deceive, and only go in when you are sure you can get the kill. Be extra careful against champions with stuns and burst-damage skills. If the enemy begins to run, its a free kill a lot of the time. If they are running, you take no damage, and your slows make it so that they cannot escape.

Video Assistance

This video puts the info I told you all before into action. In this video I wasn't trying too hard, so I ended up getting my health lowered a lot by minions. But, this is a great video to show you a few tricks that are used too little with Shaco. You can follow this video as a reference, but just remember to move away from minions and/or allow your hallucinate to tank them.