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League of Legends Build Guide Author standa99

Shaco - Critical Killer

standa99 Last updated on December 2, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Utility: 10

Hi all fans of Shaco,

Here is next of thousand variant how make item build for Shaco...I focused on critical attack and life steal..I usually win with this build about 20/2/15..but maybe u will not like it, because you prefer other things on Shaco.
- I think, best opinion for Shaco - reduce movement and makes your target blind
- Second spell must be Teleport (best way how win game is "back step Shaco" if you see your minions attacking some tower without some defender teleport there and take it down

- best item for start..give you all what you need for beginning critical attack and lifesteal and is not so much expensive
- great shoes for need be very fast..more than your target
- if you can get 20 stacks it will be simply OP with 250% critical from Infinite Edge...I didnt like this item but I thought about which item you need between boots and have to be something with dmg (or you will stack on dmg 80!!! and never earn money for next items) and that dmg should grow with game until you will have complete Phantom Dancer and Infinity it is the best item in mid game.Now i love this item :-D
- really must have item for its critical attack, attack speed and dodge...all what you need (pity that it is not contain dmg :(..but we have sward of occult)
- best item for critical Shaco you 250% critical damage instant of 200% and of course some good dmg.
- great last item, give you so needed life..and of course critical attack, dmg and movement speed...with his passive - great item for shaco

early game buy Brawlers Gloves and Healing potion..make it fast and go for mana buff..(put Jaks in to box (should be 4-5 in the re spawn area of golem and kill him) with 4 point is Awarkness in mastery tree you will have level 2 after killing golem and with Utility mastery you will have buff longer (30%+)..after go help your friend in your line...put Jacks in the box into bushes as vision wards to know where your enemies are. When you have about 450 or better 950 put one Jack in the box behind your enemies, attack them (dont kill them..only make some dmg) recall yourself to base buy Vampiric scepter or if you have money Executioners Calling and teleport on your Jack in the box and take your enemies down. If you have life go again for mana buff (make it all the time when it is possible) now buy boots

Mid game remember you are not so strong yet so dont make mid game you should be able to make Sward of the Occult and start making Phantom Dancer if you have you can try some harakiri :-D..but remember if you die with Shaco it is because of you make some stupid thing. Use deceive to run away from battle if you are going to die.

Late game now it is your time..when you finish Infinity Edge you will attack with critical almost with every each attack. (better then Razor(4% of enemies life) you have with each hit about 400-500 dmg..with attack speed and lifesteal you are unstoppable. Last item is up to you..I took Trinity for his critical, life and attack speed. Usually you will not finish this build because one of the sites will surrender.

How to fight try joining in battle which are already in fight (better for you because you will not be a target so fast) and dont come there invisible..u may be use it to escape if you are start loosing battle...come there/put jack in the box/hallucinate/exhaust/hit...hit..hit(dont throw TS poison - use passive..when your target start run away - throw it to slow him down) Next tip: try to concentrate to dmg champions not to tanks..tanks should be killed as last one. (they are not so dangerous wiht their dmg)

Thank you for comments :)