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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author niNjaballa

Shaco Destruction

niNjaballa Last updated on February 12, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Early Game Shaco

Okay I'm pretty sure we all know the basic idea of Shaco early, get red and gank on both maps. I'm a constant player of both 3v3's and 5v5's and Shaco is amazing on both. If you have a few successful ganks early then your team should already be ahead. This is the single most important thing you need to remember. Shaco is THE BEST ganker in the game. Yes, Rammus is amazing as well, but there ARE ways to evade his ball. Most players dont even see Shaco pop into the lane with his deceive, they panic, this usually causes first blood. Don't try to be to risky early game, it's never smart, however, be confident. You are the best ganker in the game, as I've said.

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Now, this "build" is a possible game!!! Don't follow this build to letter ALWAYS. Some games you'll need to get a Bloodthirster so you can survive longer. It all depends. However, there is a core, I absolutely love the Bloodrazor. It is needed in 95% of all games. Because you were very rarely not see someone ONLY stacking health. (Mundo, Vlad, Nunu, Chogath.) Now as for the masteries, do what you're comfortable with but I really love these. And let me explain before I see so many "Why dont you have crit damage runes/masteries." For those of you that arent aware, Shacos crit on Deceive, is NOT affected by crit damage. This was changed long ago. Now as for runes, Shaco's cooldowns suck now. So the extra CDR really helps. And if you're truly worried about it, get the Lucidity Boots instead of the BoM. I like the BoM because if you're at Red Buff and you need to gank top lane on a 5v5 game, you take off and can be there in seconds. I really only find these boots useful on two champions, Eve and Shaco, anyone see a comparison? Should be a clear comparison, Now, I always see, Berserker's Greaves Shacos, and it almost makes me want to kill someone. THERE IS NO POINT. Follow the Madred's part of the build and take the correct masteries and you do not need that extra attack speed. It's not very helpful. I find this build to work 9.5/10 times just due to the fact that SO many people underestimate Shaco nowadays. That is not a smart thing to do, make them pay for it.

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Now the skills, some people will know exactly what I'm doing, others will not. You level up your Two-Shiv because mid game, you wont be ganking with the boxes yet other than in their jungle. So level up Two-Shiv, the slow helps ganks enormously and the damage is quite great once you have some items. (Great execution skill) Lastly, Shaco's ultimate has several different uses. Not only can it double the Madred's Proc, but it can also be used to win team fights. Picture this, you have a smart ward at your blue buff, and they group up in that bush waiting for you. So, you ult, and send in your clone, they waste almost EVERYTHING on your clone. (This is a very realistic situation, it happens often) And then, you all rush in when they all have CD's to worry about and you ace. Also, early level jungling, I usually get the dragon at level 6 immediately. I ult and usually just spam skills to take it down. Make sure you have a health pot handy to stay alive, although it is quite easy, you can still die. Everything else in the skill order should be self-explanatory because of the fact that he's not terribly difficult to decide what skill to level.

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Helpful Jungle Tips

I start with this route everytime:

After this, if done successfully, you should have enough gold for Madred's Razor and Level 1 Boots.

ALWAYS try and pull off the level 3 gank top lane, it's so unbelievably helpful for everyone on your team. And it put their solo out of XP.

Also, as I've mentioned, attempt dragon when you hit level 6 immediately, ask for help from your teammates if you need it, but dragon is always huge.

Lastly, once you have double buffs, or at least one, go into their jungle and plant boxes, they wont expect it early, I promise, and it almost always results in an early kill and the discouraging of their jungler.

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Final Notes


A force to be reckon with everywhere.

Easily countered, yet if taken even remotely lightly, will wreck you.

Now go, carry to victory.