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Shaco Build Guide by LGSEpicAxolotl

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author LGSEpicAxolotl

Shaco Dominion Guide

LGSEpicAxolotl Last updated on September 28, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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To Start

This is a Shaco build for DOMINION, clearly it wouldn't work on anything else since i use dominion items. But anyways for all of you awesome Shaco players, this is how I use him on Dominion. Yeah it might not work for everybody but it works for me so I figured I would throw it out there.

Key thing, I use Shaco with this build for either defending or capturing towers, but it is also a very aggressive build focused mostly around his attack speed and critical hits. With this build you can take out practically any champion you face one on one, some tanks might be difficult but I was able to take out a 4000 health Kayle by myself at one point. But no matter how aggressive you should be, never avoid a team fight, this is where you get the majority of kills because if the enemy doesn't have time to figure out if your hallucination is you or not, so you can get a triple kill unscathed.

Honestly this Shaco is not for the faint of heart. You need to dive into one on one fights whenever you can and NEVER i repeat NEVER save hallucinate. Use it whenever you are going against a champion and it's available. Even if you die you can still get the kill when your hallucination dies so ALWAYS use it.

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Runes Masteries and Pre-Game Abilities

Runes - Go all critical damage, it will greatly benefit you when you run into that tank in the bushes, but you kick butt because you crit them constantly since your attack speed is so high.

Masteries - Same thing, alot of crit and alot of attack damage and experience boosts.

Pre-Game abilities - Exhaust is fantastic, it allows you to get up close and personal with the enemy so that they can't reach turret protection.
Garrison - This is surprisingly helpful. Turn it on to your turret when the enemy is trying to capture it and hit them directly after with your shiv. This slows them down enough for them to get hit twice by the turret which helps immensely. Also, use it on there turret when you have hallucinate up so that you can turret dive and take out a single defending champion.

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Ability Order

Honestly I never use Jack in the Box. If you want to use it to defend towers be my guest, but I max out the Shiv and Deceive ASAP so that I can be that aggressive tower defending Shaco that I love to be. Use deceive to get right behind the enemy, pop a shiv into them and hit them in the back for increased damage as they run away. Plain and simple.

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Item Build

Boots Of Mobility - I feel like these are the best to have, should you need to cross the dominion map quickly it allows you to do so to capture that middle tower that no one is paying any attention to, and it's also fast enough to catch champions who are running away after you slow them with your shiv or exhaust if it's available.

Phantom Dancer - Does it seem stupid to some to get second, yeah probably, but it increases your attack speed in the early game which is KEY for an aggressive Shaco. If you can hit them faster first, you can beat them. Especially if you get that first extra damage hit on them coming out of Deceive followed by a quick Shiv. Throw your Hallucinate in there with it and you're practically constantly hitting the enemy champion.

Lightbringer - Once again stepping up your attack speed. At this point your attack speed will be maxed out so don't buy any more attack speed items. The nice part about this is that it also starts to increase your attack damage, and it allows you to see the champion if they flash away, which is perfect for a good deceive right behind them.

Sanguine Blade - Obviously this is to rev up your attack damage. Minion kills will increase it even more (I actually recommend killing the other teams minions as often as possible, because minions this gives your minions to take towers while you are fighting the enemy champion) and the life steal is great with your attack speed already so high.

Priscilla's Blessing - Usually at this point you are late in the game so turret captures can totally turn the game in your favor. The capture rate increase allows you to do this, but if your team is drastically winning, skip this item and move onto the next.

Frost mallet - Only once have I ever gotten to this item while playing Dominion for the reason that the games simply aren't long enough. But should you get here go with giants belt first. Obviously this item is good for the slowing and the health, so at this point you can pretty much even kill tanks that are fearing your presence.

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Overall Shaco is a great Dominion character, but if you don't want to play aggressive and back-door alot of kill, find a different guide. If not then have fun chasing down tanks and not even letting squishy players know what hit them. And yeah, this guide won't make you invincible, but it'll certainly make you an enemy that people will run away from, and need at least one other champion to kill.