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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author soccagangsta

Shaco- Fashionably Late(jungle build)

soccagangsta Last updated on July 13, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This build is consists of madreds blood razor and some aura items such as sunfire,aegis and starks fervor.

Some of my best games include 21/10/16, 8/1/6, 10/2/5 I can never have a clean sheet. i usually ge fed early, become cocky and make a mistake such as a senseless tower dive and chasing too far.

Summoner Spells: Smite is a must have however ghost can be changed out for spells such as:

Runes: Armor pen will help your early game big time to help you jungle and possibly get fed while ganking. I usually find myself dieing to enemy nukes and CC getting magic resist will leave you enough hp to regain it with life steal. Also Two-Shiv Poison's passive helps against physicals so magic resist is the way to go.

Skills: Since this my first build I had trouble with this excuse me if it doesn't look right. But here it is simplified Hallucinate>Two-Shiv Poison> Deceive>Jack In The Box(get at lvl 1)

Early Game:Start by buying cloth armor and a sight ward. Head to golem and place the sight ward in the area closest to have a head up in case of a team gank which often happens in arranges.Note: For protection in case they come from the other side place your jack in the boxes in the bushes near golem. The best solution to this early gank problem is to have your team hide in the bushes near golem with you and surprise them, dont worry if your golem plan was foiled. just move on to wolves/minigolems and then banshees to get to lvl 2. Once at lvl 2 attempt to get first blood either on a lane you most likely get the kill. Remember to check the enemies summoner spells for flash,ghost,exhaust this helps determine which lane to gank. If you receive a kill or FirstBlood you should be able to get madred razor and use this to keep jungling until you are able to buy boots 1 or boot of mobility. Always remember to periodical check lanes for low hp enemies to gank. for most of early game you jungle and gank until you are able to get madred bloodrazors which is by the time team fights start.

Mid Game since team fights are starting pick up emblem of valor. Shaco should always arrive to the party late unless you are a sunfire shaco. To ensure you arrive a tad bit late push a lane you teammates are not in and move towards the fight. although you could kill the tank easily always go for the mage/or support of the group because they are the bane of your existence. Remember to block escape routes with a box. Even when you show up late team still tend o focus you which is usually a mistake since wit the life-steal and magic resist i have survivability giving my teammates time to kill off the enemies who have not runaway from the fight yet. For all of mid game always push the lane your teammates are not pushing since shaco as amazing escape abilities and always refresh your buffs when they run out. At the end of mid game you should have black cleaver and have starks almost finished.

Late Game at this point in time the death times are very long and a guardians angel will keep you alive when you make a mistake. Second chances are always good. Don't not ever risk using up your guardians angel unless its for an ace and your turret diving its very precious. Continue pushing lanes and running away when they come sooner or later they'll bring their whole team opening up a opportunity for your team mates or forget about you. One awesome this build provides is the ability to solo Barron of course with the help of your clone. Always tell your team to stay visible in the lane to not draw attention to yourself. Always solo Barron at a time when the enemies least expect it the last thing you need is to help the enemy receive Barron. much people cannot beat this type of shaco one v one so always find time to kill solo pushers. The last item is a survivability item depending on the team. Sunfire or a banshees vail will do. the longer u can stay in and chop the better.

Ganking: this is a note. Always remember to block the escape route with a jack in the box ull get more kills that way.

Final words: Theres a lot of shaco builds and im not expecting this one to be seen but whomever comes across this build will not be disappointed. Im cool with constructive criticism so fire away. Note: for physical teams go with sunfire shaco mobafire has a very decent one so check that out