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League of Legends Build Guide Author ToniX

Shaco Fast and Easy kill

ToniX Last updated on January 30, 2011
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My first Shaco build

This is my first Shaco build so go easy on me.
Ok this is my favorite build beacause you can kill ppl very easy and fast.Some people use Shaco as a Jungler.I dont use him as a Jungler.
I like to use AD not AP on him beacause i tink hes a more dmg based champion and also he needs AD to crit harder

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OK you start the game with a Long sword and a healing potion.
Long sword-nice dmg bonus early game and beacause Shaco is very squishy he dies fast early game so dont miss the Healing potion.

After the Long sword you need pickaxe for more dmg and right after it buy a tiamat for faster leval uping, helps with farming and also give mana and health regen.
Right after tiamat you need berserker's greaves for speed and the brutalizer for more dmg and cooldown.
OK this is for early-mid game depends on how you play.
Mid-Late game you need Last wisper beacuse of the dmg and arm pen helps againts tanks.
And your last items shuld be infinity Edge and The Bloodthirster for dmg and especially crit!!

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For this buid Shaco need crit dmg runes and some deff runes beacause he die easy.
Some people use only crit dmg runes on Shaco but he need deff runes to stay aliave longer so combine crit dmg runes and deff runes so Shaco can still crit hard but live longer too :D

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Summoner spells

I use Exhaust for Shaco beacaus its a great spell it can save you from death. it can also be very useful if somebody tries to run away.
If you do all your spells and the target is still alive but you dont have to-shiv beacause of your cooldown what do you need?-of corse Ignite if the target escape from you and its low hp behind the tower you can kill it very easly with ignite its a very good finishing spell

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For my masteries i use 21/6/3.
In the offens you need to learn only attack dmg attack speed and crit dmg and cd reduction for shaco.
For more deff he needs armor and magick ressistense in deffence.
And health and mana regend 3 points in utility.Some people are saing thats is better to max out
awarneses beacause of the faster leval uping but you dont need it so much beacaus you have tiamat.

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I dont have to much to say about the skils max out 1st and 3rd first and dont worry about JiTB its only use for team based fights(unless you use AP and spam it around the map) so rank 1 or 2 is ok mac out it last.
when you use your clown dont rush him into turet use him only when you are up againts more then 2 oponents Shaco can easly kill only 1 champion.

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The way to play

Ok when you play shaco you have to know your role dont run all around the map unless you are a jungler. Play more deffencevly Early game mid game be more active but still dont rush when you are up againts more players . wait for your allies to come try to use JiTB in team fights and to help your allies to escape.Late game I own players very fast and even do 1 v 3 with my ult and JiTB helping you its not thet hard to win in a 1 v 3. If you do all that than you have played well.Try dont die so much cuz Shaco is hard to recover from deadstrike.

OK thats all and that was my firs guid i hope if you all like it and if you do i well do more guide cya all!!!!