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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Bonfire v1

Shaco, Gank Much?

Bonfire v1 Last updated on July 25, 2010
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This build is kind of an "off brand" of Remain's build of "Shaco the Insane." I used to use his build alot when I first started using Shaco, and kind of progressed out of it for a little more damage, rather than LS (although the LS is very handy with Shaco being that he is pretty squishy.) Anyway, on with the build. Keep in mind that this build is for 3's not for 5's. You can switch out your boots for the boots of mobility, it's your choice really.

Great for ganks.
Dominates turrets with ease.
Literally poops on all the other squishies.
KS. What else is there to say? :D
Don't neccessarily "need" your ult.

Pretty hard to survive team fights if you decide to jump in.
If your CD's are on CD, your screwed.
Uber squishy with low health. (It's sad, I know.)
Deceive in = You better hope you get the kill.

You have two options from the start.
1. Get JiTBand get the buff (your choice).
2. Get Deceiveand hope for first blood on first team gank.

Whichever you pick is totally up to you, I prefer Deceive because I'm a ganking fanatic and it's my favorite part of the game. Hence why I buy bootsfirst. If you do get first blood, your on the right track. Getting first blood is pretty essential for the build to carry out quickly. It sounds mean to your team mates, but use igniteto try and get the kill, don't use it right away until a tad lower health to try and KS it. (I know I know It's mean, but people KS all the time, get over it lol).

By now you've farmed a little and should hit back up the grocery store for your new booties :D. After you get them, your kind of the "chaser" of the group. Chasing obviously isn't the smartest thing to do in LoL because you'll run into a set-up gank and get destroyed, so, exhaust and do what you can on the champion to try and finish the kill.

Now is when your ganks get "exciting". Go back to the grocery store and start preparing for the Infinity Edge. This is basically what makes your crits, crit. Buy the B.F. Swordwhen getting both the Bloodthirsterand the Infinity Edge. You want all the damage you can get. This build is primarily for ganking so you want to do every bit of damage you are capable of. Shaco's abilites are set around his crits, and getting Infinity Edge first, will make you hopefully, get the champions out of your way.

I'm aware that the point of the game is to take down the enemies base, but I like to have fun in the process, thats why I choose a ganking build, that way, not only can I take down turrets alone, I can take down champions alone also :).

The rest of the items come naturally, the only item that doesn't especially make a HUGE difference is The Black Cleaver. I normally don't end up getting this unless they have an insane tank on their team, I'll normally swap it out with Trinity Force, or some other item that gives pretty nice stacks.
UPDATED - Madred's BloodrazerSuch an amazing purchase for Shaco, If your going up against tanks (depending on your team) he will have alot of PHYSICAL defense, This is such a nice thing to have, the 4% every hit does wonders on the tanks. Definatly a new reccomendation to the build.

MaladyNot 100% needed but its really nice LG when your having issues with all the team fights and having to "B" all the time. Comes in handy to just farm some creeps and get your health back up for another TF, or Solo fight.