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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author PallyDps

Shaco > Nerf

PallyDps Last updated on October 27, 2010
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Hello this is my second build here on mobafire!

I made a build for shaco because although he was nerfed a lot of times, shaco with a great build and a lot of game experience he can still own pretty much.

WARNING: Please make sure you try the build first instead of voting without even trying it.

Summoner's Spell's.

Why did i choose it?
Well i choosed ignite because it is a good finishing ability, and even if you wanna counteratack your opponent (its also really effective vs warwick or xin because of their annoying lifesteal).

Why did i choose it?
I choosed exhaust because its a real good spell to start your gank it blinds the target, slows it and with the improved exhaust in the offense masteries it also reduce their magic res and armor which makes you hit really hard.

Skills choice.

I chose deceive as a starting skill because its really good to start a gank at lvl 1, with the stealth and the next atack critical hit it really helps shaco being so effective in the firstblood.
People would ask me why do you lvl your jack in the box skill so late? Well jack in the box really helps giving you bonus damage and fear, but i prefer lvling my two-shiv poison and deceive first because while you are in a lane with the new update jack in the box aren't that effective anymore since you cant use him throw walls, and now they are easily activated by the minion waves, and two-shiv poison is very effective for ganks it does a awesome damage and also slows the target, and deceive helps you for safe escape of ganks and also for counteratack.

Items Choice.

Long sword , Health pot:
I choosed those items as start items because with the bonus health of the runes shaco is no longer squishy :) and with that bonus damage of long sword he does pretty good damage with the skills, health pot i always recommend it for all champions because if your getting harrassed you can always use it and its a good way not to go every second to shop that would make your opponent get a lot of advantage.

Berserker's Greaves:
I choose this boots because of the bonus atack speed its really great for minion farm.

Vampiric Scepter:
I buy Scepter because if you getting harrassed or you want to jungle, a bonus lifesteal always help and also very effective in 1 on 1 fight's and its a very good to use in upgrade items.

Madred's Razors:
I buy this item because it gives you bonus armor and its a upgrade of your long sword.
His passive makes your jungling and farm minions very easy and fast, and this item its a item upgrade for Madred's Bloddrazor.

Recurve Bow:
I buy recurve because it gives you a lot of bonus atack speed very good for quick minion farming and also a item upgrade for Madred's Bloddrazor.

Madred's Bloddrazor:
This is a VERY good item for shaco, its the n1 jungling item bonus armor,damage and magical damage on hit with lizard aura you would get a great damage.
Tip: This item is very effective to take down a tank.

The Bloodthister:
As you know i used my vampiric scepter to upgrade to bloddthister this item is a must have for shaco, it gives you LOADS of damage and lifesteal and also gives bonus 1 damage and 0.25 lifesteal on champion kills, max is 40 damage and 10% lifesteal.

B. F. Sword:
I choose this item for bonus atack damage and for item upgrade.

Infinity Edge:
This is the BOOM HEADSHOT item for shaco, this item gives 80 bonus damage 20% critical strike and has a passive that makes you critical damage hits 250% instead of 200% that is the best passive for your deceive skill, when you notice you will be hitting 1k or more per critical strike on minions and 700/800 or even more depends on champion armor.

I buy this item because it gives bonus damage and health and has a 25% chance to slow target by 30% great passive that makes your ganks really easy.

Frozen Mallet:
This item for me its also a must have item!
Shaco has been nerfed plenty of times, and now his ability's and damage was modified countless times and he is also very squishy so i use Frozen Mallet because it gives you plenty of health, 100% chance to slow on hit (are you trying to run from me?) and bonus damage.

If you have noticed i didn't had the 6th item, for me that's your choice.
Suggestion: Trinity Force :)
(i always use it as my final item and when i can manage to get the money for it ^^)

Thanks for seeing my shaco build!

Full size PallyDps penta kill :)