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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zorafar

Shaco HAHA manamune =)

Zorafar Last updated on September 13, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Disclaimer - Shaco is a fun character to play and seeing as i tried out many builds on this server i decided to make my own and test it out. As always you will have to test it for yourself to see if it works for you. This build works for me and is only a guide to help you get better at Shaco. As with any Champion it comes down to the Summoner, yes that means you, and his/her abilities to play this game. This build can help you be a great shaco but it is only a guide i cannot stress this enough. The power is within you.

Summoner Spells - Pretty basic stuff here Ignite for those last hits and exhaust for chasing escapes blinds. If you need clarity as shaco even without Manamune stop playing shaco please.

Masteries- 23/7/0 decided to go for more survival with the defensive tree you can go whatever you want with shaco this is just my way. Archaic knowledge allows two shiv and your clone burst to do more damage and i wanted full armor pen because 6 more armor pen is more damage you are doing remember if your enemy is negative armor then thats good for you.

Runes - I see alot of people go all crit damage runes on shaco but personally i like a bit of armor pen especially early game because it brings others armor into the negatives and you do more damage how sick is that. I put the crit damage in as well because crit damage and deceive and back-stab and trinity force = 1 shotting low hp characters

Items - Start with mana crystal because it allows you to lane longer. next gor for your long sword to add some damage and then tear of the goddess into Manamune - Manamune is a new and as of right now overlooked item. It gives 20 AD,350 Mana, 7 mana per 5 as hard stats and has a passive and a Unique Passive: Passive: Whenever your champion Attacks you gain 1 mana(2 second Cooldown) Whenever your Champion uses and ability they gain 4 mana(3 second cooldown)Max cap 1000 mana Unique Passive: 2% of your maximum mana is converted into attack damage. So not only are you getting extra damage mana and regen as hard stats you gain 1k extra mana and extra attack damage. Next you need some speed so get your Zerker Greaves, these give you speed and AS. Next go for Malady. Next go for Sheen into trinity force, normally i go for Zeal next after sheen but if you need some more health go phage. Next is Phantom Dancers, good attack speed and crit and movement speed, with this and trinity force you will be anywhere on the map whenever you want. Next we want more Crit damage so what do we do Infinity Edge this gives you even more crit damage and Attack damage, Finally we end off with Bloodthirster, honestly if the game last this long or your this fed then kudos to you you can now destroy anything if you know how.

Early Game - Grab mana crystal and an HP pot x2 and head to the bottom bush with your team, if you get there first start dropping jack in the boxes like mad because it can be instant death to whoever comes into the bush. If you gank is successful and you get a kill or two or first blood head back and pick up your long sword and tear. Try and solo if your in 3v3 yes this guide is based more towards 3s but can be effective in 5s if played well enough. If your soloing in 3s you can get items like crazy by the time you get sheen you should be ready for Mid game as a tip if your soloing the top lane drop a jack in the box into the bush near you deceive into the opponent and lure them back into the bush, jack in the box will fear them and make them an easy kill.

Mid Game - Make your trinity force as quickly as possible you should now be ganking like mad as shaco and pushing turrets. Shaco can easily break an enemy teams morale but be wary of sight wards and elixirs. When you have trinity force you should be able to deceive in and get a kill before an enemy can react. Phantom Dancers should end your Mid Game.

End game - If it lasts this long get infinity Edge and Blood Thirster and mop up whats left of the enemy defenses.

This is my second guide hope you like it comments and criticism appreciated but don't just say this build sucks cause you will be ignored if you say this build sucks because - - - then i will read it and listen to your comments and try and explain my views on the subject. Thank you for your time enjoy shaco cause i know i do.