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Shaco Build Guide by Lamii

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lamii

Shaco - Hybrid Domination

Lamii Last updated on February 16, 2012
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So yes, after trying out various guides in here, I decided to make my own. The reason I'm doing this is because I haven't seen any proper hybrid builds for Shaco yet.

I use this build mainly for 3v3 and Dominion. In 5v5 it works very good as well, but I can't comment on lategame performance, because I don't play enough 5v5 to actually grade it compared to the "standard" AD build

As said, this build is designed around 3v3's and may therefor need alterations if used properly for 5v5. I must say though, it works great for early game jungling after a little personal testing.

The reason I like this build as much as I do is because of that lovely dagger throw. It scales 100% with AP and 50% with AD. Just getting that Sheen in the start will give you a fantastic gank opportunity with Deceive and Dagger.

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Pros / Cons


Incredible burst.
Amazing solo abilities.
Great chaser.
Good team player in midgame.
Can solo dragon at lvl 6.


Glass Canon.
Vulnerable to focus in teamfights. (Make sure to deceive out if focused.)

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Soloing that Dragon!

At lvl 6, when you get your clone. If you've had an average early game and have obtained sheen and Hextech Revolver then you will be able to solo this dragon.

Place those 4 boxes. Dagger the dragon and pull it into the boxes. Tank it untill you are around half hp. Make sure to use the clone before the boxes have finished shooting, else the dragon will reset aggro and heal way to much hp. If the dragon begins to focus you after the boxes vanish, use deceive. The dragon will now focus the clone and the kill is sure to come.
If you can, place another box as soon as possible, it does great damage.

Another tactic that may work better for some people is placing the 4 boxes, then using the clone to pull the dragon into the boxes. Use the clone as a tank and just burst it down as fast as possible with everything you got.

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The runes are a combo of the most basic stuff.

Focusing mainly on getting a good early game start.

Pure AD marks. Pure AP glyphs for maximum effeciency. The seals are a mix of armor and magic res to make this glass canon build feel a little less squishy in the start of a game.

The Arm Pen and Magic Pen are there for a reason, your abilities will be your main source of damage.

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As you might notice, the masteries in this build focus on getting as much damage as possible from both physical and magical damage. You can however chose to go AP masteries with a mix in Tank if you feel to squishy.

I wouldn't recommend going any utility because if you play right, there will be no reason to.

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My choice of items focusing on early game bursts, with added powerups around midgame. It's a very expensive build though. Sheen is your first priority to get right after the boots. It will help you get those kills alot easier with a well placed backstab.

The gunblade is there for survival, but the most important aspect is the active ability. Shoot that gun at them when they try to flee, it's a great finisher if they survive the first brawl after Deceive and dagger throw. If you play right, they will be dead before you even use it, but if they manage to stay alive be quick to point that gun at them to get the kill.

Trinity Force speaks for itself. It gives everything aswell as a fantastic passive, the overpowered Sheen. Giving you 150% bonus AD after using an ability will help you alot on the bursts.

Infinity Edge, extra crit and a load of AD, I don't think there's more to be said.

The same with Deathcap, pure boost to the AP.

The reason I finish with Tooth is simple, it gives AP, AS and best of all, CD reduc. This is in my opinion the best endgame item this build could have. When you've boosted all your other stats, you just need that clone's CD lowered.

Instead of the Tooth you could decide to take some kind of armor or magic res to be a little less squishy. Another option may be taking rageblade for the extra hybrid.

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Skill Sequence

The best way to open as Shaco will always be Deceive, autoattack and Dagger them. Place a box infront of them afterwards, if you're a little lucky they won't notice or be able to kill it before it fears as you smash them to bits in melee.

Another great tactic is actually using your clone in deceive. The AD buff from Trinity Force will copy to the clone and both of you will make an overpowered backstab.

Clone is also the main reason I chose to do a hybrid instead of pure AP build. This clone can hit very well, but it'll just be a squishy bomb if you don't give it some AD.

Make sure to ALWAYS place boxes in escape places before initiating a gank. You will mostly be top laning in 3v3 with this build, so to avoid other ganks, make sure to have that box placed and use as a ward or gank blocker.

You can use the box offensively like you use your clone in deceive. Place the box straight from Deceive and then backstab instantly. They will quickly forget about that box so it will fear and shoot their arse off.

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Summoner Spells

The best choices for a top laning Shaco in 3v3 is without doubt exhaust and Ignite.

These two, combined with Deceive Dagger combo will almost ALWAYS ensure a kill in early game. Wait for lvl 3 and have your dagger in lvl 2. Deceive in there and chase down, backstab, dagger, exhaust and Ignite, chase. If you can manage it, throw a last dagger if they manage to flee.

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I hope you've enjoyed reading this, feel free to leave a comment to explain ideas and if it worked for you.

- Lamii