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Shaco Build Guide by Ch4mPuStR1K3

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ch4mPuStR1K3

Shaco- Hybrid style./Updated

Ch4mPuStR1K3 Last updated on November 27, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Welcome to my guide young shaco players.

Soon i will add optional summoner spells and situational items chapter to this guide, and also skill sequence to explain how to use those skills and what will be ur main combo.

On this guide you gonna see the way of playing as hybrid, what to do what to dont.
this is not just a item build so read it full to undertand why i chose those items, because to be a pro shaco you need more than items.

English isnt my main languaje so im sorry for some misspellings that u might see in the guide.
So less talking And lets begin with the guide.

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Pros / Cons

1. Great survivability
2. Great AD and AP
3. Jack in the box help a ward
4. Early game damage is very high
5. You can easy go jungle in lvl 1 with no jungle build(explain later in the guide)
6. Not mana Hungry
9. Versatile build
10. Insane Attack speed
11. Very versatile

1. Get focused a lot.
2. You need good farming skills or you wont do much in late.
3. Expensive Build (but can change some items).
4. low Hp

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why ap masteries instead of ad masteries?:
1. 3 of your skills are Ap bassed
2. you gonna hit harder with these masteries than AD bassed (already test)
Why runic affinity if we are not gonna jungle?
Easy even if you dont have a jungle build or even smite, with 4 jack in the box and ignite you can easy solo blue at lvl 1, plus with blue aura you are gonna spam your skill with no need to worry about mana.

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Early Game

We start with abecause of the 100 health bonus and the mana regen that it gives.
If we are doing good in our lane we not going b until we have 2000+ gold, and we buy our and the if we are doing bad we just buy and some Later we build our dear

Mid Game

we have the survivality of a hextech revolver and the damage of the sheen, what do we need now?
Attack speed! but without forgeting something we are hybrid we dont just use AD, we use our attacks and skills, so we need some Coldown reduction.
thats why we choseBut man we have attack speed, we have coldown reduction but no AD o is the solution
this great item gives AP and AD, plus! increase your AP by 6 on each attack and your attack speed by 4% on each attack.
then we upgrade our stinger to a So now we have attack speed, good AD and good AP...but there is something we still need no?
We need better survivality ..we have some spellvamp..but isnt enough we need speed and hp.
so we are going to get a Damage, movement speed, health and mana all in one item.

Dude this build looks like a AP build..i dont see much AD heres the solution AD, lifesteal and even more spell vamp!

Late Game

We have everything now...but some enemys are tough we can chose eitherfor extreme damage of our E.
Or if they are building magic resistance and u wanna hit even more faster
AP, attack speed and reduces enemy magic resistance per hit!. (with malady as last item i get 2.5 attack speed)

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Creeping / Jungling

1-we gonna start with dorans ring and inmediately go to the lane that have blue buff (bot or top depending on your team).[ is adviced to ask someone to leash to dont waste any lifepoints]
2- we set our jack in the box in the grass, until we have 3-4.
3- blue spawns and you or your ally hit blue and lure him to the grass, jack in the box start attaking, we ignite the blue golem, and then stay behind the blue golem hitting him with the bonus of our pasive.
4- congratulations u have blue buff... now lets start Harrasing.

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Summoner Spells

This is Main Summoner spell, this one is going to get your blue buff, and lot of health in early for the kills
Why we chose if we have mobility?
Well thats because your mobility boots desactivate after a hit...if you are chasing someone you need speed allways...thats why u take these beautifull boots.

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Things to consider and Usefull Information

Advice Number One:
some usefull thing that new shaco players doesnt know is that with Alt+click u can move ur clone....and when it die it does damage, so use it to ur advantage and rambo the enemy turrets, to get a kill from the clone.
Advice Number Two:
use your clon to block some skills like:
1- cait ulti
2- fizz ulti
and also use it to lure the enemy team very far from you in case that you are scaping.. or use ur clone in low hp to lure enemys to a death with your jack in the box.

Advice Number 3:
also remember that your enemy is not stupid, jack in the box will maybe work once by the tactic on luring your enemy on the grass..but will not work twice on the same enemy by the same way, so dont waste your time putting like 10 jack in the box in the grass, i say this cause i be seen shaco's that just put jack in the box on the grass the whole game.
Advice Numer 4:
Jack in the box is a usefull skill for scape but also for chasing enemys down, dont just come with deceive and two shiv poison to kill your enemy, do deceive, hit ,two shiv poison, 2-3 hits and if he is still dont death do deceive in front of the enemy get some distance of advantage over him, put a jack in the box on the way that he would scape and then continue hitting your enemy, your enemy will be feared and will run in random direction(of course), hit another two-shiv poison and wil be a secure death.
Advice Numer 5:
Dont be obvious with your deceive... most peopple use deceive to gain some advantage over your enemy in distance, but you can easily get slowed.
my advice for that use your deceive in the contrary direction that you are running so they will continue chasing you to a wrong way, go to the nearest grass, put a jack in the box and recall.
or in case you wanna kill your enemys just place more jack in the box, lure them with a clone,the clone will die damaging your enemy, they will run to get you in the grass deceive out of the grass, now they are getting attacked by your jack in the box. if they are low health enough is the perfect time to trow a two shiv poison, kill a enemy and deceive in case theres another put a jack in the box in your scape route whait to your enemy to be feared, then two-shiv poison, hit and deceive and hit.
most of cases this ensures a kill...but dont try to be superman because u will end feeding the enemy. You are not a tryndamere you play tactic and whait for the right moment to be rambo...allways having deceive ready for any trouble.

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This Section will be to post my replay's and my match history.

Credits to:
Xenrak who helped me to think about what items to get.
Alastonar for asking me to make a guide.