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Shaco Build Guide by tajatysz

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League of Legends Build Guide Author tajatysz

Shaco - iStab

tajatysz Last updated on June 11, 2011
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First of all hello to my next build. This time it's AD Shaco, with this build you will get 2-4 Hit KOs on squishies like Yi, Ryze or Gangplank. As you noticed there are 2 builds, the only difference is in items, the first build is I-pwn-everyone-so-stacks-are-good-for-me and the second one is Im-not-good-enough-to-keep-my-stacks-so-they're-more-of-loss-than-profit.

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Pros & Cons

+Flash with a short stealth.
+GREAT Pusher.
+2 Champs in 1.
+Even if they've got Oracle, it won't save them from your insane damage :)
+1.5 Minute wards.

-Being nerfed again and again.

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Summoner Spells

(Underlined=Used by me)

Ghost - My favourite spell, very nice MS boost, now, 20 Stacks of Occult(15% MS)+Trinity Force(12% MS)+Boots+PD(15% MS)+Ghost(27% MS), can you see that speed?About 700 or something, isn't that great?Yes, indeed it is.

Exhaust - My 2nd favourite spell, dont let them escape, shut down one DPS in teamfight, or slow the one who is chasing you.

Clarity - Meh, it's useful only for champs who lose mana fast, and only in early game, or for people who did never hear about mana regen. Shaco doesn't really need much mana in late game.

Rally - Underestimated, but very good spell, especially for Shaco, because it benefits both for you and your clone.

Ignite - 3rd of my favourite spells, VERY annoying DoT, it can bust champs like Fiddle, Warwick or Mundo, and it also can not let your enemy escape.

Smite - Not a junglin build.

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Sheen - An item just AWESOME for Shaco, Bonus Damage from Deceive+Bonus Damage from Sheen=EPIC DAMAGE.

Berserker's Greaves - Boots are a need, and the attack speed ones are my favourites for Shaco.

Sword of the Occult - The kill-a-noob-to-get-AD-same-as-from-Long-Sword-and-MS-from-PD-after-10-kills, great item for every AD champ if you are doing well, if not, use the second build instead.

Trinity Force - An item that gives you almost everything, and fantastic item for Shaco, passive from Sheen, AD, HP, AS...

Phantom Dancer - One of my favourite items, this gives you MS, AS and Crit, just love it.

The Black Cleaver - Old good Tankbuster, Attack Speed, Attack Damage, and Armor Reduction every hit, isn't that great?

Madred's Bloodrazor - Next Tankbusting item, AD, some armor and AS, and it's passive is just awesome.

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Optional Items

Mercury Treads - MR and CC reduction, get if enemy team is full of CC.

Boots of Mobillity - The famous Ganking Boots, get them if you are ganking much, i use Berserker's Greaves because i dont really gank much as Shaco.

2ndPhantom Dancer - You can get more AS and Crit, by sacrificing some MS, if you swap boots for it you LOSE some MS but you get more AS and Crit.

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Phase 1: Farmin' Hard, Harrasin' Harder.

Start up with a Sapphire Crystal and Health Potionx2, head to Blue Golem, and keep placing Jacks before golem spawns, you can spawn them in brush and lure golem into it, to make sure they will attack him instead of little lizards, and it also can save you from a gank. Kill the golem, and then little lizards, you should lvlup, put your point into Deceive and head to your lane, there just keep farming and harrasing, place a ton of Jacks in one place in a brush for a trap and try to lure someone to get First Blood, if someone headed to your brush full of jacks melee him and when jacks are dead or he is out of range, Deceive, Stab and throw your shiv, he should die if he was mashed by Jacks long enough. If they are too smart to get trapped like that i head for First Blood when i have sheen, keep harrasing wih Two-Shiv Poison, when someone is on about 50% HP Deceive, stab, Exhaust the other one to shut him down or your victim to not make him escape, but i prefer to Exhaust his partner and slow victim with Two-Shiv. Keep farmin' minions and harrasin' with Deceive or Two-Shiv Poison

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Phase 2: Thanks for 10 more Attack Damage.

At about lvl 7 you should already have Sheen and Berserker's Greaves(or other boots) so now save up for Sword of Occult, keep harrasing and farming, when your enemies have recalled, it's perfect time to push, kill remaining minions, use your ult and push with your partner and clone, if you both have about lvl 7, tower is about 85% hp, and your enemies recalled a moment ago, there's really big chance to destroy the tower, after getting Sword of Occult you can start ganking a bit to get your stacks for kills and assists. If there is a teamfight, try to do as much as possible, to make sure you'll get some kills or assists for some AD.

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Phase 3: Full Stacks, pretty much items...let's end it.

Yeah, i never said much about Phase 3. So, just do same as in Phase 2, push, gank, teamfights etc...Nuff said.