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Shaco General Guide by McSwagrid

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author McSwagrid

Shaco (It's more then Q-W-E-R) / a guide to Shaco' skills!

McSwagrid Last updated on June 12, 2013
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Hello, my name is McSwägrid and I want to introduce my Shaco guide. (This guide is not fancy with BBCode - But its pumped with Informations!)

THIS GUIDE IS ONLY AN SKILL GUIDE! BUILD WHATEVER ITEMS YOU PLEASE (AD and Hybrid Shaco are very compatible with this Guide, since AP Shaco needs to be played different!)

It's not an Guide as you may know guides. I actually want to tell people how to get the MAXIMUM out of Shaco. To get the full potencial out of your skills!
Shaco is not about the items you play, even if I added some.

I play shaco since open beta and I'm pretty sure I was one of the first who enjoyed AP Shaco at his strongest time. Well this is an AD Shaco guide and I will only explain how to use some of Shaco's skills.

There is not ANY Skill Sequence you should use with Shaco.
All Skills should be treated as situational skills.
Your Deceive is an Escape and initiate Skill, make sure to use it offensive and defensive.

-Use it offensive when you know where the jungler is and you're sure nobody of the enemy team is missing.

-If you want to gank, and you want to save Deceive for the enemies escape or to flee yourself, just run into laine from behind.

-Try to get exact in the middle between the enemy and his turret (a little more to the turret).

-Place a box where you stand, and attack the enemy. (look where your Minions are on the minimap. Because the enemies Minions are at the mirrored location)


Some ppl will now be like: "Why shouldn't I? It's an slow!!!11"

Guess what! "Two-Shiv Poison" will slow the enemy ANYWAYS on autohit, as long as its not on CD.

-Autohit him to death

-If he flashes.. Deceive (when not used) or throw your Dagger to get him slowed at range.

-When he doesn't use flash -> Dagger him and give that extra gold to the laine.. or Deceive on him, give him a crit and let the gold get the ADC, Mid or Top (depending on the laine you're ganking)

As you can see.. its very hard to decide when to use your skills, because they're too situational.
As you can see, JitB can even be used offensive on defensive as well. So let me show you some tips and tricks one by one.

Anyways, I want to share all my experiences I had with Shaco and want to help improve all Shacos out there!

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I LOVE Backstab!
Whenever the enemy is trying to run, you will deal additional 20% dmg.
That's not everything you can do with this skill!

-When jungling, run behind the creeps. To get that 20% even on jungle camps.

-This skill harmonize with your 'Two-Shiv Poison' and your 'Deceive' perfectly. (They run, you slow, you pwn)

-When using Deceive offensive, get behind your enemy (must be standard to every Shaco player)

Since its only a passive, there aren't alot of options to this skill.. lets get to the REAL BUSINESS!

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This skill is one of the main reasons the enemy team is going to hate you.
Why so?
Because this skill makes you slippery like an fish!
What do we know about Deceive:

-It's somehow like Flash (Sorry haters.. get used to it.. its even an improved flash!)

-You get stealth for some seconds

-You're next hit will hit critically (up to 120%)

What a lot of people DON'T know about Deceive:

-at first:


I see so many Shaco's running around with Trinity Force..
Get yourself Infinity Edge instead. Its cheaper some bucks and has the wished effect.

-When your gank has failed (hopefully not!) You can pretend to run out of laine (into the direction of your turret). Get out of sight to the enemies and Deceive back in. This works so often.. its pretty hardcore nobody gets known to this.

-Use it in the opposite direction of what is expected of you.

-When the enemies are missing, you can use Deceive on the spot you are at the moment. So you cant be surprised and can walk off any escape route, without losing some seconds by Deceiving into the enemies. Another nice aspect of this is, you can see how your enemy reacts and you can flee, in the opposite direction.
Its not the safest way to use deceive, but quite a technique I see almost never.

-You can refresh the Cooldown by pressing "B" imedietly. (Using recall breaks stealth. The Cooldown starts when the stealth has worn off)

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Jack in the Box

Your lil' companions!
Your wards!
Your safety!
Your Escape route!
Your Teamsaver!
Your AoE-Fear!

This skill is hack. Alot of people will laugh, but here comes the HUGE list.
What do we know about JitB:

-It fears enemies off

-It can be stacked to get the first buff in an INSTANT

-Can be used to make an JitB nest and kill an lone enemy.

-Has a little vision

How we should use JitB:

-Use it to check bushes

-like explained already: cut the escaping route of the enemy on laine

-Time it perfectly with your slow, so the enemy will get feared 100%

-Use it to make yourself escaping routes

-Place it behind / into the escaping route of your mates. When you place it behind your mate, Deceive to safety! (you don't know what the enemy pops, just to get 1 kill or 2)

-Place it behind turrets, you can prevent diving

-Place it behind your ADC (Especially when the enemy got a dash that can be used against the ADC)
[Ex. Akali: Akali sees Ashe, she uses her ultimate to get into meele range, to burst out Ashe. She gets feared, you and Ashe can kill her freely]

-Use it to Check on Dragon and Baron

-Place it inside the dragon while clearing him, so the Dragon will attack it once.

-Place it in the enemy jungle EVERYTIME you counterjungler (This Jacks are just like wards)

-Countergank @ lvl 2 (Well you get that buff in an instant.. guess what? Deceive to their red buff after blue and stack those boxes just @ their red inside the bush)

-You can make Enemies waste their skillshots on them, when placing in perfect timing.
(Ciao Morgana! Bye Bye Brand.. Even Corki will cry!)

-Place it just in the middle of the Teamfight to AoE Fear the enemies!

-It attacks turrets, when placed next to them (Split push here I come!)

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Two-Shiv Poison

A lot of people waste this skill just at the beginning of the fight.
There are special conditions when to use this skill!

-You need Burst? Use it first!
-You need slow? Let it go!
-You want gold fast? Use it last!

-Don't use it on monsters in the jungle, except you are almost going to die. They will miss you to a percentage of 20 / 22.5 / 25 / 27.5 / 30% as long as the skill is not on Cooldown! (one of the main reasons to max it first)

-When you mirrormatch another Shaco. Never ever use this skill first. He will gain an HUGE amount of advantage through this. (I always outplay Shacos that use their T-SP before me)

-Use it to kite enemies and while your 'Deceive' is on CD, to buy time to get it off CD.

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Doubles you!
Well not exactly doubling.. but HEY! While active you have 175% dmg for 18 sec.!
You have to train the movement by yourself. Just don't forget to move yourself or your clone. Its hard I know, but you will get used to it.
Here are some pro Tips & Tricks!

-Don't EVER use skills, while using your ultimate. You will reveal your true identity!

-Try not to rely on buffs too much, they reveal your true identity as well. Try to share them with your mid and bot as fast as possible (at midgame you don't need them anyway)

-Focus squishy enemies like a baws

-You can trigger Champion specific ultimates (Katarina's skill can only be used when an enemy is near -> Shaco's clone is considered that!)

-Hardcore splitpush with JitB

-When you have issues managing the movement of your clone, try this:
[Instead of running away and letting your clone alone all by himself. Run with your clone and you freeze yourself (Press 'S'). They gonna chase the clone almost to 66% -> Deceive to safety]

-You are able to absorb every attack that targets directly you when used perfectly. (Gankplank's gun, Veigars ultimate, Karthus Ultimate and many more)

-You can cross walls with your ultimate. (You have to hug a wall that is to the right of you)

-Your clone ALWAYS watches to the north (use your clone while facing north. (not a lot of people know this, but they eventually will know at some time!)

-Your clone is targetable by Summoner skills

-When the enemy pings on you, the ping will reveal your true identity as well. Thats why you should always use your clone right after you've crited with your 'Deceive'.

"Why don't you use it right after the Deceive, so the enemy won't see you while you hit them"
Easy story. When you use your Deceive and then Hallucinate while being under the stealth-effect, they will see your clone only. But then there is an Shaco, appearing out of nowhere.. Now guess which Shaco they gonna attack then..

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Last words

I hope I could help you, and I really hope I can see players improving on Shaco.
I don't think he is played that less just because he sucks.
He is played not enough, because people can't handle him.
Everyone who reads this, is an player who WANTS to improve.
That's the spirit you should have. You should always try to improve on this game (if you want to play it). This will make you less frustrated and more happy.

And be happy when you mirrormatch an Shaco.
Use all those tips and you will smack every Mirror Shaco into the FAHCE!


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