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Shaco Build Guide by TomKai

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TomKai

Shaco Jungle AP Pro [ATB Comepetitive]

TomKai Last updated on March 20, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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I am CamCamX and part of the Ranked team ATB (All Time Blow). I love to play AD Jungle Shaco.
I always get high kills and hardly any deaths. Anyway I hope you can find this build can help you win many matches as it does me. :)

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- This is a Video of Shaco using decieve. A skill where your character telports and turs to stealth
- This is a video of a Shaco using a Jack-In-A-Box and getting First Blood. A skill where shaco puts down a small box which attacks and fears the opponents. (Bad Quality Sorry)
- This is a video of Shaco using Shiv a thrown dagger hitting LeBlanc as she ports away. Shaco hrows a dagger that slows and deals high damage.
- This is a cool video of Shaco using his Ulti Hallucinate to dodge Karthus's R. Shaco splits into two which deals damage and when dies or runs out of time blows up dealing Magic Damage.
Pretty awesome videos hey? ANd also some of the real good ones that I liked was when Shaco dodged Karth's Ulti and the LeBlanc died after porting!

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- For giving a small but helpful amount of AD Per Level which gives enough for a start game advantage.

- Giving a small amount of ap each leavel to deal just enough damage for an advantage in the attacks Jack-In-A-Box and Shiv.

- Another small buff of AD per level for some damage. Giving enough damage for higher crits with his Decieve.

- Giving some armor pen. for dealing some high and heavy damage to tanks.

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This specific mastery tree for some strong AD output advantage start game and also a advantage in AP damage advantage.

Sorry that i couldn't put up the mana regen section. There is a glitch going on where you cannot access that part of the masterys. But I highly reccmmend to rank up some mp regen.

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- Start game with boots and pots for jungling

- DOrans Ring for some HP and AP boost for strong ganking after your boots.

- If you have ganked succesfully this should be no problem to get and a high boost in AP

- To change all that AP you deal in the Jac-IN-A-Boxes or shiv into AD for a few hits.

- A hp and AP boost which you will need mid - late game.

- Just for a boost in AD and AP end game though it is probably not needed.

Funny Item Section: You will probably not need to go further then the Lich Bane as that is where you start gaining kick *** kills and where they normally surrender or lose.

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Summoner Spells

Smite: Smite is a spell that deals 400 true damage to a minons/creep which is a spell that every jungler no matter who needs.

Flash: A spell tht teleports you character over small distances. COmbined with decieve it can be used for some of the best juking techniques such as double wall flashing.

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Creeping / Jungling

This is the order you start at as Shaco

Blue Buff Golem - Start off with this as you need a mp regen. You don't need a leash as at 55 seconds in the game go to the golem spawn area and keep on placing boxes.

Wolves - Next are the wolves which you can kill with 1 box and / or with decieve or shiv. These creeps are able to deal a fair bit of damage so make sure you have a few hp potions!

Ghosts - Now you go for the ghosts/banshees to get you to level 3 or near level 3. Take note that even though these don't deal as much damage as wolves if you are low you can still be killed.

Golems - Here is now where you should have smite back and try for the golesm. The spell smite will be wasted on the bigger golem so use it on the smaller golem - effectively killing it in one hit.

Red Buff - You should have red buff around here for some ad damage and crippling damage over time.

Dragon - You should be about level 6 (if you did enough ganking?) and take down dragon just remember smite and a ton of Jack-In-A-Boxes. This will also be helpful for your whole team as dragon gives alot of gold (200 g).

Jungle Map : Showa where Jungle Creeps are!

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Some Facts that Should be known about Shaco
.He has low hp - that is why you need atleast Rylais Sceptre.
.Great Jungler at start Game.
.Jungle Invasions occur alot!

.Great Ganker - Always start with Decieve.
.Jack-In-A-Box is a great gank starter as well.
.If you aren't a jungler shaco always stack boxes at the tip of the bush.
.Blitz (Or Nautilus) + Shaco is a great team - Shaco stack boxes and Blitz pulls them in.
.Don't aim tanks early game (eg. Mundo and Alistar)

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Ranked Game Vids

THis may not be me playing but they may prove helpful in some way? I will post me playing soon! By the way i haven't watched most of these so please don't critiscise me about them!

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-200 AD
-2.5k HP
-420 AP
-1340 Mana

This is perfect, well round build for a begginer Jungle Shaco AP. If you have any questions just comment! And please if you like this guide like it :D

Also note that this build is also very effective as a normal lane shaco as long as you have mp regeneration, fully rank Jack-In-A-Boxes start game and keep on stacking that W :D

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Beware if you want to use Shaco because he is under going some mjor nerfs recently, where he cannot stack as many boxes for example.

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Other Guides

Some soon coming guides are "AD Ezreal" that should be making its debut soon and "Riven the Mid Exile" which should be coming after or the same time as "AD Ezreal".

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