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Shaco Build Guide by Dragon BF

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dragon BF

Shaco Jungle For I'll Make Your Blue Buff Disappear

Dragon BF Last updated on August 12, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi And Welcome

This is my own Shaco jungle build, I follow this build when I play as shaco which is just for jungle due to not liking lanes :). I will be talking about jungle routes and the reasons why I choose certain items and spells.

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Right too the more important info.

Spells: The choice of exhaust and ignite its for ganking and countering jungle.

Starting Jungle Route: First off make sure you chose your Jack in the box (JITB) first. start placing boxes at 1:00 ( JITB only last 1 minute after the nerf patch ). There is no need for a pull but your team mates should still protect from invasion. After successfully getting blue you have 2 choices for routes:

1. Counter Jungle:
This depends on the enemy jungler (If they have 1), for example if its a less tanky champ like Fiora, Ammumu maybe, Warwick can work. You make the choice but if they have flash they are more than likly to use it to escape. Even if they do it means they don't have flash and after you have been farming you can counter again like 1-2 minutes after the first attempt which means he can't escape if you do it correctly. Anyway after collecting blue
head straight to their bush next to the wraiths, start placing boxes and watching out for the jungler. You can get 2 boxes down before hes in sight. When he gets close the bush use your Q to get behind him and wait intil the JITB fear him and use your spells to attempt to kill him. In which case if you do, you will most likely get FB (First Blood). If he escapes take his wraiths. After that you can wait again when he comes to red or go back to your own jungle to start farming and ganking.

2. Normal Jungle:
This is normally taken when there isn't an enemy jungler, or you don't feel you can counter. After collecting blue use your Q to attack the big wolf and your JITB to help. After that get the wraiths. Use your health pots to get your health back up and take red buff with using the same combo. After getting red look on the map to see if you can gank top (If on purple) or bot
(If on Blue). If not then see about mid, lets say mid is getting push by the enemy. when you get inside the outer bush use your Q to jump and get behind the champ, hopefully your mid team mate seen this and helps attacking, Use your JITB behind him and attack him. Hopefully the gank goes correctly and you get the kill or the mid does. If not and he escapes with flash, he has used flash so the gank hasn't been a waste.

Don't forget about your SPELLS!!! use them to help your ganks or to get final blows.

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The reasons why I choose these runes are mostly to do with how I play with jungle. First off I choose lifesteal runes due to not having smite I need a boost with jungling, I tried using ad runes which didn't massively effect the gameplay, with having these useful runes I can easily get 21% lifesteal with just having a wiggles, with runes and masteries I get 9%. Since I took lifesteal runes I added ad marks to give me a nice large part of damage early. Armor it simply defence against monsters and ad champs :). MR to help protect from getting nuke from mid champs like LB and Brand for example.

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Items are purely for quick killing. So in team fights you Q in and straight on the AD carry. After taking her out either help your team killing tanks or get the AP out of the way. With having all items you can easily solo baron with both your ulti and using your Q.

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In summary for the masteries, Mostly damage for crit and nuking ad damage to kill weak targets. Some defence against monsters and champs.

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Anyway this is it for the guide I hope this has been helpful and try it out :). If the game goes good then you should be fed and 3 hitting ad carrys and mids :).