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Shaco Build Guide by Hitogitoshi

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Hitogitoshi

Shaco jungle: Guide to a new end (with a poking stick)

Hitogitoshi Last updated on March 4, 2012
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Welcome to the jungling Shaco guide, this my first ever guide, but I hope this guide will lead you onto the road to victory as you poke your way to the nexus of the opposing team. In this guide you will be taught the basics of Shaco and how you should play him.

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First things to know

Shaco is an excellent jungler that can take finish blue in a couple of seconds without a leash. People usually play Shaco as a jungler since his is a great way to deal damage as much as possible before you even take damage.

Shaco is very squishy, don't go in places where you think someone who might and probably will kill you even if you . I personally don't like to gank often when my teammates push about 2/3 of the lane. Around mid game with a Giants Belt or a Ruby Crystal he should be able to handle most fights if you play smart.

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Pros / Cons

- blink + invisible
- passive slow
- ultimate that is basically a fun yet useful thing
- usually fun to play
- can be built in many different ways
- can juke easily

- quite squishy
- oracles can ruin your
- usually focused

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Jungle route

1. Red camp: place your boxes
2. Gank: in and poke at them. If you guys don't kill him, simply wait in brush until he comes back. Get your Vampiric Specter.
3. Blue camp: Use boxes to take aggro first, then start attacking.
4. Small camps or Gank

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[soon to come]

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Ganking as an Shaco jungle

Your skill should be used as followed:

> Throw a down at where you think their escape route is > Attack (crit) >

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Playing as an Shaco jungle [early game]

I tend to do a level 2 gank by starting at red. To begin with, head over to the camp and place boxes at the camp where lizard will spawn. Keep placing boxes there until he spawns. Let the boxes fear/aggro the lizard while you Backstab him. Keep attacking until it dies and finish off the small lizards also. Smite is not necessary unless you fail this or you spot the enemy jungler coming to steal your buff. At this time I would try to gank top or mid depending on the situation. Take your point in and use it to gank. With red buff, it will be enough to scare her/him away to either use a summoner spell or use some skills of their own to run since they know they can face you and your teammate alone. If you do not get the kill however, simply run back into the bush towards the river and wait until your target feels like you are gone and begun to cs more. Repeat this tactic until he/she is dead, but don't take this too far and get behind in levels!

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Playing as an Shaco jungle [mid game]

You should at least have a Giants belt or a Ruby crystal by now, if you don't, farm some more in the jungle or kill more people. Take your jungle creeps every here and there and give blue to your team's Ap carry, but keep red for yourself unless you are not doing very well, give it to your team's Ad carry (if you have one), or take it yourself. When fights erupt, your normal skill order should be this: in, place a , Hallucinate, and start poking at them. If they decide to run, throw your to slow them down so you and your teammates can catch up. However, remember that is one of your escaping abilities, if the fight doesn't look too good by the time you get there and you know that you won't be able to finish them, just run. But if its a teammate, its best to put a box down to try to fear the ones chasing him to try to help him escape.

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Playing as an Shaco jungle [late game]

Even with Warmogs, armor and magic resist, you can still get focused down hard. At this rate, you should let your teammates take cc and damage before you go in. DO NOT INITIATE AS SHACO!!!! YOU WILL GET R*APED VERY MUCH AND YOU WILL (NOT) LIKE IT!!!! However, if they fear you and run away when you come near them, you could initiate. At this point in the game, rules are simple, poke then with your Shivs. Remember, play with a brain, think about the future, will your team win the fight? or will they?

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I ain't got a brain, and soon, neither will you!

Be smart, you're not immortal, even with Hallucinate. Don't do anything dumb that might get yourself or a teammate killed. If you think your teammate is going to die at 10 hp and you can kill the one killing him and you know the person killing your teammate can easily kill you, don't try to save him. The least you can do is place a to try to fear the one killing your teammate. If you do get caught, simply your way out.

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Having fun juking with an Shaco jungle

When ever I am being chased, I will in the opposite direction because if you were the chaser, where do you think he would be? Over a wall or going in the direction he was going originally? This juke is dangerous but if its only 1 chasing you or even 5 behind you, u can get away quick. This juke works about 100% of the time if did right. To do this juke, start going in a direction that is very obvious, then in the opposite direction, but don't turn in the direction where you're juking or else they'll find out where you're heading. Even in late game people still question on where you will juke, especially if you do this a lot during that game.

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Remember, this is my first every guide, so leave a comment +feedback below and I hope you enjoy poking people as much as I do.