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Shaco Build Guide by DoHiNaToR

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DoHiNaToR

Shaco Jungle - Look Behind Ya

DoHiNaToR Last updated on October 16, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Shaco Jungle

This build is for Jungle Shacos only, this is because Shaco is a terrible lane and we all know Ap shaco is cheap and too simple. This build will teach you how to play Jungle Ad Shaco. By the end of this build you will crit over 1500 and POOON NOOBS

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Starting off as Shaco

Take Smite and flash as your summoner skills. Due to the fact that shaco cannot just rely on his Deceive to run out. Usually, you will initiate on the squishy ADC which will allow the team to follow through. This is not saying that shaco is an initiating champ, more so of an AD Burst Damage dealer. Understanding the opposition's gameplay will allow a great deal of deception. Shaco is now an underplayed champion in ranked because people understand that it is not as strong as it used to be due to the players being able to counter him. The start of shaco is very important, keeping up or going ahead in levels will benefit your team and chance of winning. Try and not take all the kills in mid. Try and allow the Mid Ap Carry to take first blood if you can. This will be explained in the next chapter.

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Take boots and 3 pots for faster ganking or if you want sustained jungle, take cotton armour and 5 pots. Take your "W" skill first, and head towards red. If you are on blue team tell your Top Solo to go and check around Blue Buff. If you are on the purple, ask your bot lane to check around blue. At 0:45 place a box in the middle of the wraiths camp, this allows the box to directly hit the big wraith. At 0:59 place a box at the edge of red, so that when red spawns it turns around to hit your boxes and you can use your passive to deal extra damage.
Keep boxing the red until 1:35~1:37 and then move to wraith camp. Wait for the box to pop and kill the big wraith and only big wraith, run over to red and also wait for the box to pop aswell. The as the red turns its back, used your passive and take the red buff, REMEMBER, Do not use your smite. After that, move down to wraiths, finish it off and gank mid. Remember, when ganking, get behind the enemy so it the 20% extra damage procs. Depending on whether or not the gank was successful, if you have more than 50% health, go straight to blue and place a box behind it and start attacking it from behind. Use your smite when it is around 1/3 health. If you are lower than 50% hp, pop 2 potions and go to blue, place a box in the brush wait a few seconds place another and throw a shiv (E skill) at blue. This will drag the blue towards the boxes that are set up and allows the blue to be taken easy with smite+2 boxes+ Q and passive proc. However this takes around about 30 seconds, so if you are short on time, go to wolves, and then take blue. This will allow the 2 pots to be absorbed and more exp. Once you have double buff, go down to bot lane if it is not pushed/warded. If you think it is, you could either wait in the tri brush or Deceive towards the blue team tri brush.
After that, you may or may not have covered 1~3 kills. After ganking bot, get the items necessary, ie Wriggles Lantern for the longer sustain jungle. Remember to try gank all lanes possible and try not to just baby sit one lane.

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Counter Jungling

When vsing against champions that require blue first, like amumu, nunu, diana, ww, udyr. It is a good idea to counter jungle them so that they will contribute less to the team. Start at red as usual, and instead of ganking mid go towards their red and box the brush as much as possible. Wait until they get there and use your Deceive to get behind them when they get feared and with that red buff they won't get far. If the enemy flashes, pop your own flash and chase after them. Even though you die to tower, you have got first blood. Once you respawn, buy a ward and boots + madreds if you have enough gold. Head towards their red and wait there again until they start it. When waiting, stay in the brush on the left of red camp. When they start it, put a box behind you and wait to smite it. Once you smite it, go in with your deceive, attack them, and take the champion kill. This will be rather easy due to them being low health due to the fight with red buff. After you take the kill, move down to mid and gank. Whether or not the gank is successful or not, give blue buff to mid. After giving blue to mid, head back to base and buy the items needed.

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Remember, all these items can be modified to match the gameplay of every summoner. Also, buying defensive items, depicting on the team comp will be better. For example, for some reason their team's ADC is fed, replace the GA with frozen heart and Banshees with thornmail. If the opposition team has alot of CC, replace banshees with QSS (QuickSilver Sash).