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League of Legends Build Guide Author CrimsonReaper

Shaco kicks ***es

CrimsonReaper Last updated on May 26, 2011
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Shaco balanced n ad


Shaco full ad and jungle

Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

Offense: 21

Strength of Spirit
Veteran's Scars

Defense: 9

Expanded Mind
Blink of an Eye
Mystical Vision
Presence of the Master

Utility: 0

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Shaco is one of the hardest char in league of legends.In many cases Shaco can get a kill epicly but he can die epicly...Anybody wants to face this terror in late game cuz if you complete my build you can f*** the hole team easily.Some people say that shaco is bugged because he has one of the best escape mechanizme in the game.But that is not that true :) if you take an oracle and flash spell you can easily kick his ***.

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As we all know that Shaco is the easiest target so that why you have to take some armor and magic resist to this guy.You are take armor and resist runes to kill and escape easily.And ofc you have to kill also :), for this case you have to take armor penetration runes.Another choice for Shaco is to to take Health runes.

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So 21-9-0 is very good combination for shaco cuz as i said before Shaco needs to kill and escape.Its great to take from offensive masteries the skill reduction cuz you dont need runes for skill reduction.

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First of all why choosing AS boots?Its simple cuz Shaco doesnt have so much AS.Another choice would be Boots for magic resist.Why choosing those,Cuz it gives tenacity that helps you to escape.Afterawards what would be the perfect combination?!?That is an easy question... Sheen and Infinity edge its perfect cuz infinity edge gives you Critical damage,critical chance and ofc Damage that is force from sheen 80% plus damage with your Deceive skill is the perfect damage 100% critical chance and plus Critical damage from it and from your infinity edge that gives 50% more critical damage.I wasnt sure of making Lich bane first or Rabano's Deathcap and i decided to make first Deathcap for more damage to Two-shiv-poison.By finishing Deathcap and lich bane you are going to nuke your enemies.The passive of Lich Bane that gave 100% of your ability power to your damage it will be perfect with combination with Deceive and Infinity edge will kick your enemies ***.So im not sure that if you complete your first 4 items that your enemies will not surrender but anyway afterward I am that sure about the last two items but it could help you.Its better to make zeal and Vampiric scepter why you should make those items... because after your fight you dont have to return back to base and just gain some life from creeps.Or you can make a Vampiric scepterin the begging after sheen.Because you want to farm and not loosing life.And ofc you have to finish vampiric scepter to a bloodthirister to complete your damage.It would be great to make Banashee's veil so that you avoid a much attac that can kill you fast and replace Bloodtherister.

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Skill Sequence

So this guys has 3 combo skills, first combo is Deceive,Hit,Jax in box,Hallucinate and if you are sure that he will run you w8 until he runs and Two-Shiv Poison him but if he dont run do it after your ulti.Secoond combo is Hallucinate u send your copy and w8 until your copy dies by the time your copy dies you Deceive->Hit->Two-Shiv Poison and hunt him if he is alive... :).Third commbo is to put 3 or more jax in box and afterwards Hallucinate and lure him with your copy but if he has the item Banashee's veil you have to Two-Shiv Poison him to break his/her shield and after that Deceive behind him and hit him and he will die very fast.But if he/she doesnt have the item Banashee's veil,you just Deceive behind him w8 until he go to the trap and when he is feared you just hit him and Two-Shiv Poison him and he is dead!

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Early game

It is too hard for Shaco to exp when in your lane has tanks and ranged chars.The best way to kill in early game is to put many jax in box in one place(all shaco users know that) ofc you must not illustrate yourself cuz you have to w8 your teamate to lure them to your trap... and you have the epic first blood.Afterwards its easily for you to exp and farm your items.

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Mid game

If you made your first two items you are a good enought.From now on you start ganking(mid is better cuz its closer and the final push will be there).of course if you push your lane too much you have to be careful for gank.In this case you have to place your anti-ganking jax in box.This guys is so perfect that he doesnt even need wards.You must always gank everywhere that is the work of shaco.

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Late game

If you ganked to much,you and your team is fed to death you just own the game if you have Berserker greaves,Sheen,Infinity edge,Rabandon's Deathcap and Lich bane i mean the first 4 items you just nuke your enemies.Its time for you to hunt your enemies in their jungles you have to put many jaxes in lizard and mana golem and you have to w8 them to come but to do this you have to be 15-18lvl

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Summoner Spells

Exhaust and ingnite are one the best choice you have cuz you can complete your damage.
Heal... It is not that good idea but you can use it when you want to jungle with Shaco.
Clarity no way you dont need this spell it is a waste.
Flash it will be nice if you play shaco Ability power cuz you can put many jax in box in a place and your opponents are more than 2 you have to Deceive and flash cuz you dont stay in stealth too much.And ofc when you dont have mana you can use it BUT NEVER WASTE IT!
Ghost is a good idea but not that much useful
Rally hmm not that good you should let your tank to take this spell cuz it is useful only in a Teamfight.
Teleport it is good only for protecting your turrets and it is not a good idea.
Smite very good idea when you play shaco jungle.
Revive not a good idea at all.
Fortify only for assisting your team...
Cleanse a vary good idea when you are sure about your enemies... I mean when you know that your enemies have many stuners and slowers.You can avoid them and hunt them easily.

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In conclusion Shaco is very cute guy xD.You will never be bored of this guy cuz he has many tricks.Anyway you can use your Two-Shiv Poison to weak them and attack them deadly.But you have to be afraid of many char that can push you easily and kill u easily too in the tuuret!so be smart and trick them...

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What makes the defference between an amatuer Jester and Demon hunter Shaco is the copy control.What do i mean!?!Alt + right click and you can easily control your copy!Make sure you use your copy as it is the real Shaco so that you can confuse your opponents!

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Team Work

Shaco is not so good in a team fight but you can be the best if your team or your copy lure your enemies to your trap with jax in box your team will score ace in 10 secs or less!!!!

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How to push and use your skills in the right time

Shaco is easily push from his enemies but when your enemy reaches your turret you can Deceive and use your combo.But in the begging you can push them with Two-Shiv Poison!But never use this combo when you have as an enemy stuners and ranged beacause you will be easily chased down :(

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Enemies that you have to afraid and the Best teamates

Best teamate is Blitzcrank cuz he can pull an enemy to your trap.
Another great teamate is Rammus/Shen since they both can taunt the enemy and you can kill them easily.
Nunu is very good teamate cuz when he uses his ulti your enemies are running to avoid it and in this period of time you can easily kill them from behind since you have your passive.
Xin zhao a guy that can dash to your enemies and using his ulti he can tank and take disterb their attention to you.
Xin zhao is one of the worst enemies that you can have.Also Warwick,Kog'Maw,Te emo,Tryndamere,Akali,Jax!

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Creeping / Jungling

As we all know Shaco is born to jungle and gank at the right time so Madred's Blodrazzor would be the perfect item for it and with this item you can chase down half-tank or tank.Jungle, first of all the first thing that you have to do is to kill the blue golem by placing jax in box nearby him and when it respawns you just kill him.But ask you team for save jungle!!

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Attack damage shaco items and jungle

When you play shaco attack damage your build must be deferent, like Madred's Blodrazzor that you have to make after your infinity edge!!So ad Shaco is jungler and *** kicker when ganking.This build about junging is very simple.But the gameplay of Shaco is defferent!