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League of Legends Build Guide Author SilenceMe

Shaco - Lets put a smile on that Face!

SilenceMe Last updated on July 21, 2010
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To my first Guide for Shaco the Demon Jester! bambambambam...

Exhaust: exhaust is 1 of those skills that i love for shaco.
just becuz if they think they can run away they can't throw an exhaust on them en finish them off with you're Clone.

Ignite: ignite gives that extra thing i hate it when i see somebody run with low HP you're Shiv is on cooldown but you have you're Decieve. use decieve throw a ignite and laugh how you get another kill.

Flash: people who think flash is strange for shaco are stupid. boy o boy you should see there faces when they where like "hey he was at the tower he decieved and now he is like almost at mine tower?!"

Early Game:
in early game grab you're Doran shield for that extra Hp extra armor and that lovely Hp regain.
Lane with somebody who has a stun/slow/snare or anything that can hold or let a champ move slower or completly stop.
after you found that Perfect friend lane with him the lane thats attached to the golem buff.
do you get it? you will get the golem buff. go sit in the bushes throw some Jitb (jack in the Boxes) and slay that Golem. Ask you're Partner to stay around you so if they gang you there you can hold stand a little bit.
dont harash untill you are lvl 3 and got decieve and two shiv poison.
make sure you focus the squishes cuz hey those are the easy fast kills.
if you dont feel comfortable in harashing.. Dont.. stay back lay down and last hit minions.

Mid Game:
aah mid game is here. the fresh sense of blood in the morning do you smell it?
o well as shaco you're goal is to help around the map you are the guy that has the map control no twisted fate, no Tanks (walking meat shields of bones and other strang stuff). no you have map control 2! use that!.
so if you reach lvl 6 (mid game) you should go around and start help you're team around.
first go mid its always fun to go 2 vs 1 :) say you're friend to harash him and decieve right in.
don't be scared to Killsteal a kill 1 or 3 times (or maybe 8 o.O?) a fed Shaco, is a Good Shaco (same for like EVERY character XD).
go back to you're own lane and try to kill 1 or 2 there with youre partner.
so just go up and down a little and keep those Golem buffs and Lizard buffs UP!.
now if you had the circle every lane is half empty with just a few champs alive.
go help you're own lane again. you're partner probbaly is missing you right now.
when you see everybody is back go for some Killing again.
and keep in mind. a shaco is almost always mana screwed.
so please i beg you get those golem buffs and lizard buffs those are youre ownly great Mana/Extra damage output.
Late Game Ganking Game:
as shaco you are part of the ganking you're adrinaline goes trough you're body.
you dont have any mana issues anymore you dont need those darn golem buffs or Lizard buffs.
its you and you're enemy. if you see a gank dont Rush in to it wait for the perfect time.
you see 1 or 2 people running away..? thats you're change! GRAB THEM.
decieve, Pop you're clone, hit, hit, hit, you trying to run away? Exhaust, wat cleanse? ignite + two shiv, Decieve, and hit that last hit.
if they survive its probbaly a darn Good Tanker or a Squishy noob with to much luck.

Items:why those items? well let me tell you:
Dorans shield: you want thats extra Hp in early becuz you as shaco are focused first.
cuz you are that most annoying always get away noob who always survives.

beserker greaves: this is you're ONLY attack speed item in Early/begin mid game.
you will get bloodrazor kinda later then you hoped and you need some attackspeed 2.

Madred Razor/Emblem of Valour: you want these items first becuz madred makes you kill those pesky Golems faster (hey 15% 500 hit is nice on a golem) and emblem gives you healing on those hits 2! lets say its 15% *( dont know the real % of it)

500/100=5x15=80 Hp in 1 smack and then i didnt even count you're Attack Damage that stack up 2. so it will always be around 100 HP!. (if you get the 15%)

Infinity edge: for that extra hit, on the extra hit of decieve, On the extra hit of you're backstab. mehh 800 crit hit / opening hti on a squishy? mehh they prob run away.
and like warwick say's "its only fun if they run :D"

Madred bloodrazor: Extra hits on Tanks.!

Stark fervor: stark gives an aura gets you're clone to means you get DOUBLE stark fervor.
20% Lifesteal? HELL NO 40%!!! 20 extra armor pen? HELL NO! 40!!

Frozen mallet/ Bloodthister: well the game always ends when i just got my Stark Fervor.
but if its a long match.. frozen mallet gives a nice slow.
bloodthister for extra Attack Damage and Extra Life steal.

Armor Pen for better hits with out you're Decieve.
the Critical Damage for Even More extra hits on the extra hits with some extra hits!.
did i forgot some extra hits?

IF you finish this guide its 100% SURE i say 200% SURE you can solo the Baron! awesome aint it?
K so this is my Guide on shaco.
a Picture of me winning will be in here in a while.
dont know when but it will come.
hope you enjoy the guide and like shaco said "Why So Serieus? :D"