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Shaco Build Guide by Alzeido

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Alzeido

Shaco - Lolwut?

Alzeido Last updated on April 15, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is my second build so any criticism is welcomed.
While you may say that this shaco build lacks survivability, you aren't in any need of it. With shaco's decieve and Jack in the Box's you can easilly get away from any gank/situation with a single exception (cooldown's a b***h)

These runes, i use because simply this caster rune page was meant for 'squishy' ap DD's like Anivia but work well for shaco due to his low ability damage and magic pen (two shiv poison)

The masteries i've chosen are a basic 21 in attack and 9 in utility, this allows shaco to be able to get the extra gold and exp early game to build items faster and do alot of damage too.

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Early Game

To begin with i start off at the blue golem and place the JitB's behind the spawn point og the golem (this placing is important! it makes the difference between dieing to a minion at level one, and being able to gank at level 2 while everyone else is level 1.
After the golem kill and the two side minions you should be level two due to the exp masteries.

-= Jungler on the team? =-
If your team has a jungler on it then you can easilly steal the other teams blue buff by simple useing your teleport to the nearest tower (after you have your items)and walking there, therefore not interfering with the junglers route.
This is also a good way to avoid the early-game ganking in ranked matches and a way to get first blood on the enemy teams jungler (4 JitB's generally drain 500 hp from an enemy in about 2.5 seconds.

During the early phase of the game i like to not jump in with decieve but make use of the blue buff and set up roughly 4-6 JitB's in the same spot at the grass leading into mid from either lane. then following up by decieving into a enemy champion and getting hit below half hp on purpose provided you haven't run too far out, you can easilly run into the bush with your JitB's and draw first blood bringing you close/up to level 3.

out of the majority of games i've played as shaco this sets the flow for the game as i usually get a score of about 6/1/2 by level 7 where the laning phase ends.

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Mid game

During mid game the enemy team usually gets health, by now you should have a manamune and a mejais at least with 5 stacks on it. this will bring your burst damage to about 800 if you place your decieve behind them.

short and simple, whenever you see someone on their own, burst in with decieve and hit them with your shiv, which will hep you get away and by the time they get near you you can burst them again.

Don't forget to always put jitb's down throught the game, these are a insanely usefull thing for their short fear time. specially in team fights if a ally is on low health, people will no doubt persue them for a kill but with your JitB there they can get away, i've saved many people by doing this and you should do the same.

another use for these is taking agro form turrets, minions and skillshots.

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End Game

In the end game i usually have Beserkers Greives, manamune, mejais soulstealer, phantom dancer and bloodthirster. So now i'm jungling and taking their buffs andsuch (leaving one of the small minions behind maked their buffs not spawn and is a major annoyance to the enemy team so i reccomend doing this alot :) )

thats pretty much it for late game, just keep doing what you do in team fights for midgame and you'll be all good.

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Debateable factors

This is where i'll add improvements suggested by you guys that i think are viable for this build.

Note: this is a AD build with a mejais to improve shiv only, not a hybrid like others may think.

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Additional comments/hints

Shaco's Jitb's can be a very useful beacon for people with teleport which is why i use teleport to begin with.
with the teleport cooldown you should be able to get enough money to buy another item by the time it's up, in this case just put a JitB down and recall (obviously in a shrub or something otherwilse minions or champions may set it off leaving you to run there.

Shaco's passive increases your damage if you attack behind the enemy champion, use this with decieves additional crit to get roughly 250% dmg (300% if you have infinity edge)

The infinity edge is optional to change for a second bloodthirster but this is a matter of preference, with a second bloodthirster you can regain your hp in 4 hits instead of 8 but thats about it.

This is my second build so go easy on the hostile critisism. thanks for reading :D