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League of Legends Build Guide Author Adalhaug12

Shaco - Missed the Punchline?

Adalhaug12 Last updated on April 20, 2011
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(6th of March 2011) Added Black Cleaver to my Build
(6th of March 2011) Added Sword of the Divine to Alternative Items
(6th of March 2011) Did a couple of changes and corrected a few spelling mistakes
(6th of March 2011) Changed Masteries to include movement speed when Dodging attacks
(6th of March 2011) Changed the rune page to hold Greater Seal of Evasion
(7th of March 2011) Did some changes to the skill section
(8th of March 2011) Added a tip in the item section as well as some improvements
(8th of March 2011) Renovated the item path

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I would Like to give Credits to Remains Shaco guideHere

This is the first guide I've ever made on any champion in LoL. I apologize for any spelling mistakes but english is not my native language, norwegian is. In this guide I will be covering the main aspects of an ultimate late game AD shaco, some fun tricks that he can pull off and a bit of game tactics in between. The reason I did not choose to make an AP build on Shaco is because I find this a quite cheap tactic. Now don't get me wrong here, I'm sure a well build AP Shaco has insane dmg output, but my issue is that you just sit in the bush and maybe bait your enemies with your Shiv. Another issue is that his CD is not low enough to played as a pure AP character but maybe you could play him as a hybrid? What do I know.
Don't get frustrated when playing Shaco because he is indeeed a hard hero to play and will take at least 5-10 games of practice before you constantly get godd KDR. Before we start off I want to make one point clear: Shaco will only be as good as the person using him. A lot of guides promises you green fields of joy and love and guarantees you that you will be the best. However when every guide gives you these promises then we suddenly have a little problem. And if you(the reader)by any means state that Shaco is OP then you can f*** off because he is not(!). That was my little "rant", lets start shall we? :) The first couple of sections will be about items, skills and summoner spells and later in the guide I will explain some more advanced game tactics.

Qaudra kill!!

These pictures is to show you that I know what I'm doing...

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Build 1 vs Build 2

The difference between the first and the second build is that the second build gives more survivabilty while offering a little less attack damage. I would reccommend build 2 for players starting out and learning Shaco. If you are intermediate to experienced with Shaco then I would suggest you stick with the main build.

BUT! When it comes to ranked games I would reccommend build 2 only because you will be focused and you need some extra survivability.

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-Insane pusher
-Annoying as hell
-Great champ killer
-Super sexy
-Effectivly reduce the number of players on the enemy team throughout the game, giving great possibilities for your team to push through.

-Hard to master
-Extremely mana hungry early on

Why Shaco?

Well I chose Shaco because a friend of mine played him a lot and I thought he looked really cool. At first I did amazing with him when I was lvl 12 and only playing 3v3 by just following the reccommended item build. But these games were so short. Suddenly I started only playing 5v5, and I wanted to take Shaco with me. At this time I was lvl 23. However I did terrible with Shaco and I was so frustrated. I was desperatley asking people if he had been nerfed the last 3 months, but no. So I went on Mobafire to try to find a good guide, but strangely I found that no one worked out for me. Don't get me wrong though. Just because it didn't work out for me doesn't mean you shouldn't read other guides as well. So I sat down with the builds I had seen did some modifications and different item choices and voila here is my guide to become legendary with Shaco.

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Runes & Masteries

OK, I'm gonna come clear. To be honest the I dont care so much about the rune pages. When I first started buying runes I had no idea whatsoever about their bonuses I honestly just bought random runes. I've gotten tons of kills with Shaco with the only rune page I use:

6x Greater Seal of Vitality + 1x Seal of replenishment

1x Lesser Mark of Strength + 1x Mark of strength + 1x Mark of might + 1x Mark of Malice + 1x Mark of Replenishment

1x Glyph of Potency + 1x Glyph of MIght + 1x Glyph of Celerity + 1x Lesser Glyph of Vitality

You can see by this setup that my runes are just bought along the way. However, the runes I never go without are my 2 Greater Quintessences of Fortitude(obviously when I reach lvl 30 I will buy three). With my random runes, my quintessences and my masteries as well as starting with Doran's shield I have 723 health at lvl 1. This is more than most tanks. Of course if you want to do the most out of this champ then feel free to buy all the runes but it will take some time to get all the runes. Also you can swap glyph of intellect with glyph of clarity. If you feel like it you can take all your runes as Furor which gives you a lot of extra crit chance, but I would not reccommend this. I would never swap out my armor pen runes. You could also choos more defensive runes but it's up to you:

I take 9 points in offense and 21 in defense because Shaco is so squishy that you will need the extra defense. I decided not to take 1 point on Burning Embers. Even though I've chosen ignite as my summoner spell he does not need AP as this is an AD Shaco. Basically my masteries in offense focus on physical attacks. Alternatively you could go 21/9/0 but I feel that he becomes a lot more squishy then he already is. There's not much more to say.

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This actually an extremely important factor if you want to succeed as a Shaco player. I will list the possible alternatives and explain when to use them.

Berserker Greaves

This is what I end up with in most cases if the enemy team is not full with either AP casters, AD carrys or a lot of crowd control(stun, slow, taunt etc.) This give Shaco good Atk Speed early game which matters a lot. However they do not offer any survivabilty at all which is a thumbs down to use these boots.

Ninja Tabi

Yes! I'am serious and fully within my right mind. Notice that you have dodge runes, increased dodge in masteries as well as increased Movement speed when dodging an atk. This offers 12% dodge chance as well as 25 armor. This item is actually great for Shaco when you use this setup and gives you quite a bit of survivability.

Mercury's Treads

These boots are great if you meat a team that relies heavily on spells and crowd control as they give 25 magic resist and reduces all crowd control durations by 35%.

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Core Build

The items I've chosen focuses on all forms of physical attacks; Crit chance, AD, Attack speed as well as Lifesteal. I would like to add that every trip back to base, until lvl 10, you should grab two health potions.

When you read my item choices and which order I take them, DO NOT FOLLOW ME BLINDLY. You have to use common sense. For instance let's say they have a fed malphite on the other team, then you would like to get Black Cleaver as soon as possible. If Rammus is just impossible to kill, don't wait until lvl 18 before you buy your Madreds Bloodrazor. My point is that you have to analyze the game situation and make the right decisions. Sure you will have thos ****py games where you you feel like "WTH is wrong with me?!". Don't let this bring you down. Remember: The only one that can make you a good player is YOU.

Early Game

These items will give you good oppertunities to harass and get the blue mana buff as well as some kills.

Is actually a more viable choice instead of doran's as the cost price has been increased. This can really help you pick up some kills early on. Start with this along with 2 health pot and 1 mana pot.

Berserker Greaves is an absolute must-have item for Shaco offering attack speed and 2 units enhanced movement.

Sheen's passive is a great utlilty for using Decieve. The sheen gives you bonus AD when using an ability and Shaco's passive gives you 25% extra dmg when striking an enemy from behind. A must-have item.

Mid game

When reaching mid game you need to build some more conventional physical attack. I start biulding Attack speed, AD and a bit more movement speed.

Zeal is the second "ingredient" for reaching Trinity force. I think it's great cuz it offers movement speed, atk speed and crit chance.

Trinity force is by far my favourite item on Shaco. All it's bonuses and passives benfit Shaco greatly. And it also offers 250 health and mana something Shaco desperately need. An overall great hybrid item. You will also have to get this as your first big item as Shaco need the Health and mana sorely.

B.F sword is the "dmg ingredient" for The Bloodthirster and a good start if your game last so short that you wont make it any longer. The 50 AD this item offers is great.

The Bloodthirster is an important item for Shaco mid game to sustain your health when you are pushing and if you can kill 40 creatures and not die you will have 40 extra dmg and 10% extra life steal!

Late Game

Now we're starting to build the golden items. These items will make your attack's crit almost all the time and you will have more than 450 movement speed as well as your dmg will be over 300. Something I have notcied more and more is that if you don't have more than 400 movement as a melee champ you will not get many kill or be able to escape. But when you reach your black cleaver even Shen will have a hard time escaping from you.

I simply love the phantom dancer even though they have take away the dodge chance it earlier provided. 55% Atk speed, 30% crit chance and 15% movement speed is simply fantastic. I usually buy another zeal before getting the full phantom dancer.

Ah! Infinity edge; every DPS or AD champion's favourite. This item offers 75 AD, 20 crit chance and your crit hits will now deal 250% dmg and not 200%, but afterall it is the most expensive item in LoL.

Ok the Black Cleaver is an Amazing item and I recently added it to this build. Due to my stupidity I haven't noticed it until now but I highly reccomende getting this maybe before Infinity Edge.

When you have got all these items, even a lvl 18 late game master yi or tristana will fall to your atttacks in max 4-5 seconds.

Alternative Items

The Frozen Mallet can be swapped out mid game with Doran's shield if you find yourself with way to little health, but the Doran's shield is originally ment to be swapped out with The black Cleaver

Thornmail can also be swapped out with Dorans shield mid game if you find yourself taking way to much dmg. Take this if you are fighting against a fed Tryndamere.

You can by last whisper instead of malady for more AD.

If you're doing well you can buy Sword of the occult instead of Malady.

Madreds Bloodrazore can be switched out with Bloodthirster, and this item, along with Black Cleaver, will tear apart the enemy tanks. Black CLeaver helps against Armour *****s and Madreds against Health *****s.

Sword of the Divine might be a more viable choice than Malady in certain cases especially if you are fighting against Jax. Remeber this item's active makes your attacks impossible to dodge which means Jax can't benefit from his Dodge-whoring.

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Skill Sequence

This will be very short. I see a lot of guide choose Jitb first cuz then you can get the blue golem buff easily at lvl 1, but I dont think it's worth it to get the golem buff that early. You will do just fine on your own by leveling decieve and shiv first for great harrasing. I only use the Jitb to cover escape or enemy attack paths when pushing a tower alone when laning phase is over. I will come back to this in detail later.

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Summoner Spells

What You SHOULD Have

Ignite is great for getting FB and a lot of kills early on. It can be hard to determine exactly when to use it but with a bit of practice you will become deadly. I would also like to mention that it reduces all healing done by 50% which is great against Fiddlesticks, Mundo and Vladimir.

Ghost is a great escape and chasing tool especially good for escaping when you don't have enough mana to decieve. Ghost+Decieve = GTFO.

Exhaust is also a good chasing and escape tool. This spell also matter so much in getting FB that it's almost scary.

Teleport has a ton of uses and a lot of people forget about it. For instance if you are spawning super minions that are pushing down the nexus turret you can sneak in behind enemy lines and really f*** with their minds. Another great thing is that you can TP to your Jitb's.

What You CAN Have

Heal can be a good alternative if you are having problems playing him your first few times, but it's effect will vanish away when you know how to play him.

Clairvoyance is a good thing to use your first times as Shaco. It is great for any premade game and if you don't like ganking you can get a headstart. You just need to know how to use it.

Cleanse should be considered if you find yourself dying often against stun heroes.

This is one of those spells that people forget about. This gives you increased AD and health regen wich both you and your clone benefits from. Good for pushing into base and ripping towers apart as well as fighting tanks.

What you should NOT have

Revive means that you expect yourself to die and this is the complete wrong mentality. NEVER choose this spell.

Clarity is not neccessary. If you run out of mana quickly consider getting the blue golem buff mid game.

Fortify should be left to the tanks/support.

Flash is not neccessary when you have decieve and/or ghost. I see a lot of people use it but you dont flash such a great distance.

Smite is for jungling guides.

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Using Your Skills To Your Advantage


Deceive is my absolute favourite spell on Shaco. This spell has so many uses that you won't believe it. Escaping, chasing, sneaking into base to destroy innhibitors; Deceive is your choice. First let's start of initiating a battle with Deceive, cuz you always want to do this. When using Deceive to start a battle make sure that you are either popping out from the jungle or you are far enough away so the enemies hasn't seen you when you use the spell. You can also decieve over walls. Remeber that you will be stealthed for 3,5 sec which means you should have no problem deceiving to your enemies so that they don't see you. When you have deceived run behind the enemy champion because your passive gives you 25% bonus dmg when striking a unit from behind. This combined with the Sheen's passive and the bonus dmg when using decieve will give you a headstart and possibly a kill.
Let's talk about chasing with deceive. When you're chasing an enemy that's running in his lane back to base you will always decive as as far as possible and then attack the enemy. If you are in the jungle and chasing and enemy that's faster than you, you can deceive over a wall in the direction you assume the enemy will run(most often back to base). When your team is chasing and enemy out of the jungle you shoudl try to run along the "lane wall" and deceive over the wall and surprise him. If your shiv is not on CD you will also slow your opponent making it easier for your team to cath up.
When escaping you never want to decieve in the direction of the base because the enemy team will assume you are and just keep running to your base and hope that you will appear. What you wanna do when there is three or more enemies ganking you is to deceive towards your enemies and run into the jungle instead because they will not see this tactic coming. They will assume that you headed towards your base but no. If you are getting chased from one direction and you are running back to your last tower in that lane what you wanna do is to deceive over the wall into the jungle. Trust me when you get this right you are gonne laugh your *** of :D
Let's look at a different scenario. Your team has and super minions have managed to destroy the two nexus turrets and all the is left is to destroy the main innhibitor, but the enemy team has managed to get back on their feet and pushed out all the minions. The enemy team will get the feeling that they can move out of base and this is when it's time for Shaco to f*** it up. Stand in the middle of the jungle beside the wall protecting the base. Deceive over the wall, run straight to their innhibitor pop your ultimate and watch the enemy team realise that they just got owned.

Jack In The Box

Jitb is in my opinion just a "support" spell on an AD Shaco. By all means this can be a great spell if used correctly but it's not a dmg spell when building AD Shaco. I tend to use it when I'm pushing a tower alone to cover escape and enemy attack paths. This will give me a headstart on my escape. Also when I'm escaping and I know that the enemies are still following me I like to place a Jitb in front of me as a trap which can buy me more time. If you want to get a lvl headstart you can lvl up Jitb first and head to the blue golem place abut 5-6 of them just outside range of the golem so that they dont pop when the golem spawns at 1:55. Then you want to draw the golems attention to you and run towards your boxes to make the pop. Start attacking and the golem should be dead in a matter of seconds. Finish of the two lizards as well and you should be lvl 2 if your masteries build utility instead(my build does not).

Two-Shiv Poison

This spell is a pretty good spell for getting those last HP of the target when they're escaping back to their tower. Although you should take advantage of it's passive for as long as possible it still does a fair amount of dmg. I particularly initiate a battle with Deceive and then follow up with just attacking. Why, you might ask. This my friend is because the Shiv has a great passive. It's like a built in lizard buff as well as it provides a miss chance to your target. Think about that. Trynda can actually loose 1k atk dmg by missing once. Then when you feel that the opponent is getting out of ranged throw your shiw at him and maybe cath up with him again. The passive of Shiv means that you don't have to get the red lizard buff, however feel free to. I would say that this spell matters alot more on an AP shaco but can still be very useful. For instance let's say it's early game your chasing your target back to their tower and he get's out of range. If the target has one bar of the HP or less you can deceive in and just throw a Shiv. After this you will also be able to get out of tower range quicker because Shiv is a ranged attack.


His ulti is a funny way to really annoy the sh** out of your opponents. This can be used for initiating a battle and escaping. Let's talk about initiating first. I always Deceive in attack followed by Shiv and if I know the target will stay I pop my ulti. If I'm lucky the target will attack my clone and deal dmg to him when my clone explodes. Then I can finish him off a lot easier. However, my personal favourite is to use my ulti, hold Alt and click were I want to go. This will make my clone move instead of me. When I lead it in to attack, the enemy use all the abilities on the clone so it explodes and I can Deceive in and finish them off with my team. This will annoy the f*** out of them and the best part is; They don't learn either!
When it comes to escaping this is for the more advanced player. What you do is pop your ultimate and then run one way and send your clone another way by holding down Alt while clickcing. This requires quite a bit of skills an coordination.

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Game Tactics

In this chapter I will talk about how you want to play through early/mid/late game. I will also include how to harass. I will explain when to play offensively or defensively in certain scenarios as well as some teamfight tactics.

Early Game

Let's go through the hole game from start to fininsh.
When you spawn at your base buy a Doran's shield an a health potion. Head to either top or bottom lane preferebly with a tank. In the corner of the map go all the way forward in the bush closest to the enemy's tower. If you are lucky one of the enemies will have only 4 bars with health and you should almost be able to grab first blood immediately. If this is the case make sure you teammate is all the way forward as well and when to enemy is about to go in the brush Deceive slightly behind him and attack as fast as possible. Hopfully your teammate can keep him pinged with either knocking airborne, stunning or taunting. Then you can burn him down with Ignite. If you are lucky you teammate or you should have FB.

More coming soon, I just wanted to publish what I have so far, and honestly this still covers pretty much