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Shaco Build Guide by RoguesAbyss

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author RoguesAbyss

Shaco Pure Ability Power

RoguesAbyss Last updated on October 16, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Shaco-Pure AP Ownage

This is my first guide for League of Legends. The champion is Shaco-The Demon Jester. This guide is pure ability power for one reason-his Jack in the Box. Place a couple of these in a bush late game, and you'll have yourself a kill without anyway engaging. Plus, your ultimate will pretty much kill a player when it dies which is also very helpful. I hope this guide helps you to master Shaco.

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I've been playing League of Legends quite a while now. I've not really played many champions but when I tried Shaco I instantly knew I was going to love him. His Jack in the Box's are so powerful if you build pure AP which is what this guide is all what. AP on this champion will help you to kill so many other champions without you even being there. Or, when you go in for team battles and you use Shaco's ultimate, your going to be nearly killing people just with the ultimate. When playing Shaco, it is very important to keep using Jack in the Box's in bushes around the map, as this will significantly decrease your oppposing champions health. This will cause them to back more often getting them out of experience range. I seriously hope this guide will help everyone out there that wants to play Shaco.

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I have chosen all runes to be pure ability power runes as again this is going to really affect the power of Shaco. Pure AP runes will just add onto the massive amount of damage that you already do wih Shaco. I don't really recommend any other runes if your going pure ability power as they won't help you as much. Runes will give you a small advantage over other players depending on their summoner level. Obviously, you won't have much of an advantage against other level 30 people.

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For this guide i've chosen to go 21-0-9. I'll start off with Utility first. Perseverance is useful to have just for that extra bit of health and mana that could come handy, although it won't affect it by much. I chose Good Hands as you will not be running Ghost or Teleport so it would be a waste of a mastery if you chose either of them. Awareness will be very important as a mastery as it will give you an extra 5% experience gain. If you think about it this is a lot. And lastly for Utility is the Utility Mastery. With an extra 15% time of buffs, this is a great mastery to have as it will help you to overcome an enemy champion. Offense is the main mastery as you will be playing very offensively in game. Archmages Savvy will increase you ability power, hence why this is a pure ability power guide. Sorcery will be quite important as it decreases cooldown times. This can mean that your chance of getting away is increased a tiny bit. It will also be helpful to deal damage quicker as you won't be waiting as long for your cooldowns to reach zero. Alacrity won't be very important, I just used two masteries for that mastery so that you can get the other masteries after that one. Sunder I chose just so that you take off some of your opponents armour. You never no, sometimes people get away on a couple of health. Archaic Knowledge is quite handy hence I used a point on it. It just penetrates some of the opponents magic resistance which could come in handy, especially if it's a team fight. Brute Force I used three masteries on basically so that you can unlock the next lot of masteries. Lethality is a good mastery to put points on as with Shaco, when you use his Decieve, you are guarranteed to hit a critcal hit. So increased the percent of damage for this is quite important. And finaly Havoc. This is increases physical and magic damage by 4% which will mean that you deal a lot extra damage to an enemy champion when your have so much ability power.

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All of the items I went for have ability power. This is because this is a pure ability power guide. Obviously, you have to have boots aswell. I chose Boots of Mobility as it will help you to get away, especially if you time and place your Decieve well. Mejai's Soulstealer will only be a useful item to have if your are getting a lot of kills and assists. If you are not, then I highly suggest that you get another item instead of this one. If you are going to be doing this, then I also suggest that you get another Rabadon's Deathcap. This will increase your ability power a lot more than any other item. The Rabadon's Deathcap will be very useful as they both give you so much ability power. Having these will just increase the damage of your skills by so much. Lich Bane I chose as it gives quite a lot of ability power and mana and some movement speed. Plus, it's passive will enable you to do so much damage will a normal physical attack. If you had all items and all stacks for this build you'll be hitting around 1000+. Now, for a normal attack that's quite good. Again, Deathfire Grasp is good, especially the passive. Reducing cooldowns by 15% is a lot. Get an Archangel's Staff as it changes 3% of your mana to ability power and it also gives you extra mana which increases your ability power even more.

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Skill Sequence

The skill sequence is very important for a champion. I think the best option for Shaco is to focus on his Jack in the Box and his Two-Shiv poison. You do want to get Decieve when your level three though as this can be used to catch up with enemies or get away from them. If your in a team fight you want to use your ultimate first, then Decieve in, auto attack once, then Two-Shiv poison. This order will do a lot of damage.

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Summoner Spells

Ignite is always very useful to have as if you use it and an enemy gets away on barely any health, ignite will finish them off for you. Clarity is quite important to have when your not jungling Shaco as he can run out of mana very fast at early game. It can also help team mates out with their mana levels. Late game though, you should focus on getting buffs to give you an extra edge on a enemy.

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Team Work

When your playing Shaco going for ganks might be a good option. Obviously, this will be early game, but i generally suggest that you wait until you have your ultimate just so that you can do that extra damage. Shaco isn't the most the tanky champion, so try to stay back in team fights and just do damage instead of you possibly dying aswell.

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Try to farm minions well. Make sure you get as many last hits in as possible just so that you can get more gold faster. You might also want to think about taking buffs and monsters just for extra gold and experience. And also getting the buffs so that you have an extra advantage.

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Pros / Cons

The best thing about this guide is that you can do a lot of damage, but because you have no armour or anything like that, you may die quite quickly, so try to stay out of the range of enemy champions.

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So, there's my first guide completed. A pure ability power Shaco that can do so much power if played correctly. Everything about this guide is pure ability power, ability power, ability power! I hope that this guide will help you to play Shaco better. NOTE:This guide is not a guide for jungling with Shaco.
I also just want to say thank you very much to the makers of League of Legendsfor making such an amazing game, and also for making it free to play.