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Shaco Build Guide by Jin Vince

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jin Vince

Shaco "Hit and Run"

Jin Vince Last updated on September 18, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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While listening a relaxing song, just get a cup of coffee, recline, make yourself comfortable on your seat, because you are about to play shaco, a trickster which is too much fun to play ^^.

Let me ask you something;

Do you like hit-and-runs without getting considerable amount of damage? -YES!

Are you able to use your brain? -...?
Guys, in order to play Shaco, you must have good tactical and strategic skills. And they come with practicing. So if you feed someone, its your fault. I do not guarantee any of you unending victories. I just wanted to share my experience with you. It is up to you to try my build or not. However after many plays, I came up with these ideas. Then I tried this build many times, it worked.

Well, if you want to give it a try, here is my guide, Shaco "Hit and Run".

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More About Shaco

Anyway I just wanted to share some of my tricks when I play shaco. You know shaco is hell of a hero and with a good tactical and strategic understanding of situation, there is no limit to what you can do. But I want you to know, he is very fragile, can die very easily. The trick is simple to be a good shaco player, you can not act recklessly. So keep this in mind, no matter what happens (even if your whole team dies), do not be careless and let your death (prefer not to die) be meaningless. Your death must worth it. I know that this rule is important for all heroes but for shaco, it is more than important. When you die, it should not even be an exchange situation.
1-Always have a plan 3 steps ahead of your enemy.
2-Never act recklessly
3-Always keep your eyes on the map
*If you prefer side lanes, when there is a SS in other lanes, stay close to your tower.
*If 2 or more enemy champs are not on the map, retreat.
4-Always use your boxes and place them at critical positions.
5-ALways check your mana, so you can use deceive. Never wander around without 90 mana and Q on cd.

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Why Shaco?


1- He is very mobile. You can defend or gank all the lanes. You can join a fight and escape easily. With proper tactics, you can not die.

2- Good critic stats. (With backstab critic, you have the power)

3- Good lane controller. (Use your boxes and in some situations your clones)

4- Great harasser. ( With your shivs, your laning enemy champs will be harassed properly and be forced to use their healing pots and healing skills which means using mana)

5- Puppeteer. ( Tactics and strategy! You can fool enemy champs, even control them)

6- Supporter. ( Use your boxes to reveal the map's critical places)

7- Backdoor champ ( With your clone and boxes, you can attack a tower without defences, then deceive and escape)

8- Playing shaco is fun ^^

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Actually I've seen many different shaco item builds and some of them were good, sometimes I use different builds but at last, I came up with this build, and I usually stick with this. As I said before, Shaco is very fragile, so you might wonder why no defencive items? Because you're not supposed to tank any risky damage! You can't rush towards to 2 or more heroes by yourself. Always stick with your plan and be a stealth assasin. Hunt them one by one. Let your tank mates to tank them. Why? Against proper players, your defencive items are not that important, TEAM WORK IS NECESSARY. So you can see that i prefer a hybrid Shaco. It is obvious that with Shaco's passive ability and Q, AD Shaco is charming but Shaco's E (shivs) has considerable amount of burst damage which comes from his both AD and AP. In the right order (for example), Q then E, the damage dealt IS FEARSOME :)

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Some Tips

Your nemesis: CCs and nukes!

Your targets: DPS carries.

Your job: Trickster, Scout, Trap/Ward Placer, Burst Damager, Chaser and Backdoor specialist ^^.

Tip/Rule 1: Your Q is your everything! Dont use it too much. Make it ready for unexpected confrontations. It shouldn't be on CD when you need it.

Tip/Rule 2: Use your boxes as an escape route.

Tip/Rule 3: Dont not mess with crit damagers and CCs. Trust me, even if they are on low hp, its too risky!

Tip 4: This is more like a trick. Use your ulti or flash against some skill shots like Caitlyn's Ace in the Hole. With proper timing you can escape in life and death situations.

Tip 5: Again this is more like a trick. Use your clone for deceiving enemy champs and make them waste their skill shots. For example, push a lane, then use your ulti, hide in a bush, control your clone (pressing "alt" button) and make him last hit minions, escape enemy champs attacks then come back again, your laning enemies might believe that your clone is real, then they might waste their skill shots (even their ulti).

Tip 6: Long confrontation is not your thing. Just hit and run. Even if are able to kill a champ, after fight you will be exhausted (on low hp and mana, skills on cd), you might get ganked. As i said before dont exchange kills.

Tip 7: Ganking and killing enemy champs is a good thing, but do not ever forget that farming minions will let you get much more gold. Why? Because, in order to gank, you have to spend time going there, positioning, and killing. What about the odds of succesful gank? Calculating chances it is risky and from enemy's point of view, they dont lose too much like they would have in DOTA. So try to farm and farm more. Money is everything, though greed is bad for shaco ^^.

Tip 8: What to do with this Jack in the Boxes. Use them to divert attention, gank or control lanes. (Examples and techniques will be in the next update*).

I will update my guide in the future, so for the time being have fun playing Shaco.

*Next update will be about some tactics on using boxes and clone with replays of my shaco plays.