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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author RandomGuys

Shaco - Risky AP

RandomGuys Last updated on January 28, 2011
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Hello, This is my first guide on Shaco. I've only tested this on the 3v3 map so I'm not really sure about how things will go in 5v5 matches.

Shaco is a really fun champ in my view. He can basically juke anyone (if played correctly). This guide is based on the timing you start to gank the opposing team. His skill, Deceive, is a very unique way to set up ganks and run away at times. But, in this guide, it is used in different ways. I play Shaco on any lane because I'm just waiting till it is mid-late game in which no one lanes much anymore.

I don't know how to provide skill info in pictures.

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Pros and Cons

Has great escape mechanic
Ulti can tear towers apart
Fun champion

Hard to get the hang of him
A bit squishy

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Escape mechanic and excellent ganking skill

EXTREMELY helpful in running from ganks. This skill has saved me many times (unless their team has massive stun/surpress). But still, this skill is useful also for jumping through walls

Jack in the Box

Ward-like skill

This skill is somewhat helpful for ap shaco but because of its long cd, it isn't recommended much.

Two-shiv poison

excellent finisher

Although this skill is hard to spam, it is needed. You really don't need the passive on an AP shaco.


Creates clone

This skill is VERY fun. It can be used in anyway since it's just you that can't use skills. I use this skill to basically juke the other team as they try to kill me.

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Since this is an AP Shaco we are going for, I usually go for ap and mana regen runes along with CdR.

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Summoner Spells

Exhaust & Ignite is a good combo for most champs. Pop them both at the same time. Keep hitting the champ and he is basically dead. Really easy to get first blood with this combo.

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First of all, this is a really really HARD build for shaco. If you're a beginner shaco player, don't come to my build for advice.

I usually go for a sapphire crystal and one HP pot but, if you think you need more survivability, go for a doran's ring instead of the crystal. Doing this will slow you down in your item build since you need to build a rod of ages quick in the early-mid game. Later on, you would come back for the catalyst and a boots of speed. Basically after that, you would get ionian boots of lucidity.

The next items you get would be a rod of ages. If you're running short, just grab a blasting wand and go. You would really need the rod of ages earlier in the game because of its passive in which you gain 18 health, 20 mana, and 2 ability power each 1 min (capped at 10 mins). Throughout anytime of the game, if you see the opposing team placing a ward down, go back and buy a vision ward or oracle to get rid of it for your team. It can really increase your chances of a successful gank.

Guinsoo will be your next item as you build into in from a blasting wand. It will give you a little atk dmg if you feel useless when your ulti or two-shiv in on cd. There are other reasons on why you should get this too.

Void staff will be the next essential item in your build. As opposing tanks look at your item build, they might start building magic resist. This is where void staff comes in hand. 40% magic penetration is REALLY useful into going through their magic resist. Plus, it gives a nifty 70 ap into your stats.

During this time, you should've reached mid-late by now. You would start building a rylai to amplify your slow on your two-shiv plus something else in the gameplay section. It gives an swesome Hp bonus as well as MORE ap!

Finally, your last item, the death cap. This item is ALMOST ALWAYS used in a AP build. It gives you a WHOPPING 155 AP for crying out loud! Plus, your AP will be INCREASED by 30%!


Replace Guinsoo's Rageblade:

Take a Nashor's Tooth instead of it because of the excellent CdR you'll need along with the extra AS/AP. Also, you can go for a deathfire grasp.

If you constantly die too quickly:

If it is about the CC placed upon you, get a Banshee' Veil or a Quicksilver sash if you need that extra defense.

If you just wanna go CRAZY AP tank:

Pick up a Zhonya's Hourglass for the extra defense also along with the 100 AP. Also, go for a abyssal scepter.

If you are just feel really good:

Go for a mejai. It will increase your ap dramatically for early 100 gold item if you get enough kills.

If you wanna go AD:

Find another build.

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I play shaco weird.

First, if you see the opposing team pushing with all of their champs (3v3), set up your team in the brush near them. Then, you would ulti in the brush and send your clones into the bunch. Now, they will go like, "LMFAO 3v1 lolololololol". They usually start using everything they have at your clone in which leads the clone to die. The explosion will then SHALL do massive dmg on most of them (hopefully). Then, send the team in to rape them while you JiTb their escape route. Later, go into the fight and just try to keep aim on the low hp champ by constantly hitting him/her with two-shiv. Once your JiTb comes out of cd, place it in the bunch. If you see anyone trying to run, go ahead and chase em. Your set JiTb will slow em (and possibly kill em lol) and you could deceive forward and get that two-shiv in.


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Team Work

AP Shaco revolves around how well they do to improve your gameplay statistics. Most of them will probably complain that you don't do much in battles. Well, they are wrong and right. AP shaco is effective in mid-late to late game so you can't really do much in the early-mid game. If they are just being an ***, ignore em and continue on throughout the game

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My use of shaco's ultimate is just one way. There's more. Some people that are AD builds just go in and ulti while DPSing one target. I really need feedback cause this is like my first official build. You can call me crazy trying to establish a AP shaco but, I'd say it works. For those critics out there, your comments are criticizing work but really help the writer improve. So, critics are welcome here.