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Shaco Build Guide by Kagesh

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kagesh

Shaco, Super crits are overated..not

Kagesh Last updated on January 24, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Welcome to my first shaco guide, woot, i use this build constantly in Dom, and it works quite effecitvly...But enough about me..This is about to ebil demonic clown from the darkness who likes to stab things in the back...alot

I mean seriously, this guy has two daggers and he seems to constantly jump into peoples backs and stab them until they are dead...

Hmm...why do i reconize that from somewhere.....

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The runes i chose work well with a jungling shaco in classic and here on dominoin,

The marks are for free damage until you can get your damien blade

The seals are for armor, to keep you in the fight longer agaisnt ad opponents, because i have never seen a full ap team yet

The Glyphs are for cooldown, so you can get your ulti, JITB and decieves faster, so you dont get stuck a losing chase agaisnt 4 eneimies, that saw you leave top unattending

and the QUINS, are just for early damage boost, in case of alot of enemy tanks

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The masteries are mainly focused on ad, crits, and staying in the game as well as getting out of a jam fast.. The last 3 points in minion and faster recall...makes it easier for shaco to get back in the fight with minion murder, and get out of the fight as a faster recall when on the run, and with the damage, armor pen, and crits, you will cause alot of pain before you leave

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I start with a boots of speed, book, and scepter first to begin the intial part of the build...

Usually i request to grab mid for the free 100 gold and then devieve to the speed boost and help the team top

Depending on your win or loss at top, you will most likely recall and build sheen....This item is godlike in shacos hands

Sure your damage is low right now, but with decieve automatically hitting crits as well as your passive to get more damage behind enimies, that ability is worth alot more..

The fighting contues and you either die or recall again to grab boots of mobility, just so you can chase/run to the enimies to get back into the fight..

Depening on how the game is going, the next item into trinity force can go either way, if your dying alot and need more health and damage, then the hammer is the way to go, but if your winning but losing the chase to alot of enimies, then go to zeal and run amok

Once you complete trinity force, you now have a viable, decieve in and nuke, champ..but your missing the damage..

Which brings us back to the scepter, build damien blade and just have a ball with diving into the enimie lines, ulting and then slashing and hacking with Jitbs and decieves

after that, all you need is more movement and depenind on what the game calls for, i left the last two items open..if you need something to take out tanky enimies, then the dominon bloodrazor or starks fevor is your way to go depending on their tankiness

Or if you want to be a horrible person, get inifinity edge...if you do, i praise your evilness...the combo with double damage into a super crit is just...WONDERFUL!!!!!!

after that its pretty much game over when you get done with the item build

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Skill Sequence

Your main point is to max decieve first as well as your ulti, whil building JITB and Shiv inbetween to further slow and stall your enimies when you engage them..

The higher the Crit damage in Deceive, the better sheens ability becomes,

Shiv is just used to slow in either attack based, or if they flash away, dagger throwing slow based..and with the cooldowns, you will go right back into attack based

Jitb are mainly a minoin/capp/1v1 disrution in which to confuse and keep the enemy off your point or off the real you if you ulti and need to get away..

And your ulti....lets just say its used to reall piss people off, when its doing high damage just like you, and slowing them down like you do...

A reference is when i was fighting a teemo over my mid point...i ran in with decieve, and then ultied..he blindshotted, exhausted, and ignited the CLONE!!!! and left me unharmed to wail on his little body till death took him away from sad little scout...i wish my jitb hadnt gotten you, before my 4 knives did!!!

(insert evil laugh)

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Summoner Spells

I chose ignite and exhuast due to my inability to call in a ghost or flash at the right time, it seems i continue to fail at flashing, just as i get stunned, so they instantly jump back onto me and murder i just stay on offense and exhuast the bigg hitters while igniting the tanks..

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How to play

Shacos main point in this build is to hit the weak enimies if they are unaware of your presence, if they have oracle then good luck.

Decieve at the weak and easily killable eneimies and combo the sheen with your passive and decieve to take them out of the fight quick..if the rest of the enemy team jumps you, then ulti and place down a turret so you can get enough time to get decieve off cooldown and get out of the fight if its unwinnable

I have jumped a kayle when i got to trinity level and killed her when her health was at around half..she didint have enough time to pop ulti on herself either...

But your not a long gun, going around like a maniac and leaving the points to your team...your a team playing shaco...if you see a 2v1 fight top, and you got nothing to do, go help..dont leave your teamates to die and you to follow their death close behind..

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I hopr you enjoy my first shaco build

If you please comment about the build and give me ideas on how to make it better, please do..other then that, happy murder trails and remember

"Now you see me, Now, you DONT!!"
-Shaco, The Demonic Jester