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Shaco Build Guide by Veromero

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Veromero


Veromero Last updated on March 27, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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My first guide.... guide is hard to make...

alright. let s see. Shaco has been one of my fav champ for anytime. been playing him a lot. Jungle, Top, Bot, Mid. I like jungle and bot the most.
In my opinion, Shaco is one of the most entertaining champinon to play.
He is master of KSing, running away, ganking, damaging, jungling.
One of the best 1 vs 1 champ if u can control really good.
He is easy champion btw.

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Item build

same build always for me is SHOES, TF, Infi Edge, PHAN DANCE, and Blood thirster. Shaco does massive dmg with this build. For my last item, I get either WARMOG, another BLOOD THIRSTER, MADRED, LAST WHISPER, ZEKE's HERALD. all depends on situation.
Building order is almost all the time same and it works great almost all the time.

I get berserker shoes first because Shaco needs speed to catch up to his target after his Q.
After shoes, I get Sheen, zeal or vampiric scepter. depending on the situation. If i wanna harass, i get Sheen first(good dmg with q + mana sustainin). if i wanna gank, i get zeal first, if i need to sustain, i get life steal first.

Get TF before IE. IT s better that way in many ways.

get zeal right after TF. movement speed let u help gank better.
so now we got shoes, zeal, life steal, tf.

GET Infinite edge now. dmg first for the q. dont get cloack of agility unless u r jst right clicker. shaco doesnt work that way easy early game though.

Phantom dancer after IE. now you are roaming. everyone is scared of you. they should be.

now here is the choice, finish blood thirster or rush last item.
i usually finish blood thirster unless i think i need some defense. I get warmog in that case also when they got lots of cc(quick silver sash sometimes works alright). i rarely get guardian angel.(get GA if ur team is tanky and so enemies focus u too much)

I recommend Madred if ur enemies r tanky. with madred, u r unbeatable at the end.

another blood thirster if u wanna blast the squishy but dmgin enemies. normal range ad will die in second without knowing you.

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all crit dmg + quint flat health.
shaco q burst zomg gg 1600

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Lanin and ganking

w.e shaco lane works great. tell ur partner ad range to be passive. start with enemys red unless they notice you noticing them noticing you.

first skill is going to be box unless while you enter their jungle and they try to gank you. Thus dont click on the box yet. u might need ur q to escape.

when time is 00:56, place the box(box last 60 sec and red spawn at 01:55). u will be able to put 4 box at the end. works fine. u might take about 2 hit from mobs but not a big deal.

after u can steal their wraith or u can gank mid right away. if ur team have jungle, gank mid with with ur jungle. dont dive though

after mid gank, u can gank top or recall or go back to bot lane.

if stealing their red is impossible jst lane.

now how to farm... jst steal some farm. u can also steal their golem and wraith.(while u steal enemies jungle mobs, dont use q because u need them to escape unless u r sure). also steal kills.
that s jst how shaco function.

early fed shaco wins the game.

btw TF basic attack 150%
IE crit 250%
Q Guarantee crit 220%
Back stab 20% mor dmg (if u attack from the back)
crit runes about 20%

total 150% basic dmg and crit dmg 310%

great way to start the attack

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team fight

dont initiate. -_-
u join in mid fight, or late fight.

also u can gank a champ that left alone before team fight begins. kill and run.

if ur enemies r scattered, it s best for shaco. jst keep ganking.

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shaco is good runner.
q can jump over anything.

ALSO ALWAYS PLAN OUT THE ESCAPE. when u r trying to backdoor, place the box through out ur escape route.

Be creative, play around, get better.
dont be too plain. some Qs can be expected.

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there r more that i wanna tell u peeps.

Im jst new to this Mobfire and dont kno how to post vids and picts. if i knew how, i would have showen you guys where to place boxes for many reasons, some not very well known facts about shaco and stuff.