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League of Legends Build Guide Author AbbadonX


AbbadonX Last updated on November 23, 2010
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These builds use stacks as an Exponential Growth for their strengths. If you arn't doing so hot in the beginning meaning you're lvl 7 or 8 when you get the Sheen then there is no Growth, don't even bother getting the item that holds the stacks, you took too much time and will find it nearly impossible to do anything. You will just come to the conclusion "Man this build sucks!" and be miserable the whole game. These builds are very systematic, learn the system and each game's KDR will look something like 20/2/x Add or subtract a few kills. Add or subtract a death or so.

Both of these builds Have a lot to offer In their own ways, But they are Hard builds to use successfully every time, It is CRUCIAL that you have enough skill as a Shaco to get the Initial stacks. It is even more CRUCIAL that you have the skill to NOT BE COCKY no matter how godly you may get, You are still UBER squishy, When you drop 1/3 of your stacks it's easy to misjudge what you can and can't do to a champion, Thus causing you to further lose stacks, it becomes EXTREMELY difficult to recover from that point. What i like most about these builds is that they literally FORCE you to play as smart as you can, or lose your stacks and instantly just stop progressing.


This build is fairly difficult to manage, though if you can get it down is great, I consider this almost Op xD 40% Cooldown reduction. 415 Ap cap out. 194 atk dmg, Lich bane converts your Ap to atk dmg. 245% of 609 as crit. Not including deceive bonuses. Decent enough attacks for them to not be completely useless, Easy to kill minions. Imo this build is close to the best you can get as far as Ap is concerned.

For summoner spells I'd Reccomend Exhaust and Ignite. Since this build starts off fairly slow (Depending on your skill) It makes getting a few kills early game a hell of a lot easier. Though it may not be too bad to Use Teleport, or Ghost. Heal if you want but heal for Shaco is fairly useless if you're good. I'd Definitely at least keep Exhaust or Ignite.

If you have a different idea for runes, Feel free to try it, but i promise without these runes this build gets MUCH harder to maintain, That crit damage really does make a lot of difference wile you're using the sheen and have almost no atk dmg.

And for The skills, It may be better for you to keep JiTB balanced with Deceive after Two-Shiv poison is maxed, But i don't often use my boxes for anything but escape, As with any build use your own discretion.

1. Alright well, Start off with

Sapphire Crystal

2 health pots

Get JitB and go grab the blue.

(Now spend most of your time if not all with this buff killing the hell out of minions, Like i said this build is hard to manage, The amount of gold you'll get from using all the skills you can to get minion kills racks up fast, Utilise JitB Each time it's ready. This begining phase may be crucial.)

2. Try to stay in your lane till 860 gold or 1210 if you can. Recall and grab


if you lasted till 1210 grab

Boots of Speed

while you're at it. This will most likely happen at level 5, Close to 6; 4 if you get one or two quick kills.

3. Buy

Berserker Greaves

May seem odd but the slight atk speed helps farming a lot early game. Around level 7 or 8.

(At this point, I'd advise Checking Mid or The other lane for a possible gank don't spend too much time away though, Must NOT underfarm)

4. Get

Mejais Soulstealer

Now at this point you should be around level 10, maybe 11. Your shivs arn't exactly nuking, and your deceive isn't totally great either. Unless you were fed, so if NECESSARY stick with teamates to grab some assists to boost you along.

(Now that you have obtained mejais it's seriously ganking time. Though midgame has probably just started anyways. W/e just get some stax.)


Lich Bane

^^ This is where the game starts to get alot more fun. If you're a good shaco player then around now, you should have 6-8 stacks. So 48-64 Ap from Mejais, and 80 from Lich Bane. So aprox. 150 Ap give or take, and 114 atk dmg. Best case senario you're level 12-13 and Really doing massive damage with shivs, and more so with a Lich Bane Effected Deceive if you have a set of furor runes.

5. Next up is


This is where Farming is getting a little harder, it's time for attack speed, and the cooldown reduction, well... Self explanitory.

6. Lets up that atk dmg a little more and grab

Bilgewater Cutlass

Lifesteal is always great too, and the Active is amazing, since you're using shivs for most of you damage you may not have the attack to keep someone from getting away, Now you do.

(You'll forget 300 times you have this active before it finally sinks in. DONT deem it useless cause you forget to use it.)


Fiendish Codex

Adds more Ap and Cooldownn reduction, But more importantly is a building block to the next item.


Nashor's Tooth

is next on the list, Who doesn't want more Ap and Cooldown reduction? And as for the mana regen Whyyyy noooooot?

9. Now, Lets upgrade that Bilgewater Cutlass and Buy a

Hextech Gunblade

60 atk dmg, 75 Ap, 20% lifesteal, 20% Spell vamp, Double the dmg on the active and add 300 range. Sounds good to me.

10. Lets end with

Guinso's Rageblade

More atk dmg, Ap, Atk speed. An obvious choice

(Also. If you don't mind moving 390 speed, instead of 420, Then endgame after your full build is complete IF the game lasts long enough to get enough gold, Go ahead and sell your boots for a Trinity Force, Though its Sheen effect won't stack with lich bane, It still gives more crit/atk speed/dodge.)

Attack Damage

This Atk Dmg build is fairly basic, And again hard to maintain. 434 atk dmg Cap. 73.8% crit chance, 20 dodge, Fast movement speed.

For Summoner Spells, I'm still stickin with ignite and exhaust, this build REQUIRES early kills, and these two spells open a lot of doors.

For Runes, I still favor crit dmg, Again with a slow starting build based on stax, you want to get as many kills as you're capable of, These start you out doing a considerable amount more dmg with deceive.

For skills, I would still max out shiv first, Seeing that The damage of deceive rises up with amount of stacks that you get, its the best senario to keep both doing a considerable amount of damage.


Sapphire Crystal

2 Health pots

Go kill Golem.
(Spend Buffed time taking out as many minions as you can, Only harass when following the lead of your lane partner.)

2. Lane Till 860 or 1210, Go get



Boots of speed

if possible.

3. Get

Berserker Greaves

(should be around lvl 7 or 8, Check Mid and Other lane for possible gank don't spend too much time away you must NOT underfarm)

4. Ok instead of Mejai's Soulstealer, This time you'll be picking up

Sword of the Occult

(Should also be around lvl 10 or 11, Stick with teamates for assists/Go gank for kills)

5. After Sword of the Occult, Grab a


(xD which happen to be one of my favorite items for no apparent reason.)

6. Shortly after Zeal:



Trinity Force

8. Directly after the trinity force, It's time for another




Now Cloak of Agility

10. Another

Cloak of Agility

(Crit happy time! And you should have a heavy amount of stacks by now, So this is almost overkill)

11. Go ahead and Finish the

Phantom Dancer

12. At this point, I'd Buy the


first, It's just more useful you're already doing a godly amount of damage at a great speed, The lifesteal is Just awesome, It's more important than the damage from the infinity edge at this point.


Infinity Edge baby!

If you're anywhere as good as me, you can maintain 20 stacks fairly easily, and fill up your bloodthirsters stacks, you're criting about 1.4k dmg, and healing about 350 health per attack. ^^ amazing. You're movement speeds awesome. With deceive oh man your crits are terrifying.

Let me know your thoughts on my builds please and thanks. ^^