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Shaco Build Guide by Geneside Junkie

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Geneside Junkie

Shaco - The dominion Dominator

Geneside Junkie Last updated on October 25, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Ap Shaco - The dominion dominator (you may not pass)

Why would you play ap shaco in dominion?

Because you will feel an Aeroplane Made Of Biceps:D

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It's my jack in a box, it's in a box babe

Your main skill as ap shaco is without a doubt JITB.
That's why you need to build a cooldown build, because you need to lay a box every freakin' time you're able to do it.

When placing your litle boxy demons you gotta remember not to put them all in a bunch put spread them out in a litle area, because then the fear will trigger separately.

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Flash invis/deceive, clone/hallucinate and knife/poison in tha back

With this awesome cooldown reduction build you will be able to be deceiving everywhere all the time and when you are as squishy as shaco (with this build especially) this is really needed.

Using you clone/hallucinate or your "r" right is almost as important as laying boxes all the time. ALLWAYS initiate a capturing of the point by mocing in your clone. And if you're using your clone in a direct battle allways move it before you move your self, because that will cause a lot of confusion. AND sacrifice it, SACRIFICE it, SACRIFICE it, SACRIFICE IT! The damage is enormous!

Tha Knife in Tha Back/poison, is along with deathfire grasp just a nice way of dealing some damage and in combination with decive you will allways be able to hit your opponents or get away. When facing a jumping champion use decive to get close and deal the damage but dealing with a champ without jumping skills, then decive after dealing the damage to avoid any trouble.

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Cooldown, cooldown, cooldown REDUCTION!

Plus deathfire crasp is a nice item when the opponenet is so clever that they don't walk into your traps. The damage early game doesn't really exist, but late game it's actually dealing a great amount of damage.

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Camping top point

There's many strategies when playing dominion. The one i use when playing shaco is most likely one of the most effecient and most hated. It's very simple, just camp the top point putting down JITB whenever possible. But don't put every one in the front of the point, surround it, so that when the enemy minion wave comes it doesn't trigger all of your traps.

And when you get into trouble, decive to the top push over the fence and use your ulti/hallucinate to interrupt the enemy champions in capping the point (while keeping a safe distance).

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Picking up figths outside your area

Sometimes you can't allways fight at areas you've stuffed with Jack in Tha boxes. This is surely a sad situation (sad sad sad) but there's an answer to how you win the fight anyway. Start the brawl by throwing your knife/poison/"e" at your opponent, this will greatly improve your chance of winning cause of the miss chance. Then clone as soon as possible while dropping boxes on top of the enemy champion as often as possible. If the fight goes all wrong just deceive away making sure that your clone still stay and fight.

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Good luck summoners

And remember, it's okay to play like a ***** when playing Ap/camping/awesome shaco of death:)
It's better to be alive than be dead and it's better to win the game than loose:D

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Hates gonna hate

When playing ap/camping/shaco of death you will face many angry players.
This is because you first of all rock and secondly are made for dominion.
Just ignore the sons of B*tches, cause ap shaco isn't easy to play and you should be rewarded for your skills.

So haters gonna hate, but haters gonna loose:)
Don't take em' personal, they're most likely kids from the age between 9 and 11 who've been spoiled too much.

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Skill Sequence

Jack in tha Box

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Summoner Spells

There are many possibilities, but i believe that ap shaco needs chost and exhaust in dominion.
Exhaust is exellent when you're waiting for your cool downs in a fight and ghost (well, it's dominion)

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Ap runes in generel are nice. Many can be used but i prefer the magic pen cause magic resist aint hard to get. Acutally i don't even have cooldown reduction runes but i believe that they would give you max cd reduction and that would be awesome with shac.

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Don't know how well my masteries work but many can be used and i have considered some dodge chance regarding his low health. Suggestions are welcome:)

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Please comment and rate:)

everything is welcome:)

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What is missing in the guide?
This site states that's something is missing, but i can't find out what? please write to me what seems missing? 5,000 letters? summoner skills? runes? masteries?
I really can't seem to find it:/