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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zomg It's Pretzle

Shaco The Harlequin Assasin

Zomg It's Pretzle Last updated on June 28, 2010
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The Way I like to Play Shaco is if i can't kill something in 3-6 hits then I usually won't attack it. Instead use the high attack power from the 3 blood Thristiers to kill off squishys in team fights or gank as they are usually DPS and are by most teams underlooked because of the fact that they die quick.

It seems to me that everyone thinks that killing the tank will win team fights when it is the DPS needing to die along with the castors.

Now for the early lane phase you want to be put against any low HP charecter. this will give your high dmg through out the game a better place with then a tank. any tank will give you trouble unless they have no idea how the hell to play there Charecter... tanks that you will want to swap lanes to avoind are Sion,Rammus,Garen,Mundo,and Mordekaiser. Mid Game you should have your or be close to getting your infinity Edge so now you will start ganking...running through the jungle and picking off low HP or low defense charecters... By late game you should now have 2-3 of your blood thirstiers and might even be working on your trinity Force... The entire area has become some sort of war zone with you as the angel of death creeping through the bushes to every single enemy champ and when you pop out and dicieve they Sh** there pants knowing that you will have them like a mid morning snack... By now you should be the godly clown come to be knowen and feared as shaco and you will be able to back door because youve instilled enough fear to make the devil wet himself... use this to your advantage and push turrets and inhibs utill you and your team can destroy the nexus... Hope you like the build and this is my 1st Ciao